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Topics, Notes, Status and Follow-Up Tasks

TopicsNotes / Status / Follow-up
Improvements for Casablanca

Restructuring of Landing page changes have been merged to master.

  • Seeking SMEs to review changes as they are proposed for more detailed technical content.   A potential topic for discussion of face to face event or TSC meeting Sofia Wallin
os-api-ref directive

The  os-api-ref directive maybe useful in ONAP API documentation. Example use in openstack can be viewed at (html) or (source).

  • Look for opportunities to use os-api-ref directive to improve existing or use with new ONAP API documentation. Rich Bennett Sofia Wallin
  • If there are opportunities to use in ONAP, provide information on how to deliver and use the directive independent of Openstack Gergely Csatari
Using ONAP Logo color pallet in sphinx-rtd-theme
Pending pull request on a proposed approach
Sequence Diagram Directive

Start of discussion on a sequence diagram directive that might be easier to use and reference other RST directives (eg REST API)

  • Updates when available here or in future project meetings. Gergely Csatari