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  • Add and correct VNF Requirements Seed Document to align with recommended VNF SDK Modeling standards references Andrei Kojukhov
  • Andy Mayer Thinh Nguyenphu to add a link page for ETSI Reference to Wiki Link  by 18 AUG 2017
  • Thinh Nguyenphu to upload PPT from today;'s presentations by 28 JUL 2017
  • Chris Donley explore possibility of a using a new Zoom bridge to allow recording.
  • Create a new area under meetings to capture action items, Andy Mayer  
  • Create sub-areas in files section for VNF Package and Descriptor, Andy Mayer  
  • Make a proposal on extensibility approach to ETSI model, Alexander VulAnatoly AndrianovThinh Nguyenphu, and Andy Mayer  
  • Review ETSI NFV SOL004 v2.3.1 as a starting point for the VNF Package model, VNF Package Model Team  
  • Upload correct versions of ETSI documents to files folder, Thinh Nguyenphu