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General Information

All Calendar Management was moved from Google Calendar to groups.ioNotification.

The calendar function in has a number of benefits due to its integration with the mailing lists making it a more easily scalable solution by distributing the workload across the community.  The TSC, Subcommittees and any projects that have their own dedicated mailing list will utilize the calendar function within that associated list. For meetings that fall into the onap-discuss list, the calendar function within the onap-discuss list will be used.

Effective March 18, 2019:

  • All subcommittee Chairs, Vice-Chairs, and Community Coordinators have been granted moderator access to their respective lists and are responsible for the calendar management of any meetings, including the responsibility for any zoom changes that may be required for their meetings.
  • PTLs with more than one meeting a week that do not have their own list have been granted moderator access to onap-discuss and are responsible for the ownership of their own meetings, including the responsibility for any zoom changes that may be required for their meetings.
  • Additional volunteers have been added as moderators to onap-discuss for the purpose of calendar management. Training Video 

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Participant: Any member of the community that wants to attend a meeting
  • Meeting Owner: The person that actually runs the meeting
  • List Moderator: An individual with the rights to add, delete or modify a calendar entry for a given mail distribution list.
  • Bridge Manager: An individual with the rights to make Zoom updates for a specific bridge
  • TPM: Technical Program Manager from the LF
TaskParticipantMeeting OwnerList ModeratorBridge ManagerTPM

Creating/updating/deleting the appropriate meeting wiki page
Current Meetings

Creating/updating/deleting calendar entries for a specific distribution list

Sending the initial notification of the the meeting's creation to the distribution list

Sending any subsequent change notifications or reminders

Validating that the meeting information is correct

Adding users as new ONAP Bridge Managers

Adding users as new List Moderators

Ending shared ONAP Bridge meetings as per the calendar

Keeping personal calendar synced with the distribution list calendar

Creating/updating/deleting a zoom meeting bridge

ONAP1 & F2F events only

How Do I Subscribe to the ONAP Calendar? 

You can directly subscribe to the ONAP Calendar to stay in sync with meetings and events.

Just say NO to .ics

The only sure way to ensure that your calendar stays in sync w/ the ONAP community calendar is to subscribe.

•DO NOT RELY ON A .ics FILE in any meeting invite

-An ics file creates a static snapshot of the meeting at that point in time
-Updates and cancelations do not get propagated via this method
-You are guaranteed to have issues with seasonal time changes

Method A) Subscribe to all of the list calendars you are subscribed to at once

  • Login to for any ONAP list

  • Click the "ONAP" at the top left of the page

  • Click the "Your Calendar" icon on the left 

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page

  • Click the "Subscribe to Calendar" button

  • copy the url that is generated
  • Paste the url using whatever method your calendar reader uses for internet calendar subscriptions

Method B) Subscribe to an individual list's calendar

  • Login to for the ONAP list you are interested in

  • Click the "Your Calendar" icon on the left 

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page

  • Click the "Subscribe to Calendar" button

  • copy the url that is generated
  • Paste the url using whatever method your calendar reader uses for internet calendar subscriptions

Method C) From The Wiki  

Log-in First

You need to be logged in to do this. If you see "Log-In" in the upper right hand corner of the wiki window, click it and use your LFID to sign in. 

  • Go to the Community Meetings & Calendar page
  • Scroll down below the calendar itself
  • click on the ". . ." next to ONAP Community Meetings and select "Subscribe" from the dropdown.

  • Follow the instructions provided

How do I convert my time zone to UTC?

Setting your timezone correctly on your computer, in and on the wiki, should be correctly display meeting times for your local time zone.
If you need just a general conversion chart, try world clock meeting planner

Zoom Bridge Overview

The LF provides 12 Zoom meeting accounts for the ONAP community, onapmeet1 through onapmeet12, (usually just refered to by ONAP#).  ONAP1 is a special account reserved to very large meetings.  the ONAP12 is the TSC Chair's account to be uses as required.  All of the Zoom accounts are administered by the LF team, but usage is ultimately managed by the community.  Here are some important things you need to know:

NEVER change the time or day of ANY meeting in without first confirming the currently assigned Zoom account is available for the newly proposed day/time!!!  Who can change a bridge for me?

  • Wherever and whenever possible Zoom meeting bridges have been distributed across the different ONAP accounts with buffers on either side of the scheduled meeting to avoid conflicts.  
  • Meeting IDs are good for a specific day and time-slot only
  • DO NOT use an assigned meeting bridge to start a meeting at a different date or time
  • DO NOT log into a different meeting using the same Host account  
  • A meeting owner has the right to terminate a meeting that is preventing their scheduled meeting from starting

Who can change a bridge for me?  

The list of bridge managers can be found here


NOTE: The community provides calendar support on a best-effort basis. It is recommended that you allow minimum of 2 business days lead time to ensure your meeting gets scheduled

--->>>For Calendar support reach out to the individuals listed as "List Moderators" sticky message in for the appropriate mailing list (e.g. and provide them with the info below (and send a cc message to

  • Meeting Name
  • Day/Date
  • Time & Timezone (always UTC now)
  • Duration
  • Is the meeting Recurring or a One-Off?
  • Is a new Bridge or change Required?
  • Any other comments you feel are relevant

Note that if you were using a Zoom meeting host previously, you may be changed to a different Zoom meeting host account, to avoid clashes.

Who can change a bridge for me? 

It is the meeting owners responsibility to create/update the wiki page under Current Meetings to match the new meeting details.

How do I get Host/Recording/Zoom Account Privileges?

Recordings cannot occur unless someone registered as a the Zoom Host account is either physically connected to the meeting using that account or a participant has claimed the Host role 

  • As a general rule, host privileges are only granted to TSC Members, Sub-Committee officers, PTLs, or Community Coordinators
  • You must have a Lastpass account to be granted host privileges 
  • You must provide the email address associated with your Lastpass account to the Linux Foundation so that we can share access with you
  • Recordings must be saved to the host's computer rather NOT TO THE CLOUD
  • The host has the responsibility for uploading the recording file to the wiki

Host request

By requesting bridge host permissions you agree that you will:

  • Not make any configuration changes to the meeting account's Profile or Meeting Settings
  • Not use any assigned meeting bridge to start any meeting at a different date or time than the one specifically allocated for that meeting.
  • Not log into a different meeting using the same Host account  
  • Make an announcement if the meeting is being recorded
  • Save any recordings to your local computer and NOT TO THE CLOUD
  • Only share the hostid with another member of the community in case of emergency and that you will contact at the first available opportunity after the meeting has ended so that the hostid can be changed
  • Assist the community with setting up new meeting bridges that may be requested

If you agree to these requirements please click this link: REQUEST HOST ACCESS

Do meetings using private bridge numbers need to be added to the ONAP calendar?

If the meeting is a community meeting, yes absolutely.  The meeting should be added to the appropriate calendar for the list used by the project.

Who can set up a meeting on the list calendar?  

Every distribution list will have a sticky message in called "List Moderators" (e.g. that contains the names of the individuals that have access to create/change/delete meetings from the calendar for that distribution list.  Calendar Managers will usually only have permissions for one list to help distribute the responsibility in a more equitable manner.  

Who can set up a new bridge? 

Permissions for bridge management will often be the same as the List Moderators,  found the "List Moderators" sticky post in for each list (e.g., but not always. The list of Bridge Managers is here:  Bridge Managers List

Which bridge is assigned to a list?

See the "List Moderators" sticky post in for your list (e.g.

To see all go to: Bridge Managers List

What if I want a meeting but there are no Zoom accounts available for that timeslot?

If it is for a reoccurring meeting, you are out of luck. You will need to get your own personal Zoom account.
If it is for a one-off meeting only you may be able to use ONAP1

What do #cal-invite and #cal-cancelled mean?

#cal-invite is a meeting invite
#cal-cancelled is a meeting cancellation

Calendar Manager Section

How do I Create a meeting in

If you have not watched the How-to video please do so.

If a new Zoom bridge is needed, do that first, and then add the meeting to the calendar, copying the zoom info as appropriate.

  1. login  to
  2. go the mailing list that you are a Moderator for
  3. Click the calendar icon on the left panel
  4. scroll to the bottom
  5. Click "Add Event"

    Please enter the following data whenever you create  a meeting for someone:

      • Timezone:  Effective March 13, 2019 local timezones are no longer to be used when scheduling an ONAP meeting. All meetings are scheduled to UTC ONLY.  ALWAYS select "UTC" from the pulldown list. If you don't know how a local timezone maps to UTC, try this link
      • Location:  This is the Zoom bridge URL.  Don't put anything other than the zoom url to this field, otherwise it thinks it is the physical location on a map and you won't be able to click on the link to join the meeting
      • Organizer Name: the Meeting Owner
      • Organizer Email: Meeting Owner's email address
      • Organizer Phone:  In this field put in which Zoom account is being used (ONAP4, ONAP10, etc.) rather than a phone number. If a private bridge is being used, put "Priv"
      • Event Color: optional, but tey to use the same color as the rest of meetings for that list.
      • Description:  For a reoccurring zoom meeting there is a lot of unnecessary detail when you click "Copy the invitation". Only paste from the actual "Join Zoom Meeting" zoom meeting url onward as shown below.

      • RSVP: Don't use - This feature results in unexpected behavior unless EVERYONE on the list makes use of it. Too hard to enforce, so just ignore it.
      • Reminders: Don't use for an onap-discuss list. Should be set only if requested for a subcommittee list.
      • Notifications:
        • Send Invite to Group:  Use at initial creation only. 
        • Send notice to Group: Do not use
  6. Refresh the wiki page
  7. If a reoccurring meeting ONAP Zoom bridge, add the meeting to the appropriate list under Bridge Managers  and update ONAP LF Managed Zoom Bridges
  8. Send mail to the meeting owner asking them to create a meeting page here: Current Meetings

How do I change a meeting?


NEVER change the time or day of ANY meeting in without first confirming the currently assigned Zoom account is available for the newly proposed day/time!!!

If a new Zoom bridge is needed, do that first

  1. login  to
  2. go the mailing list that you are a Moderator for
  3. Click the calendar icon on the left panel
  4. Click on the specific event
  5. Click "Edit Event"
  6. Make the changes
  7. Click "Update Event" at the bottom of the page
  8. Refresh the wiki page
  9. Send mail to the meeting owner asking them to notify they list of the change and and update their meeting page here if appropriate: Current Meetings

How do I cancel a meeting?

  1. If an entire reoccurring meeting series is being cancelled, contact the Bridge Manager to delete the series. You can skip this step if only one meeting in the series is being cancelled due to a holiday or something.
  2.  login  to
  3. go the mailing list that you are a Moderator for
  4. Click the calendar icon on the left panel
  5. Click on the specific event
  6. Click "Edit Event"
  7. Make the changes
  8. Click "Delete Event" at the bottom of the page 
  9. Pick the cancellation option from the pop-up and leave "Send Notice To Group" in the pop-up checked.
  10. Refresh the wiki page
  11. Send mail to the meeting owner asking them to notify they list of the cancellation and update their meeting page here if appropriate: Current Meetings

How do I refresh the wiki page? 

  1. On the wiki go to Community Meetings & Calendar
  2. scroll to the bottom of the page
  3. Mouse over the mailing list for the meeting you just set up and click on the 3 dots
  4. scroll down and click "Refresh".  This will force the wiki subscription to update.

Bridge Manager Section

All Bridge Owner activity assumes that you are logged into the correct Zoom account. Zoom has a great library of how to videos

How do I set up or change a Zoom bridge? 

You must be a Bridge Manager to create or change a zoom bridge. The list of people with the necessary permissions is here

Instructions with Video


Use the "Copy the invitation" method only to place the information into a calendar invite

It is always a best practice to add the meeting owner's name and email address in the Description field of the Zoom meeting and to also note date of the most recent change

How do I claim the host role using the Host Key? 

In an emergency or to temporarily provide coverage if the host is unavailable.   This page contains all of the Host Keys for every bridge.  Only Bridge Managers have access privs to that page .  You will need the key before you can continue following these instructions:

How do I record a meeting?

To record you either need to claim the Host Role (simplest)  or your need to be logged into Zoom account for the bridge.
Regardless: DO NOT RECORD TO THE CLOUD!  Record to your local computer

  1. After the meeting has started click the "Record" button located at the bottom of the Zoom window OR if someone is screen sharing the recording option will be found under the "More" section of the Zoom menu bar 
  2. Select "Record to this Computer"  DO NOT RECORD TO THE CLOUD! 
  3. In case it wasn't clear: DO NOT RECORD TO THE CLOUD! 
  4. You can pause and resume if necessary and the recording will be saved as a contiguous stream.
  5. Stop the recording when you are finished.  It will be saved when the meeting is officially ended.
  6. Rename the zoom_#.mp4 to match your meeting name and date (example foo-team-2019-01-01.mp4)

  7. Upload the renamed .mp4 file to the wiki and link it as appropriate. 

  8. After you have verified the upload was successful and you can watch the recording from the wiki you can remove the files from you computer.

    Chat File Content

    If it exists uploading the chat.txt file is often beneficial to the team. BE ADVISED the chat file may contain private chats sent from/to the person recording the meeting.
    DO NOT upload any "audio_only" or "playback" files.


How do I kill an "In Progress" meeting? 

A meeting owner has the right to terminate a meeting that is preventing their scheduled meeting from starting. If you have f you have Zoom account privileges you can do it this way:

  1. Login to the zoom account for the bridge

  2. go to the Meetings tab on the left (if it sin't already there)

  3. Find the offending meeting that has your meeting blocked - The green ball indicates the meeting in progress

  4. Click the "End" button.

Logging in to a Zoom account using LastPass

The very first time:

  1. open your LastPass account in the browser, and choose open my vault.
  2. on the left panel select "Sharing Center"
  3. Select the "Shared ONAP Zoom Community" folder
  4. Select the bridge you want to use and click launch

Every other time:  

  1. Go to 
  2. Click on the laspass icon in the username field (if it isn't already populated)
  3. select the account corresponding to the meeting you want to record and log in using it:

  4. Logout when you are done.

If I have a Zoom Account login am I a Bridge Manager?

The Bridge Manager reflects a role.  A Bridge Manager's role is to assist with coordinating the use of a particular Zoom account.  If BobbySue is a Bridge Manager for ONAP1 then she will help the community if they need a new bridge set up on ONAP1.  BobbySue's permissions are exactly the same as any other community member that can also login to that Zoom account via LastPass. 
As a policy, it is expected that you will coordinate with a Bridge Manager to set up or change a meeting bridge even though you have the capability of doing so yourself.  Abuse of your permissions may result in your access being revoked.  

If you have a Zoom account privs and you would like to assist as a Bridge Manage, simply add your name to the table below. 

Bridge Managers list 

Bridge Host

Meeting on this Bridge

Community Bridge Manager

Other Community Zoom Hosts for this bridge 

Special Meetings


Architecture Meetings

Seccom Meetings

Discuss List


Usecase Meetings


Modeling Meetings

Discuss List


Control-loop Subcommittee

Discuss list

Tony Hansen (#policy)


#aaf Jonathan Gathman

#multicloud Bin Yang

#pomba Sharon Chisholm


#appc Takamune Cho

#ccsdk Dan Timoney

#dmaap Bhanu Ramesh


Greg Patterson (#vnfrqts, #vvp)




Discuss List

Trouble Shooting

Google calendar subscription isn't updating

Google calendar is notorious for long update delays of up to 12 hours or more for subscribed calendars and you cannot force it to update.  If the wiki calendar has been refreshed and the meeting in question matches what you see in, the only way to force g-cal to update is to actually remove the calendar and re-subscribe.   Yes, as a solution that sucks.

All the meeting times displayed on the wiki are wrong

As an anonymous user the wiki will display times in UTC.  Make sure that A) you are logged into the wiki and B) that you have set your timezone in your profile.

All the meeting times displayed in are wrong

The default is UTC. Make sure you have set the timezone in your account profile.

Zoom Bridge:  The meeting host is attending another meeting

If you receive the error, "The meeting host is attending another meeting" or similar message: 

    • a previous meeting using that Host account is still in progress and did not end as scheduled 

    • the Host forgot to end the Zoom session and someone is still connected to the bridge

    • someone has used that Host account to start a meeting outside of the assigned time-slot

    • someone is using that Host account to attend another Host's meeting in progress

The LF will not take any action, intervene or set up an emergency bridge in the event of an ONAP bridge conflict such as the ones above. 

If you have Zoom Host privileges you have the right to terminate a meeting that is preventing your scheduled meeting from starting.  If not you can try contacting one of the Bridge Managers and request assistance.

I still need help!

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  1. I followed the process above to request host access to a ZOOM bridge, but I received an auto response that the email listed is no longer in use, and I should use a JIRA service desk request.  When I submitted a LF Service Desk request, it was rejected as something they don't support.  What's the current process for making requests?