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Demo Poll Results

The ONAP TSC and the End-user Advisory Group were invited to review the demo submissions and select their favorites. No specific guidelines on technical merit vs. ease of understanding, etc were provided. The top three demos were revealed and celebrated at the   meeting of the TSC and are presented below:

Demo Details

DESCRIPTION: There will be an event to show off all of the work that has been done in R4.

DemoDescriptionWiki, Recording, Slides
DCAE - New features and service components

DCAE new functionality that is demoed:

Platform Function

  • Multisite K8S cluster deployment support for DCAE services (via K8S cloudify plugin)
  • Helm chart deployment in DCAE via new Helm cloudify plugin
  • Blueprint generator tool
  • Dashboard Integration

Service Components (introduced in Dublin)

  • PM-Mapper
  • VES_mapper
  • RestConf
  • BBS-Eventprocessor
  • SON-handler
  • Heartbeat MS
  • DataLake handlers

Demoer - Vijay Venkatesh Kumar / DCAE Team

(Joseph O'Leary , Stavros Kanarakis , Kedar Ambekar ,krishna moorthy ,   KOTAGIRI, RAMPRASAD <>, Jack LucasSwarup Nayak ,  SERPICO, MICHAEL V <>, Guobiao Mo )

Projects Highlighted: DCAE

Supporting Slides: ONAP_DCAE_Highlights.pdf

DCAE Service Components Overview

DCAE R4 Service Component (On-demand) deployment Instruction

Demo Videos:

PM-Mapper MS & BBS-Eventprocessor MS:

VES-Mapper MS & SON-Handler MS :

Dashboard & DCAE Multisite deploy (K8s plugin) :
RESTConf Collector & Heartbeat MS :
Blueprint generator :

Datalake (PoC):

Walkthrough on BP generation to ONAP K8S deployment via Dashboard:

Helm Plugin -

OOF SON: Centralized PCI Optimization & Centralized ANR

Description: This Demo will show a SON function: centralized PCI optimization which is the intelligent assignment of Cell Identifiers for a 5G wireless network and Automatic Neighbor Relations (ANR). It uses a simulated RAN network.

Demoer: N. K. Shankaranarayanan , Swaminathan Seetharaman , krishna moorthy , at WinLab (Rutgers Open Wireless Lab OWL)

Projects Highlighted: DCAE, SDN-R, Policy, OOF

Wiki Page: OOF-PCI Use Case - Dublin Release - ONAP based SON for PCI and ANR

Supporting Slides: Slides

Demo Date: Friday, June 28 2019 (10AM to 1PM) OWL, July 24 (Remote) - Video recording

Improved E2E Automation using SO Building block and CDS.

Description: This Demo show case the E2E ONAP capabilities for Zero Touch Declarative Provisioning automation by leveraging SO Building Block and CDS for the vDNS use case. In Dublin release, the CDS community delivered two new building block in order to enable e2e automation post instantiation steps. We can see that a configuration is generated and saved in CDS DB via the new ConfigAssignBBAnd later during the instantiation process, the configuration is deployed on the VF module by CDS via the new ConfigDeployBB

Demoer: Abdelmuhaimen Seaudi 

Projects Highlighted: SO, SDNC with Netbox, Naming mS and Controller Design Studio aka CDS, AAI, Policy, SDC, DMAAP.

Wiki Page

E2E Automation vDNS w/ CDS Use Case - ONAP-02-Design Time

E2E Automation vDNS w/ CDS Use Case - ONAP-03-Run Time- Video Demo for vDNS CDS Dublin

Supporting Slides: (link to slides)

E2E Zero Touch Declarative Provisioning Automation: Run Time Video


  • Leveraging SO Building Block and CDS for the vDNS use case
  • CDS emerged as a critical component in onap that enables Service Providers/Vendors via Self Service Portal to models the provisioning and configuration management activities within a Controller Blueprint Package [CBA] that enables content resolution. content generation and content distribution by leveraging CDS generic components.
  • CBA Package Capabilities
  • CDS Solution Eliminates all PRELOAD required need from ONAP by illustrating ways of automating naming generation  and  ip assignment using netbox for instantiation and post instantiation flows.

CDS Solution is powered by AT&T, Bell Canada , DutchTelcom, Ericsson, Huawei, IBM, Orange,  TechM

Controller Design Studio Initiative: Cloud Native Micro-services Declarative Provisioning and Configuration Management Solution

Description: In Dublin release, the CDS community has delivered a cloud native micro-services provisioning and configuration management solution for controllers that enables Zero Touch Declarative Provisioning.  This demo illustrates the power of the CDS architecture, modeling and run time capabilities that enable service providers and vendors to rapidly react to customer demands and technology evolution. 

Demoer: Alexis de Talhouët Marc-Alexandre Choquette

Projects Highlighted: CDS

Wiki Page:

CDS- Modeling Concept

Controller Design Studio-Dublin-[01]-Overview/Planning

Supporting Slides

CDS Cloud Native Micro-services Capabilities:


  • CDS emerged as a critical component in onap that enables Service Providers/Vendors via Self Service Portal to models the provisioning and configuration management activities within a Controller Blueprint Package [CBA] that enables content resolution. content generation and content distribution by leveraging CDS generic components.
  • CBA Cloud Native Micro-services Architecture

CDS Solution is powered by AT&T, Bell Canada , DutchTelcom, Ericsson, Huawei, IBM, Orange,  TechM

Policy Framework Architecture: Introduction and demonstration of the new Policy Framework architecture components

Description: In Dublin, The Policy Framework project re-architected its components to support Policy Lifecycle API based on TOSCA compliant Policy Types, new PAP for policy distribution and grouping PDPs, scalable PDP architecture and a new Decision API to support ONAP components.

Demoer: Pamela Dragosh Ram Krishna Verma Liam Fallon Chenfei Gao Jorge Hernandez

Projects Highlighted: Policy

Wiki Page:

The ONAP Policy Framework

TO BE DELETED - refer to Dublin Documentation

Supporting Slides: (link to slides)

Using ONAP readthedocs documents directly for presentation:

DDF Recording - Overview of Policy Framework Architecture and Demos

The above recording includes:

1) Overview of the new Policy Framework architecture and its components.

2) Explaining the new components in details like software structure, API's etc.

3) Explaining the installation of new components using OOM setup.

4) Demo of how the ToscaPolicyType & ToscaPolicy looks like and now policy for any pdp engine can be defined using a single ToscaServiceTemplate format.

5) Demo of how to create & deploy policy in apex-pdp using new framework.

6) Demo of how to create & deploy policy in drools-pdp using new framework.

7) Demo of how to create & deploy policy in xacml-pdp using new framework and the new xacml-pdp.

BBS (Broadband Service) use case

Description: E2E demo for BBS use case

Demoer: David Perez Caparros

Projects Highlighted: BBS relies on ExtAPI, SO, DCAE (PRH, BBS-EP, VES mapper, VES collector, RESTCONF collector), Policy (APEX engine), AAI, SDNC

Wiki Page

BBS Broadband Service Use Case (Dublin)

BBS Documentation (Dublin)

Supporting Slides


BBS Documentation (Dublin)#BBSServiceConfiguration

Demo session during LFN DDF in Sweden:

Portal Internationalization Support and Angular 6 upgrade


  • Support other languages in ONAP Portal screens - Locale/Internationalization language support 
  • Angular 6 Upgrade of ONAP Portal SDK

Demoer: Leimeng ShiManoop Talasila

Projects Highlighted: Portal

Wiki Page:

Internationalization language support (Dublin Release)

Supporting Slides


ONAP Orchestrated SD-WAN and Edge: An E2E demonstration was done in ONS NA 2019 involving provisioning and closed loop flows using ONAP.


The demo mainly focused on orchestration of SDWan and Edge through ONAP right from the design to the deployment and assurance. 

Its demonstrated in multiple steps involving:

  • Demonstrate the provisioning of a new site resource to an existing service.
  • Demonstrate the auto provisioning of resources on plug and play.
  • Demonstrate the closed loop recovery of the network on an anomaly.
  • Service Quality assurance via bandwidth on demand (BoD)
  • Real time monitoring of the service and resource health from the UI 

DemoerGaurav Agrawal Seshu Kumar M

cc : Chuanyu Chen

Projects Highlighted:  UUI, SDC, SO, SDNC, A&AI, DCAE, Holmes, Policy

Demo of ONS NA 2019.

Supporting Slides

ONS NA 2019 Demonstration slides:


Detailed Flash video showcasing the steps of the view


Cross-Carrier Optical Interconnect use-case : On-boarding 3rd party Transport SDN Controllers integrating  T-API / OpenROADM standards 


In this demo for Dublin, we showcase controller on-boarding and topology mapping enabling resource management across optical network domains, as an the initial step towards establishing cross-carrier Optical interconnect services through ONAP.

Demoer: THIRILOSHINI KRISHNAKUMAR Raghavan Subramanian

cc (Brian Freeman Olivier Augizeau Denise Provencher ) 

Projects Highlighted: SDN-C, A&AI were key components that we used in this demo along with 3rd party SDN controllers supporting Open Standard data models for Service Provisioning & Topology 

Wiki PageMulti-domain Optical Network Services

Supporting Slides


Run-time Video recording showcasing multi-domain topology discovery 


Kubernetes based Cloud-region support: Deploying Container and VM based workloads on Kubernetes deployment

Description: This Demo will show the deployment of vFW and Edgex use-cases in a Kubernetes based cloud region via the multicloud-k8s plugin. This demo will upload self-contained HELM Charts in SDC that will be customized and instantiated by SO in a kubernetes cloud region.

Demoer: Kiran Kamineni, Eric Multanen, Ritu Sood

Projects Highlighted: Multicloud-k8s, Multicloud, SO, SDC

Wiki Page

Supporting Slides: (link to slides)

Demo Date:

CCVPN Use case -Dublin Extention (CCVPN + 5G)


This demo was shown at 2019 MWC-SH, the development of which is based on Dublin release, supporting multi sites creation and intelligent security surveillance. Besides the basic VPN stretch delivering internal data between enterprise HQ and branches, deployment of AI analysis apps is also provided as value added service, as well as 5G slice provisioning in case of an emergency.

Demoer:  LIN MENG Zhang Min

cc:  Chuanyu Chen Seshu Kumar M

Projects Highlighted: SDC, U-UI, SDN-C, Policy, DCAE, SO, Multi-cloud, A&AI

Highlighted Features:

  1. Provide an ONAP-based comprehensive solution including enterprise VPN service, high speed 5g slice, edge computing and intelligent analysis
  2. Development is based on Dublin release. Add 5G slice creation based on D release, which proves that ONAP could support agile service design and creation.
  3. Deploy intelligent security system developed by CMCC team

Wiki Page:CCVPN+5G Demo--VPN PLUS

Demo: "CCVPN+5G–VPN PLUS.swf"

Demo Date: 6.26-6.28, 2019

VSP Compliance check - Check the VNF compliance based on Operator's requirment and query from 3rd-party registries

Description: When Operator on-board the VSP in SDC, wanted to verify the compliance of the VSP based on the their specific requirements such as

  • whether its compute flavor matches the Operator telco cloud flavors, 
  • is SRIOV enabled or not 

To support this feature, SDC introduced following 2 tabs in VSP on-boarding process

  1. validation
  2. validation result 

In addition, it supports to check the VNF certification by querying OVP or 3rd-party registries.

Demoer: Rabi Abdel Kanagaraj ManickamBryan Whittle

Projects Highlighted: It relies on following projects:

  1. ONAP projects: SDC, VNFSDK - VTP, CLI - Open Command Platform (ocomp)
  2. Operator's project: on-board new modules in VTP for certification queries and operator specific requirement checking  

Demo hosted at following Events

  1. ONS NA 2019

User Guide;modificationDate=1556541627000&amp;api=v2

Corporate Sponsors: Huawei, iconectiv & Vodafone (in alphabetical order)

OVP ecosystem- Certify the VNF and NFVi under the guidence of LFN CVC 

Description: Linux Foundation Networking (LFN) compliance and verification committee(CVC) defines the specifications for standardising the certification of the vendor’s VNF and NFVI with Telco operator’s requirements. To support this initiative, OPNFV and ONAP comminuties are working together to streamline the NFVI and xNF respectively and incubating the ‘OVP ecosystem’ project, which brings out the colloboration among multiple Vendors and different Telco Operators. Operators and vendors can setup this project as part of their CI & CD for performing the VNF testing.

Demoer: Rabi Abdel    Kanagaraj Manickam Victor Gao

Projects Highlighted: It relies on following projects:

  1. OVP
  2. ONAP projects: VNFSDK - VTP
  3. OPNFV projects: dovetail

Demo hosted at following Events

ONS EU 2019

Huawei is hosted the site to support this feature

VSP Compliance and Validation Check within SDC (Dublin) - Phase 2

Slide deck

vFW HPA Automation using HEAT

Description: Automation Script that can be used to run the vFW/vDNS (possibly vIPsec but not tested) with HPA use case from start to finish.  This script makes the process for setting up and running the the HPA use cases very easy and fast by calling various ONAP CLI commands that were added by the Intel Team in the Dublin release in order to support setting up and running use cases from start to finish using the ONAP CLI.

DemoerItohan Ukponmwan

Projects Highlighted: In addition to the main ONAP projects required to run a use case, this demo relies heavily on;

  1. Multicloud
  2. OOF
  3. Policy

Supporting Slides: 2019 June DDF Slide Deck    (Starts at slide 9)


Demo Video:

2019 June DDF Slide Deck    (Starts at slide 9)

This Feature is enabled by Intel

OOM ONAP Offline Installer, Dublin CI/CD Pipeline

Description: The offline installer addresses a major challenge in ONAP's usability in production environments. It eliminates the need for public Internet access which often is not available in the environment where ONAP is deployed due to security reasons. With the offline installer all the required resources for deployment are being made available locally, so with the Dublin release there is no need to create unsafe pinholes in the network anymore. This demo shows the automation scripts that are gathering all artifacts needed to install ONAP on environment where there is no access to internet. Set of Jenkins jobs for easier usage of those scripts and for verification.

Demoer: Mateusz Pilat

Projects Highlighted: OOM/Offline-installer

Wiki Page

VNFM Adapter and SO Monitoring

Description: Demonstrates the deployment of a VNF through ONAP using an ETSI SOL003 compliant VNFM. The demo utitises the VNFM-Adapter added to SO in the Dublin project and also shows the capability of the SO Monitoring tool for monitoring and debugging flows in SO

Demoer: Michael Morris Gareth Roper 

Projects Highlighted: SO, VID

Wiki PageSO Plug-in Support for VNFM (SO VNFM Adapter)

Supporting Slides

Demo Date: (Logistics)

Recording of the demo at LFN DDF in Stockholm:

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Wiki Page: Give a link to the ONAP WIKI Page

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Demo Date: (Logistics)







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