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ONAP is using Bitergia for community metrics management.  The link is  NOTE the spelling in the URL; it is biterg, not bitergia

Often in the case of Community elections people will be asked to provide proof of participation for the past 12 months. Bitergia is where we go by default to gather those statistics. However the default query results when you go to the dashboard is a summary of all activity for the past 90 days, so you will have to build and save a link to your custom query.

Debugging help

Company UNKNOWN 

Getting your stats

  • Step 1: Go the the Bitergia dashboard:

  • Step 2: In the search box type:            author_name:"your name here"

  • Step 3: Click "last 90 days" to bring up the Time Range menu, then select "Absolute"

  • Step 4: Set the "To" date & time to whenever the nominations formally opened (do not worry about seconds)
    In this example that is July 9, 2018 at 9:22 AM (YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm)

  • Step 5: Set the "From" date & time to one year prior (do not worry about seconds)
    In this example that is July 9, 2017 at 9:22 AM (YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm)

  • Step 6: Click the "Go" button

  • Step 7: Once the query runs, SCROLL ALL THE WAY DOWN THE PAGE to check that the results are what you expected to see.
    (If you haven't made any commits for example, then you should NOT expect to see commits  in the git or gerrit categories)

    If so, select the "Share" menu. If not, debugging

  • Step 8: Generate a Link with a short URL, then click "Copy" to save it to your clip board
    and then paste it wherever necessary

Example of a saved short URL:

Debugging Bitergia Issues 

Bitergia is asking me for a password

If you get a screen that look like this when you go to Bitergia, please check your access to the dashboard again by visiting from a private session in your browser. If you use Google Chrome, this option is called "New window in incognito mode" and if you use Mozilla Firefox it is called "New private window". If you can access the dashboard using this method, you should delete the cookies and the cache of your browser and then try again.

Bitergia returns no results at all 

If you have scrolled all the way down the page and no results is produces in any category whatsoever, then either:

  • your search criteria either has a syntax error, so double check that against the example
  • the work you are doing in the Community is being identified differently than what you typed. There are several reasons this may occur, among them:
    • Your full name is being used rather than the one you typically go by
    • Your LFID is significantly different than what you typically go by
    • Your are using a different email address than then one mapped to your LFID
    • Your company's email re-writing rules are... odd

The easiest way to "find yourself" in these is to do a query by company name, and then look into a category you know you have done work in.

  1. Clear the query and refresh. 

  2. Try choosing your company from the organizations "ring" by mousing around the ring itself until your company name is highlighted.  

  3. Click when your company name appears.  

    Note that clicking on the company name had added a new filter (the blue oval). 

    Make the query sticky by mousing over the oval and clicking the thumbtack.

  4. If you find your name by scrolling down the "Git Top Authors" panel go to Step 6

  5.   From the left column select one of the are metrics in which you know you are active by clicking on it. Then click the sub section as indicated below:

    1. Gerrit → Backog (if most of your commits are waiting on code review) or Timing (if most of your commits have been reviewed)
    2. JIRA → Backlog (if most of your bugs are open) or Timing (if most of your buds are closed)
    3. Confluence → Overview
    4. Mailing Lists → Overview (Note that mailing list data is only up to June 20, 2018 - Contents after that can be found in which has not yet been ported)
    Scroll through until you find your name (a Confluence search is used in this example)

  6. Click you name to add a new filter with your name. Make the query sticky by mousing over the oval and clicking the thumbtack.

  7. Now go back to Step 3 of "Getting Your Stats" and continue from there using your new pinned filters.

Bitergia says I made contributions that aren't being attributed to my company

It says Company "Unknown" 

I cannot find myself listed under my company name 

How many email addresses do you use within your company or external to it? Is your identity the same in your lab domain as it is on your laptop?  Do you ever do work using a 3rd party address like a gmail or a 163 account?  Is your LFID email address the same as the that actually shows up in gerrit?   Did you change companies recently?  If the answer to any of these is either a "Yes", or an "ummm, I'm not sure." then you probably have the answer as to why this is happening.

We have a unique problem in ONAP due to the fact that most people from our major contributing companies seem to have at least 2 identities. Some have 3 and a several dozen have 4 or more. There is one case of one person being mapped to 9 different identies.

Bitergia readily maps multiple occurrences of a contributor name across the tool chain, provided that the username/address pairs line match.   However, Biterrgia has no way of knowing that user, "Bobby Fetzervalve"  in confluence is the same as the person identified as "Fetzervalve, Roberta Jane Sue / US (brs12345)"  that just made her first merge request in gerrit. It  will usually mark a new one that shows up as an brand new user and the user account records will need to be manually merged.  

Similarly, Biteria has no way of validating that user "BillyBob Sniblette" from is the same as "BillyBob Sniblette" from,  or even that is the same person as  Instead it will mark a the new identity as "company unknown" and again, the records will need to be manually merged. 

Following the instructions under Bitergia returns no results at all and choose "Unknown" as the company in step 2 and follow the remaining steps from there.  You can use the resulting query for that.  However to correct this in the long term, send an email to with your query to have your name mapped.

You are not blocked

Mapping fixes are always considered low priority support requests as it does not block, or otherwise prevent you from contributing to the ONAP Project in any way.  It is more important that your contributions, unknown or otherwise, show up versus not having any stats at all.  

Bitergia is not returning all of the data I am expecting

This one can be tricky because it means that you are identified one way by part of the tool chain and by a different identity in another. The most common reason for this is because you have multiple email addresses you use within you company. (There are multiple examples in the ONAP Community where members use 4 different identities within their company)   The second most common reason is that you are doing work using multiple email addresses, for example one from your company and one for gmail. Other primary reason is that you name is is registered differently in one part of the toolchain that the others.   You are going to need to either construct an OR query (syntax is also available via the link in the search bar)  or simply provide two separate query links in your nomination information, either of which is perfectly acceptable.

  1. IN A NEW TAB OR WINDOW:  Follow the instructions under Bitergia returns no results at all and choose "Unknown" as the company in step 2.
    If you find you name listed,  
    Click on your name where it appears.

  2. This will add a new filter with your name (blue oval). Make the query sticky by mousing over the oval and clicking the thumbtack.

  3. While still mousing over the new filter, you can see the query by clicking the edit icon

  4. Go back to the original window and change it to an "OR" query like this:
    author_name:"Kenny Paul" OR author_name:"Unknown User (admin)"

  5. Set the date as per Step 3 in "Getting your stats" and continue from there.  In addition, send an email to with your query and request to have your unknown identity mapped according.
  6.  In the event that none of the above works, you will need to go into the actual tool where the missing data should be originating from and using that to figure out what the search criteria should be. How to do that is beyond the scope of this document.

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