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The INFO.yaml file provides information to the teams, or anyone else, on the team that owns the code. 

In the INFO.yaml we can find specific information to the main PTL, committers with contact details, 

meeting information and real time communication and list of repositories under the same control

The INFO.yaml also provides history of changes made to the group like addition and removal of 

members with TSC approval references. 

Every time there are changes to the team in general, the INFO.yaml must be kept updated by the tech team.

Finding the committer group owners for every repo in Gerrit

To find the matching committers group that own a specific Gerrit project:

  1. Search for the project and click on the desired project.
  2. Go to the "Access" tab in the project
  3. Look for the "Owner" information

For example:

  1. We need to know the correct group name that owns appc repo
  2. Search for the "appc" project in 
  3. Go to the "Access" tab:,access
  4. Look at the "Owner" which matches "onap-gerrit-appc-committers" 

An example for a child repo:

  1. We need to know the correct group name that owns aai-common repo
  2. Search for the "aai-common" project in 
  3. Go to the "Access" tab:,access
  4. Notice there is no "Owner" information which indicates is a project inheriting rights from another
  5. In this case, Rights Inherit From: aai
  6. Click on the link "aai",access
  7. Find the "Owner": onap-gerrit-aai-committers

When to update INFO.yaml

The INFO.yaml file must exist on every single Gerrit repo. Even if the Gerrit repo is sharing permissions from a parent repo.

When a new repo project is created, the INFO.yaml file should be added as a first commit. 

The INFO.yaml is a tech team responsibility and LF Releng can always be added as reviewers to comment on the file.

Process for adding and removing committers

  1. Tech teams should submit a TSC voting copying Jim Baker with the requested details (addition or removal of committers).
  2. Needs to be updated too with the approved information.
  3. Tech teams need to modify the INFO.yaml (or add a new one if it does not exist).
  4. Tech teams need to submit a request to with the Gerrit links of the INFO.yaml
  5. LF will proceed with making the changes in LDAP

Matching INFO.yaml with LDAP

Only LF has permissions to view the actual LDAP groups. The teach teams can request this information to LF Releng members any time.

There is no automation behind updating INFO.yaml and the actual LDAP group. The changes still need to be performed by LF Releng to 

match what the INFO.yaml file describes. 

It is very important for tech teams to notify LF Releng whenever changes have been done to their project's INFO.yaml file.

Tips on finding the right timezones

Timezones are tricky, we recommend using to search for the proper timezone information to a particular region. 

For example: (The IANA time zone identifier for Beijing is Asia/Shanghai)

INFO.yaml verify job

Global-jjb provides a verify job specific for INFO.yaml files:

Is a responsibility of the tech teams to add this verify job for their INFO.yaml files. 

For example:

Adding the ci-management job entry:

Will create the Jenkins job:

Template example

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