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The following are some good ways to learn more and get involved with ONAP.

Get a Linux Foundation Identity

Obtain a Linux Foundation identity (LFID), available at the Linux Foundation Portal, whose entry page is shown in Figure 1. If you do not already have a Linux Foundation identity, select the option to create a new account, and complete the form.

When creating a LFID, ensure that:

  • The LFID is Unix user name compliant (no space and no underscore)

Need support from Linux Foundation?

For any technical issue related to Linux Foundation Tool Chain contact:

Explore the Platform Components

Read about the platform architecture, watch video presentations on major components, look at APIs and source code.

Join Mailing Lists

Subscribe to mailing lists you are interested in following. The onap-discuss list is a good place to post questions, look for answers to questions, and discuss potential change or enhancement ideas.

Look at JIRA Epics, Stories, and Issues

You can look at Issue Reports for opportunities to contribute.  As your understanding of the platform grows and interactions on the onap-discuss mailing list with project leads results in ideas for enhancement, enter them in JIRA using procedures described in Tracking Issues with JIRA.

Develop Software for the Platform

See the Developing ONAP section for instructions on how to get set up.

Develop Software that Runs on the Platform

Create Virtual Network Functions or Applications that run on the platform.  See Creating a Virtual Network Function (VNF) and Creating a Portal Application.

Figure 1. Linux Foundation login portal