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This wiki is for developers of ONAP, an open source software platform for the orchestration, management, and automation of network and edge computing services for network operators, cloud providers, and enterprises. Its real-time, policy-driven orchestration and automation of physical and virtual network functions enables rapid automation of new services and complete lifecycle management critical for 5G and next-generation networks.

If you are looking for documentation on administering or deploying ONAP, please head to our official Project documentation site:

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  1. "What is ONAP?" links to the PDF ONAP_CaseSolution_Architecture_0618FNL.pdf which has a section "Read the Residential vCPE Use Case with ONAP whitepaper to learn more" that links to which does not exist.

    "Read the VoLTE Blueprint with ONAP whitepaper to learn more." links to which also gives a 404.

    "Read about how ONAP can be deployed using containers" links to which also gives a 404.

  2. The twitter, linkedin and rookie of the year images all don't point to anything. Should they point to and respectively? I want to make sure these pages are officially endorsed before updating.

  3. Thanks for flagging Kevin Smokowski. All links have been updated. 

  4. Note: The CCVPN Blueprint is undergoing review and is not yet approved. It will be posted when ready.

    1. Thanks for reverting I found the link to the blueprint in a PDF and jumped the gun.

      1. HI Kevin, The CCVPN Blueprint has now been updated and linked to on this page. Here's the URL:

  5. LFN DDF+Plugfest, Stockholm, Sweden June 11-14 Link is not opening to see event details , Please check

    1. Sorry fixed. I have no idea how the paste buffer ended up with that. (sad) 

      1. thanks Kenny Paul, one quick thing i bit confused here , it is same ONAP DDF  for E release ? or something else as wrt LFN

        1. For ONAP it would be for both the El Alto AND Frankfurt releases actually.

  6. Xin Miao I think you added a junk attachment to this page by accident

  7. Does the "gn" at the top of the page mean something?  Good night?