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Duration 60 minutes

DurationAgenda ItemRequested byNotes / Links
10-20 min

Re-visit outstanding action items from last Monday

Portal’s risk on AAF-CADI integration

Manoop Talasila
15 minSecurity Vulnerability Proposal for aligning common dependencies amongst the projects

10 min

 I'm unclear on policy of editing common pages, so want to validate with team. This page needs update now that we are aliged on 1 JIRA workflow.

Tracking Issues with JIRA

Randa Maher

Action items

  •  Last weeks action items
    • Randa Maher will submit tickets and talk to 2 remaining projects. She will update the wiki.
      •  tickets submitted. Jess is wrapping this up.
      • Okay for Randa to change the wiki - open to community.
    • Kenny Paul will follow up on license.
      •  Still open
    • Kenny Paul opened a ticket on common set of hashtags across lists. Follow up on status
      •   Waiting for feedback
    • Stephen Terrill will take feedback back to the TSC meeting
      •  Completed at last TSC meeting on  DONE
    • Kenny Paul will open JIRA's for PTL's to change project landing page. Kenny will pull out the JIRA bugs part.
      •  Still open
    • Amy Zwarico will reach out to create sub group. Pamela Dragosh and Helen Chen. DONE - see below
    • Helen Chen will provide container restart URL: DONE
  • 3rd Party Dependency Proposal
    • Need to find a good place for the dependencyManagement section so CCSDK can share it. Some 
    • Phil Robb will take security issue to the board for cross LFN projects.
    • Bring to the TSC at a future date when we have a proposal in place.
    • Dan Timoney and Michael Lando will help. Gildas Lanilis and Gary Wu (volunteered by Helen Chen) will also join group.

Zoom Chat Log 

06:22:11 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : Amy, Pamela, Randa, Helen very nice work - thanks for all the dependencies work - I'll retrofit my poms
06:28:12 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : Mike - logging - yes - (I have spring, jackson, jersey (jax-rs) to start)
06:29:20 From Kenny Paul (Linux Foundation) : audio issues- the ODL concern should be taken up w/ the TAC
06:30:17 From Taka Cho : sorry. What is “TAC”?
06:30:46 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : From another approach - I just picked a version of spring that I know works with JAX-RS - my requirement is only to get rest calls flowing - so i am open to retrofit from my tomcat based container to an approved version of spring-boot for example - this raises the issue that the choice of docker container base image will drive some of this
06:31:51 From Kenny Paul (Linux Foundation) : @Taka LFN Technical Advisory Board. Mazin is ONAP
06:31:55 From Kenny Paul (Linux Foundation) : ’s rep
06:32:09 From Taka Cho : Got it. thanks Kenny
06:34:05 From Rich Bennett : Any opportunities/synergies with proposed work to standardize base images for containers?
06:36:10 From Dan Timoney : Instead of placing these directly in oparent pom, would be better to create a BOM (Bill of Materials) - a separate pom.xml with just dependencies that can be imported
06:37:22 From Kenny Paul (Linux Foundation) : Are we contributing anything upstream to ODL?
06:37:38 From Tony Hansen : what requires TSC approval?
06:40:41 From Helen Chen : The proposal at slide 6
06:40:49 From Helen Chen : for TSC approval
06:42:19 From Pamela Dragosh : Phil - you have a lot of static on your line. So I muted you.
06:43:25 From Brian : who's MIC is that ?
06:47:47 From Keong : should ONAP projects use a plugin like this: ?
06:57:44 From Dan Timoney : Most of our daily release build jobs are already using the versions plugin to set the version to the “released” version as defined in
06:58:41 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : dropping off to AT&T Logging meet