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Duration 60 minutes

DurationAgenda ItemRequested byNotes / Links

Release Management: review of Casablanca Maintenance Release plan, including timeline, scope and processes.

Notes: M1 maintenance Release on Dec 10 to refine scope.

AI: Yang Xu to follow up with CCVPN Use case on their engagement for Integration testing and lab availability.

AI: Gildas Lanilis Ticket LF to maintain CLM job on Casablanca Branch

Java Code Style has been decided, but what about other languages (Javascript). In addition, there are other non-code files: (XML, JSON, YAML) that could also use a style editor.

Also, the oparent checkstyle is broken in 3 ways:

1) Doesn't work in Eclipse

2) src/main/java does not point to the right place:

${}/src/main/java? appends an extra src/main/java to the end.

3) Parsing error in the oparent checkstyle.xml

</module>?         <module name="NeedBraces"/>?         <module name="LeftCurly">?-            <property name="maxLineLength" value="120"/>?+            <!--property name="maxLineLength" value="120"/-->?         </module>

Pamela Dragosh

Java code style

Pamela Dragosh is leading the initiative along with Seshu Kumar M and Michael O'Brien (Amdocs 1705-1905). Anyone else is welcomed to join the initiative.

Low priority initiative to try to come up with a common way for formatting and check style accross ONAP (this facilitates code review). Using Google Code Style and tools as the foundation


Action items

  • Yang Xu to follow up with CCVPN Use Case on their engagement for Integration testing and lab availability. 
  • Gildas Lanilis Ticket LF to maintain CLM job on Casablanca Branch. LF Ticket [ONAP Helpdesk #64966].
  • Pamela Dragosh to lead the Code Style Initiative and update PTLs on progress.
    • Meeting Helpdesk #64961 request sent for kickoff meeting on  at 10:30am EST (3:30pm UTC) - FYI Seshu Kumar M and Michael O'Brien (Amdocs 1705-1905) this is really the only time that does not conflict with PTL or TSC meeting.

Zoom Chat Log 

06:00:00 From Gildas Lanilis : do you hear me?
06:00:07 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : no
06:00:11 From Gildas Lanilis : ah :(
06:16:18 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG) : integration and oom wont be bound by the docker target (no dockers) - just intent config (yamls/scripts)
06:17:24 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG) : will do - any CVE library update - will add to MR - but biggest is spring boot 2 - which may not make it
06:20:01 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG) : can we cover off the csv to values.yaml pipeline - I understand it is still manual - as in oom commits required to sync
06:22:54 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG) : integration script from gary only - be aware that the other 4 installation scripts need to be retrofitted with the sh sync - or they will be running raw oom values.yaml docker tags - I'll take care of the logging script ]
06:27:14 From Keong Lim k00759777 : is there always a "Maintenance release" after the "release"? should it be in
06:28:00 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG) : not all PTLs will be at paris
06:38:38 From Keong Lim k00759777 : checkstyle produces 24k lines of output about incorrect indentation
06:39:05 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG) : thanks pam, using oparent for logging and pomba java projects - will follow up
06:40:13 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG) : using both eclipse and intelliJ - will go through policy dev page
06:40:58 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG) : logging is more comfortable with Eclipse - but has been trying to get better at IntelliJ which is more capable
06:41:23 From Catherine Lefevre : team - please provide tools suggestion under TSC—58
06:41:38 From Catherine Lefevre : i have also added few items for Python
06:41:47 From Catherine Lefevre : still need to update onap wiki accordingly
06:42:07 From Catherine Lefevre : pep8 and pylint are the recommendations
06:42:21 From Catherine Lefevre : Liam also opened TSC-66tsc-66
06:43:00 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG) : logging / pomba is java centric
06:44:15 From Catherine Lefevre : sorry i meant TSC-69
06:44:17 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG) : L/P we have 10's of warnings that should be fixed - then we can turn it higher in the verify job
06:45:13 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG) : for the record we are doing CI only - CD is being added in
06:45:18 From Brian : I thik Pam is agreeing tht it is warning non-blocking in oparent and then each project over time can move to blocking
06:45:31 From Brian : in their jobs
06:46:48 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG) : Michael O'Brien help with CI/CID work with Pamela and Seshu - I am more java focused
06:47:53 From Keong Lim k00759777 : how much time/effort should be spent on checkstyle warnings?
06:48:08 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG) :
06:48:17 From Gildas Lanilis : Jira TSC-58 for tooling.
06:49:18 From Catherine Lefevre : +1 - any improvement upfront will be great !
06:50:08 From Keong Lim k00759777 : there are some problems with seed code and syncing with projects like ecomp
06:51:13 From Catherine Lefevre : @keong - that what we need to identify as soon as possible but without any detail then hard to fix these issues
06:52:53 From Keong Lim k00759777 : cherry picking to MR will be more difficult if its done right now
06:55:10 From Gildas Lanilis : @ Keong check style for Dublin, not MR.