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Duration 60 minutes

Zoom Bridge

DurationAgenda ItemRequested byNotes / Links

Casablanca Maintenance Release: review of opened issues

Team to focus on closing defects as reported within Daily Issues Report.

On Track - PTLs will update latest status; special follow-up with Andreas/Tao to be done

Documentation (rst) - Rich Bennett  There is a deprecated API failing.  Upgrade to V2 API requires a "Token".   Seeking input from release engineering on best way to provide token.  CIMAN-230 - Getting issue details... STATUS   API updated/ fixed

Dublin ReleaseCatherine Lefèvre

Dublin Release - TSC Prioritization Proposal (Draft v9.0)

Project Status in Dublin Release

Dublin Release Requirements

Dublin Release Platform Maturity

Review of previous action items
  • Helm Chart Transfer: 4 projects have been identified for trial: Log, Policy, APPC and Clamp. Mike Elliott will work with PTL to gather/transfer knowledge and create training materials. Training to be done the week of Jan 14 and PTL to provide their commitment or not by M1 on Jan 17.
    <1-7/2019>: Work in progress. Schedule might shift to another week. Michael will follow-up with Mike. Training will be open to everybody. The objective is that each team will take over the management of their Helm Charts.

  • K8S: Yang Xu Ensure labs are updated to relevant K8S version
    <1-7/2019>: Ongoing. K8s 1.11.5; Rancher 2.0 - parameters set in the Heat template to bring the VMs related to K8S. 

    k8s scripts here
    and secondary here  - under

  • PTLs to provide their inputs concerning Dublin Tool Chain enhancements ( TSC-58 - Getting issue details... STATUS )
    <1-7/2019> Last chance to submit anything today (smile)
  • PTLs to provide their Security SMEs ( TSC-29 - Getting issue details... STATUS )
    <1-7/2019> Final call to add Security SMEs before we review and add them to CLM (starting on 1/15)

Resume our SW Best practices
  • Review the old code submission:
  • Check Jenkins Jobs (CIST, Daily, CLM, etc)
  • Clean-up JIRA tickets - especially when the fixversion is still setup to Beijing, Casablanca
  • etc.

Docker Image Tag Name TruthMichael O'Brien (Amdocs 1705-1905)

oom values.yaml or integration repo manifest ( TSC-86 - Getting issue details... STATUS )

if not covered - see TSC 2019-01-10

Quick discussion on nailing down whether we need a yaml override of the deployable

docker image tags in the oom repo (understanding is no) - with the integration docker manifest

(manifest is currently a copy of the oom values.yaml tags - not the reverse)

If not - then we need a documented procedure wiki/RTD on running a derived values.yaml override for the entire system before deployment

AAF is only an example here

image: onap/aaf/aaf_service:2.1.8



<1-7/2019> #Action 1 Integration team to document the procedure.

Action Item:

  • Docker Image Tag Name Truth - Integration Team to document the procedure.

Zoom Chat Log 

06:20:48 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG) : For CI/CD - I will communicate via the JIRA and wiki - and re-send the weekly meeting to onap-discuss
06:20:48 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG) :
06:21:20 From Dan Timoney : Is there more info available on E2E process automation improvement?
06:23:56 From Keong Lim k00759777 : there are 2 copies of this XLSX file in the wiki: one attached to PTL meeting notes and the other attached to TSC meeting notes
06:28:08 From Brian : how do we find the zoom's for the sessions at Paris ?
06:28:46 From Catherine Lefevre : it should be added to the agenda
06:34:02 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG) : K8s 1.11.5
06:36:55 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG) : k8s scripts here
06:37:47 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG) : and secondary here - under
06:38:31 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG) :
06:44:28 From Pamela Dragosh : Policy does both - thought that was required.
06:46:43 From Keong Lim k00759777 : is one generated from the other?
06:46:48 From Pamela Dragosh : no
06:47:39 From Jimmy Forsyth (AT&T) : AAI updates the manifest files
06:50:43 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG) : manifest + oom - updated together ideally - manifest will be the source of truth for
06:50:49 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG) :
06:50:57 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG) : I'll update the jira
06:53:03 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG) : in answer = both oom and the manifest are manually updated - no script sync - however there are docker prepull scripts that key off the manifest
06:54:06 From Brian : manifest is necessary but doing both mainfest and oom updates would be preferred
06:54:57 From Brian : down the road we will move the image reference into the project (out of oom) so it will be easier to ovrride and manifest may lower priority at that time.

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  1. AAI is willing to participate in the helm chart transfer as well.