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Duration 60 minutes

Zoom Bridge

DurationAgenda ItemRequested byNotes / Links

Casablanca Maintenance Release

  • Remaining Open Issues
  • Integration Status
  • Release Note

Remaining Open Issues:

Casablanca Maintenance Manifest:;a=blob_plain;f=version-manifest/src/main/resources/docker-manifest.csv;hb=refs/heads/casablanca

New Docker Image - Component


Image Ready on Nexus3?



YManifest updated



Manifest updated


YManifest updated


Manifest updated.

Pending Documentation +  OOM chart Syncup  (


N/ARelease Note

Java & Docker 3.0.2 released 2019/01/09

Manifest updated



N/A - no POMBA as well


YManifest updated


N/ADocumentation only


YManifest updated


YManifest updated
PortalYManifest updated


YManifest updated


YManifest updated


YManifest updated




Feedback sent by Tao to Andreas (1/16)


N/AHigh bugs in Jira (VFC-1188, VFC-1189 and VFC-1193) were solved and released in Casablanca images, no need to release new images in Casablanca Maintenance release.

Integration Status: AAI Healcheck - issue raised this morning (AAI-2026); need to retry since OOM not yet reviewed so it could be related to ...

Remaining Docker Image (Yellow & Blue items) to be delivered no later than Jan 16th, 2019

Release note: Follow-up offline with Sofia

Dublin Release - M1 preparation

S3P Requirements

Security pNF/xNF

15minIntegration team CI demo


Integration team had developed integration CI during Casablanca, and it had been used by release manager to report progress. We will demonstrate its basic features in this meeting to collect feedback.

Offline ReviewWindRiver Lab Management

Please review the Windriver information sent by Stephen Gooch


  • Tenant Space, VM not used over the last 3 months will be deleted.
  • People not log over the last 6 months will be deleted

Lab Strategy to be established

Please provide feedback to Stephen Gooch no later than January 31st, 2019 if you need to keep your tenant space, VMs: user-usage.txt

Offline ReviewAny Help-desk ticket in the queue?

Committer, Calendar, etc?

#1 DmaaP zoom bridge issue => Need to identify 1 slot from DMaaP Team

#2 AAF - Add Sai committer's rights

#3 Remove inactive Modeling committers -

#4 CCSDK zoom bridge

Offline Reviewticket in from 11/30 to change meeting timeSteven Wright

I've been trying to change meeting time for VNFRQTS call since Nov last year. Process on website says to create ticket on helpdesk. I've have no response on this. If that's not the process can we get the instructions updated.

Helpdesk #'s




Action Items:

  •  Casablanca Release Maintenance

    Action to be completed no later than January 16th, End of your Day:

    • OOM Team to work with AAI, DCAE Teams in order to release the Docker Image
    • ExtAPI, OOF, SO, VFC, UseCaseUI, Integration – Finalize their Docker images and update the Manifest accordingly
  • Dublin Release:
    • 1/17:     M1 review for all the projects except Integration. Final checklist submitted no later than Thursday Jan. 17th, 9am CET/10am Israel Time/4pm China Time/3am EST
  • WindRiver Lab Management
    Action to be completed no later than January 31st, End of your Day

    Reply to Stephen Gooch concerning current usage.

    If no response then

    • any tenant space, VM not used over the last 3 months will be deleted.
    • Any person not log to Windriver over the last 6 months then account will be deleted
  • Committer(s)/Calendar Requests

    Kenny & Jim will review the following items and will provide feedback no later than our next TSC Call (1/17):

     #1 DmaaP zoom bridge issue => Need to identify 1 slot from DMaaP Team

    #2 AAF - Add Sai committer's rights

    #3 Remove inactive Modeling committers -

    #4 CCSDK zoom bridge

    #5 VNFREQ - Helpdesk #'s #66481, #65633 and #64787

Zoom Chat Log 

06:15:46 From Michael O'Brien(LOG,Amdocs) :
06:18:58 From Michael O'Brien(LOG,Amdocs) :
06:19:22 From Michael O'Brien(LOG,Amdocs) :
06:19:28 From Michael O'Brien(LOG,Amdocs) : 4 days ago
06:21:26 From Vijay VK : Hi Mike- This is for DCAE - casablanca updates., pls review/merge when u get a chance.
06:24:14 From Michael O'Brien(LOG,Amdocs) : very nice
06:27:35 From Keong Lim k00759777 : if istio service mesh is a no-go, is there a replacement for secure onap communications?
06:30:18 From Keong Lim k00759777 : is backup/restore/upgradability included in s3p?
06:37:46 From Mike Elliott (Amdocs) : @Keong Lim, a reference tool set for backup and restore was introduced in Casablanca:
06:39:41 From Keong Lim k00759777 : @mike elliot, did you see @brian freeman's comments at the bottom of that page?
06:39:54 From Mike Elliott (Amdocs) : @Keong Lim, with the use of Network Policies + CNI (Cillium) we do gain a level of security between pods. But there are currently no resources to take on istio to provide transparent TLS communication.
06:41:16 From Michael O'Brien(LOG,Amdocs) : good point on maturity of the os project
06:42:19 From Mike Elliott (Amdocs) : @Keong Lim, I see the comment. I will forward to the team that did the work to respond.
06:53:26 From Catherine Lefevre : @Linda, can you add your presentation to the PTL call - thank you
06:58:20 From Catherine Lefevre : Team - not sure we will be able to present all
06:58:40 From Catherine Lefevre : for ticket/helpdesk; jim and I we will follow-up offline with kenny/jessica
06:58:54 From Catherine Lefevre : please check if I have all the ticket references
06:59:13 From Catherine Lefevre : topics not covered today then please shift them for 1/21 PTL call
06:59:31 From Catherine Lefevre : something we need to cover today then will be discussed right not after this item
07:00:10 From Leimeng Shi (ATT-Portal) : @Catherine, confirmed with @Michael Portal is good to go, no more issues/questions.
07:00:14 From Taka Cho : Can we resume the ZOOM mtg admin access to PTL? so that we can do recoding.
07:00:16 From Keong Lim k00759777 : if this security is optional, is there way to force a downgrade? that would break security
07:00:54 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : @Taka Yes
07:01:01 From Taka Cho : thanks!
07:01:46 From Catherine Lefevre : @Leimeng - wiki updated - thnaks
07:01:48 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : @Catherine are you looking for a summary of open ticket status.
07:02:00 From Catherine Lefevre : yes kenny but offline
07:02:04 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : k
07:02:41 From Samuli Kuusela (Ericsson) : @Keong: this TLS is not optional, so there is no fallback to SSH (at least in cases that I am familiar with, from XNF side)
07:03:04 From Samuli Kuusela (Ericsson) : though, even if falling back to SSH, there would still be good level of security
07:05:49 From Michael O'Brien(LOG,Amdocs) :
07:16:15 From Catherine Lefevre : @Michael o'brien - i have shifted your topics to 1/21
07:17:14 From Catherine Lefevre : @PTLs - I have marked "Offline Review" - topics that we will pursue offline - please check if we have tracked all your open requests (calendar, committer inactive/active, etc)
07:21:53 From Catherine Lefevre : I need to drop for now
07:22:30 From Keong Lim k00759777 : is one of those pods AAF locator?
07:23:19 From Keong Lim k00759777 : does it include jobs like graphadmin-create-db-schema?
07:26:12 From Aaron : Gary, are the OOM robot test cases stored in a different location in the CSIT integration project than the HEAT based CSIT robot test cases?
07:26:39 From Michael O'Brien(LOG,Amdocs) : AAI has a conditional check on aaf in aai jobs
07:26:46 From Michael O'Brien(LOG,Amdocs) : spec:
- command:
- /root/
- --container-name
- aai
{{ if eq true }}
- --container-name
- aaf-locate
{{ end }}
07:29:03 From Michael O'Brien(LOG,Amdocs) : dependencies
07:29:04 From Michael O'Brien(LOG,Amdocs) :
07:30:41 From Michael O'Brien(LOG,Amdocs) : Gary is also on
07:31:11 From Michael O'Brien(LOG,Amdocs) : manual magic word "run-helm-deploy" will kick in a helm-deploy jjb job that deploys robot and the particular pod to a 16-32g VM (preconfigured with rancher as a single node) - how? jenkins will run a remote ssh shell to a server using a cached key - a script will need to be written - see the 2 pocs below already running
07:31:26 From Michael O'Brien(LOG,Amdocs) : The grafana page is very nice
07:31:32 From Michael O'Brien(LOG,Amdocs) :