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Duration 60 minutes

Zoom Bridge

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Casablanca Maintenance Release

  • Timeline
  • Remaining Open Issues
  • Integration Status
  • Security Check point
  • Release Note

Casablanca Maintenance Release Dashboard:

Integration Blocker(s): Casablanca Maintenance Release Integration Test Blocking Issues

Integration Status: Casablanca Maintenance Release Integration Testing Status

One integration issue to discuss is external repo usage (dockerhub) and potential problem of image tag "latest"

Release note to be updated no later than January 30th, 2019 EOD; Sign-Off/TSC Review on 1/31

Any new artifact should be approved by the Integration Team
Lesson Learned: Concerning 3rd party Docker image, please ensure that the Integration Team is aware of any dependency i.e. DMaaP zookeeper.

Dublin M1 Follow-Up
  • Review your final commitments on the centralized Dublin wiki page by 1/30 11am CET/5pm EST:
  • Provide your inputs on remaining items identified during the review and send a note to Jim/myself when it is done
  • Assessment on CSIT moving to OOM
  • Migrate Docker image releases from Nexus3 into DockerHub (Architecture Independence) by Dublin M4 (To be confirmed based on impact assessment)
    Presentation to PTLs is required on 2/4 then impact assessment to be performed with the PTLs.
    Part of CIA project - Adolfo
  • oParent Integration - still part of your commitments
  • Document as you Code:
    • Send feedback to Sofia about Documentation Plan Proposal prior the TSC call (1/31)
    • 46 items already committed out of 107

      T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

          + Videos for the use cases/functional requirements

  • Please update any risk/issue (if any):  Dublin Risks
  • TSC Sponsor?

Review of previous action items
  • Helm Chart Transfer: 4 projects have been identified for trial: A&AI, Log, Policy, APPC, CLAMP and ONAP CLI. Mike Elliott will work with PTL to gather/transfer knowledge and create training materials. Training to be done the week of Jan 14 and PTL to provide their commitment or not by M1 on Jan 24.
    <1-7/2019>: Work in progress. Schedule might shift to another week. Michael will follow-up with Mike. Training will be open to everybody. The objective is that each team will take over the management of their Helm Charts.
    <1-28/2019>: Meeting is organized on 1/29 with LF. Training will be organized early in February. Additional information on the next PTL call (2/4)

  • Oom values.yaml or integration repo manifest ( TSC-86 - Lock down docker image tag name source of truth - oom values.yaml or integration repo manifest - A: both but manifest is the source Submitted )

    if not covered - see TSC 2019-01-10

    Quick discussion on nailing down whether we need a yaml override of the deployable

    docker image tags in the oom repo (understanding is no) - with the integration docker manifest

    (manifest is currently a copy of the oom values.yaml tags - not the reverse)

    If not - then we need a documented procedure wiki/RTD on running a derived values.yaml override for the entire system before deployment

    AAF is only an example here

    image: onap/aaf/aaf_service:2.1.8



    <1-7/2019> Integration team to document the procedure.<01/13/2019> Answer from Integration team: docker manifest under integration repo is the source of truth, and is used by Integration team to override OOM values.yaml when deploying ONAP in Openlab. See the instructions at the bottom of page
    <1-21/2019> Procedure should include Timers, dependencies, etc.
    just need to define all the --set and -f overrides like the following

    sudo helm deploy onap local/onap --namespace $ENVIRON -f $DISABLE_CHARTS_YAML  -f $DEV0_YAML $APPENDABLE_ENABLED_FLAGS --verbose

    <1-28-2019>: Document how to handle the latest 3rd party image from github.

  • WindRiver Lab Management - Please provide feedback to Stephen Goochno later than January 31st, 2019 if you need to keep your tenant space, VMs: user-usage.txt

  • (Catherine by 1/28): Need to follow-up with LF Legal concerning "Spring Boot" vs "JAX-RS"- any licensing preference? Spring Boot is under the Apache-2.0 license

  • (PTLs): Review ONAP codebase license scan, Jan. 2019 sent by Steve Winslow on 1/18.

named-queries are being deprecated in AAIJimmy Forsyth

In Dublin, we are encouraging all projects that use named-queries to convert to custom-queries. In El Alto, the plan is to remove the named-query API.

AAI-1989 - Getting issue details... STATUS

<1-28/2019>:  Identify projects that are impacted; contact Jimmy Forsyth.

Monitoring / health checks on long running systemsJimmy Forsyth

Want to get a sense of what efforts are underway in the community on service monitoring for long running instances of ONAP; when disaster strikes across pods or across dependent systems, what is being doing to detect/recover from such disasters?

AAI-2082 - Getting issue details... STATUS

<1-28/2019>: Any tool, other open community working on it - in addition to what K8S monitoring tools?

Prometheus tool:
Jimmy Forsyth will setup a dedicated session - please include Stephen GoochJason Hunt

CD task force

TSC-25 - Getting issue details... STATUS

By request of Dublin Scorecard -,,,20,0,0,0::recentpostdate%2Fsticky,,,20,2,0,29536574

Alexis de Talhouët is welcome as TSC management - his deep technical "hands-on" approach will be appreciated

Meeting Minutes: 20190124

Video on CD - Continuous Deployment

  • recording - except during sensitive pw screens -
  • Bengt Thuree needs another slot - moved to Thu 2030
  • 1830 in france not good - 2030 is good - will move meet to 1430EDT
  • LF is the level of testing their own deployment
  • Orange/OOM discussion in the past - working on pulling the release tag for a gerrit review poc -


sudo helm deploy local/onap --namespace onap -f onap/resources/environments/disable-allcharts.yaml --set so.enabled=true


Action Items

  •  (Catherine/Team): Finalize the ONAP Casablanca Maintenance Release Note
  • (PTLS) - 2/20 (or earlier): M2 Checklist completed
  • (Amy/Yang) - 2/11: to work on oParent scope and timeline
  • 2/11: Migrate Docker image releases from Nexus3 into Docker Hub (Architecture Independence) by Dublin M4. Owner of this activity to present the migration plan to PTLs – Who is it?
  • (PTLs) will take over the ownership of the info.yaml file
  • (PTLs): Review ONAP codebase license scan, Jan. 2019 sent by Steve Winslow on 1/18
  • (Mike Elliott) will work with PTL to gather/transfer knowledge and create training materials. Targeted projects: A&AI, Log, Policy, APPC, CLAMP and ONAP CLI.
  • (Integration): Provide a procedure about the Manifest including dependencies, timers, etc.
  • (Jimmy Forsyth): Identify projects  impacted by AAI-1989
  • (PTLs): WindRiver Lab Management - Please provide feedback to Stephen Gooch - no later than January 31st, 2019 if you need to keep your tenant space, VMs: user-usage.txt

Zoom Chat Log

06:05:23 From Jimmy Forsyth : yeah - almost to mt
06:11:02 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : Catherine highlights the fact that release notes are sparsly populated for Casablanca Maint.
06:15:17 From Bin Yang (Wind River) : multiloud jjb for casablanca branch is pending for review/merge
06:15:44 From Bin Yang (Wind River) : which is blocking the merging of patch to MULTICLOUD-456
06:25:34 From Keong Lim k00759777 :
06:28:54 From Catherine Lefevre : not sure if it is my audio
06:29:00 From Catherine Lefevre : but i understand strictly nothin
06:29:07 From Catherine Lefevre : so not sure what latest we discuss
06:29:23 From Catherine Lefevre : just document in this mom note your conclusions
06:30:04 From Keong Lim k00759777 : for a reproducible build, there should not be any floating labels like 'latest'
06:31:59 From Michael O'Brien(LOG,Amdocs) : 3 issues - change charts, adjust manifest to handle non-nexus3 images, review all other dockerhub images
06:33:52 From Michael O'Brien(LOG,Amdocs) : I'll let OOM team, integration team and affected projects raise their own jiras - here it the one for logging - I will check
06:33:53 From Michael O'Brien(LOG,Amdocs) :
06:44:10 From Keong Lim k00759777 : when the CIA team asked AAI to help with ARM64 builds, it seemed like no effort from AAI, now it seems like big effort from every other project!
06:44:47 From Kenny Paul (LFN) :
06:45:54 From Huabing Zhao : 2/4 is Chinese new year eve, I'm afraid people from China won't be able to attend the meeting.
06:46:34 From Eric Debeau : Catherine, have you defined the location for Doc hack day ?
06:54:06 From Yang Xu : Bin Yang: jjb needs Jessica to merge, I don’t think anyone of us can merge in ci-management repo
07:03:06 From Michael O'Brien(LOG,Amdocs) : prometheus related like
07:03:07 From Michael O'Brien(LOG,Amdocs) :
07:03:13 From Michael O'Brien(LOG,Amdocs) :
07:03:31 From Michael O'Brien(LOG,Amdocs) :
07:04:04 From Michael O'Brien(LOG,Amdocs) :
07:05:09 From Michael O'Brien(LOG,Amdocs) : essentially we will add trigger actions on prometheus metrics from the kubernetes clusters - see OOM team

1 Comment

  1. For the busybox:latest issue raised where we should not be using a moving tag target and lock down all dockerhub  versions

    LOG-949 - Getting issue details... STATUS

    as per

    busyboxImage: library/busybox:latest

    checking - will need the latest directly from dockerhub
    Use 1.30.0 from
    1.30.0, 1.30, 1, latest (uclibc/Dockerfile)

    amdocs@obriensystemsu0:~$ sudo docker images | grep busybox                                                          latest                  3a093384ac30        3 weeks ago         1.2 MB                                                latest                  3a093384ac30        3 weeks ago         1.2 MB
    busybox                                                                                latest                  3a093384ac30        3 weeks ago         1.2 MB

    testing now