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 Happy Year of the Pig!

DurationAgenda ItemRequested byNotes / Links

Casablanca Maintenance Release

  • Release Note

Missing Information in the Casablanca Maintenance Release Note:

VNFSDK-359 - Getting issue details... STATUS

OOM-1590 - Getting issue details... STATUS

OOM-1603 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Document theses known issues:

OOM-1368 - Getting issue details... STATUS

LOG-950 - Getting issue details... STATUS

APPC-1367 - Getting issue details... STATUS

APPC-1361 - Getting issue details... STATUS

SO-1400 - Getting issue details... STATUS


M1 Milestone Approved by TSC - 28 out 30 projects

Integration/Documentation projects conditionally passed

Functional/Non-Functional/Use case scope:

  • Green has been approved.
  • Yellow - Conditionally approved
  • Red - descoped or moved to POC/Experimental for Dublin Release.
    Dublin Release Requirements

Dublin M1 Follow-Up

Next Milestone: Functional Freeze in 2 weeks (2/14)

  • oParent Integration - Amy Zwarico Yang Xu
    #Action (Amy/Yang): Plan to be shared during the next PTL Call (2/11)
  • Deprecation of Heat in CSIT
    #Action (Integration): Provide the procedures to the other PTLs
    Answer by Yang from Integration (2/8): CSIT test doesn't specify whether it's HEAT or OOM based, so PTLs don't need to do anything.
  • Dublin Release Integration Test Blocking Issues (Don't break the build in master branch, please)
    #Action (Jim/Yang): Add the Dublin Integration Weather Board to the ONAP Weekly "Bugs" report - Dublin Release
10minS3P ReviewM1 SP3 Checkpoint:
  • Performance: Several projects involved in closed-loop activities are not proposing to meet level 2.  What is the challenge?
  • Stability:  most all projects are at least level 1… if Integration team does the platform level stability test (as done in past), we should be good
  • Resiliency: good
  • Security: defer to security subcommittee, but there are not enough projects committing to silver level to meet the overall goal of 70% of projects at silver
  • Scalability: good
  • Manageability: very few projects at level 2.  Would like to understand the reasons for not being able to meet level 2.
  • Usability: also very few projects at level 2.  What are the reasons for not being able to meet level 2?


(10 min preso

5min Q&A)

Multi-architecture support

Overview of ARM testing/support impacts investigation

Overview of DockerHub migration

  • problem statement and proposed solution
  • what is already in place
  • the proposed changes to implement the migration

Costs/Resource impacts to be provided

CIMAN-235 - Getting issue details... STATUS

CIMAN-229 - Getting issue details... STATUS

CIMAN-217 - Getting issue details... STATUS

70+ jenkins jobs already running:

#Info-confirmation provided by Adolfo that there is no impact on LF infrastructure (no additional cost- extra infrastructure provided by ARM; no additional IT support-completely handled by ARM team).

#Action (LF/Adolfo): Need to confirm that there is no extra cost to host the containers.

#Action (Paul-Ionut Vaduva /Adolfo/Yang): Provide additional clarifications about the Test Strategy including the resources plan on the next PTL Call (2/11)

5min5G Use CaseBenjamin Cheung
  • 5G - Not a full commitment by all the PTLs - many use cases
5minDistributed Analyticssrinivas tadepalli

Distributed Analytics - need to move from func requirements to use case (deliver as POC) srinivas tadepalli Marco Platania Yang Xu work together to identify another repositiory than demo - to be followed on 2/4 on PTL call


Are sufficient tasks defined for all project

5minONAP CLIAAI, SDC, SO, Policy, APPC, SDNC and MSB  CLI commands in Dublin release?

Datalake approved as a POC

Start to discuss project impact

either as producers of for example Elasticsearch as a Service

or as consumers of for example multitenant MySQL/MariaDB/PostregSQL aaS

and for new services like Containerized Hadoop as a Service

From TSC meet

Michael O'Brien (Amdocs 1705-1905)

Jiras so far

ONAPARC-264 - Getting issue details... STATUS

LOG-930 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Locale/Internationalization language support

Need to confirm testing resource to Yang Xu and what they will be able to test - to be concluded on 2/4

Action Items

  •  Casablanca Release Maintenance
    • (Catherine/Team): Finalize the ONAP Casablanca Maintenance Release Note.

  • Dublin Release:

  • Others:
    • (PTLs) will take over the ownership of the INFO.yaml file for addition/deletion of committers for the repo
    • (PTLs): Review ONAP codebase license scan, Jan. 2019 sent by Steve Winslow on 1/18
    • (Mike Elliott) will work with PTL to gather/transfer knowledge and create training materials. Targeted projects: A&AI, Log, Policy, APPC, CLAMP and ONAP CLI.
    • (Integration): Provide a procedure about the Manifest including dependencies, timers, etc.
    • (Jimmy Forsyth): Identify projects  impacted by AAI-1989

Zoom Chat Log 

06:12:09 From Michael O'Brien(Amocs,LOG) : need the exact oparent tag in the wiki - so we can retrofit our pom
06:14:02 From Pamela Dragosh : can we fix the bug in the check style XML contained in parent - @Amy ???
06:14:38 From Michael O'Brien(Amocs,LOG) : this one references not
06:14:39 From Michael O'Brien(Amocs,LOG) :
06:14:47 From Michael O'Brien(Amocs,LOG) : heat vs oom
06:19:26 From Brian : I think the reporter replied just a minute ago that its a k8 environment not heat environment - they just used the wrong script name in the jira
06:20:07 From Michael O'Brien(Amocs,LOG) : demo of CD pipeline from Orange @Slyvain D. last thu - I recommend we go with their system and retrofit it into gerrit/gitlab
06:20:08 From Michael O'Brien(Amocs,LOG) :
06:22:51 From Pamela Dragosh : A component can be independently upgraded without impacting operation interacting components
06:26:51 From Michael O'Brien(Amocs,LOG) : also upgrade includes version upgrades from elasticsearch 5.x to 6.x for example
06:29:17 From Michael O'Brien(Amocs,LOG) : I don't currently have an upgrade path from the 4 logging api's to the common one - will also get this documented on
06:32:52 From Catherine Lefevre : @Mike - I have created a slot for the demo - feel free to add details
06:33:05 From Brian : A first tep is all component upgrades from casablanca to dublin so that app and database but not API mixing is handled
06:37:22 From Michael O'Brien(Amocs,LOG) : swagger, aai, so, clamp,music,oparent, sdc - quick search of intelliJ all of onap codebase
06:38:44 From Mike Elliott : @Catherine thank you!
06:39:16 From Brian : we are able to upgrade individual componets within a release today if data doesnt change (new image reference in PoD yaml/helm chart - not sure if there is a schema change what happens in all cases
06:42:56 From Catherine Lefevre : @Brian, Jason - I think that's the point we should maybe define different levels of upgrade
06:43:00 From Mike Elliott : @Brain, agreed. This type of backwards compatible upgrade should be possible today. There is a framework the OOM will demo next week at PTL meeting to show how a project team can use it to help achieve upgrades that involve schema changes or other like changes.
06:43:17 From Catherine Lefevre : #0 upgrade the component no data change
06:43:30 From Catherine Lefevre : #1 upgrade of the configuration
06:43:39 From Catherine Lefevre : #2upgrade including data schema change etc
06:44:08 From Jason Hunt : #0 (and maybe even #1) is the current requirement for Manageability Level 2 that can be achieved with helm upgrade… it’s the other levels are where there needs to be some thought
06:44:15 From Jason Hunt : API changes also
06:46:07 From Brian : where is that ?
06:46:31 From Michael O'Brien(Amocs,LOG) : understood -separate DC/region
06:47:19 From Catherine Lefevre :
06:48:40 From Dan Timoney : Should we be concerned that all these jobs are failing?
06:49:08 From Michael O'Brien(Amocs,LOG) : I understood from Adolfo that the docker system will derive arm/i64 and run the appropriate layer
06:49:12 From Keong Lim k00759777 : but if nexus3 doesn't support multi-cpu arch, then it does impact all projects to update to dockerhub
06:50:10 From Michael O'Brien(Amocs,LOG) : we can easily test this by bringing up oom on A1 instances (arm) and R4 instances on AWS -
06:50:12 From Keong Lim k00759777 : why are most of those arm jobs failing?
06:50:28 From Tina Tsou : ONAP should be agnostic to both x86 and Arm.
06:50:29 From Michael O'Brien(Amocs,LOG) :
06:51:26 From Michael O'Brien(Amocs,LOG) :
06:51:32 From Michael O'Brien(Amocs,LOG) : hosting a copy above
06:51:52 From Michael O'Brien(Amocs,LOG) : I think Jessica is aware
06:52:05 From Keong Lim k00759777 : who is updating all the docker files?
06:52:20 From Tina Tsou : The docker hub is already addreseed.
06:52:27 From Tina Tsou : Jessica confirmed.
06:52:42 From Brian : can we change integration installs to dockerhub ?
06:53:07 From Michael O'Brien(Amocs,LOG) : I expect the failures in are are WIPs
06:53:18 From Yang Xu : integration can experiment with dockerhub
06:53:58 From Michael O'Brien(Amocs,LOG) : POMBA is alpine, LOG is Tomcat
06:55:12 From Michael O'Brien(Amocs,LOG) : you will need an AWS account
06:55:13 From Michael O'Brien(Amocs,LOG) :
06:55:29 From Michael O'Brien(Amocs,LOG) : Amazon has A1 instances
07:01:17 From Michael O'Brien(Amocs,LOG) : note to myself - false positive security jiras and jiras for dependencies
07:04:54 From Vijay Venkatesh Kumar :