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Duration 60 minutes

Zoom Bridge

DurationAgenda ItemRequested byNotes / Links
5minCasablanca Maintenance Release
  • Incomplete release notes? UsecaseUI, Modeling
  • Need support from the Documentation project - changes have been made but are not reflected in the release note: AAI, Integration and Logging => Potentially missing to update the git submodule in the doc project in the Casablanca branch to publish the changes. See this as an example:
  • Release announcement

Dublin Release

  • M1 Follow-up (if any)
  • M2 preparation

Project conditionally passed M1: Documentation

Review list of action items on Dublin requirements

prioritize rest of agendaJim Baker

extend PTL meeting?

focused topical meetings?


Don't break the buildYang Xu

Discussion on the procedures and resource to enforce it

Current blockers reported by the Integration Team: Dublin Release Integration Test Blocking Issues


oParent scope and schedule overview

Checkstyle - Some work has been done regarding checkstyle - optional for PTL's.

oParent communication plan to PTLs still open - likely a Jira notification

TSC-71 - Getting issue details... STATUS - more draft pages of coding styles coming in the next couple weeks

15minsUpgrade Casablanca to Dublin - a demoInteractive session - at TSC
10minsMulti-CPU Detailed Strategy Plan/Resource PlanFocus on the test strategy and any additional resources - DEFER
5minONAP CLIAAI, SDC, SO, Policy, APPC, SDNC and MSB  CLI commands in Dublin release?

Datalake approved as a POC

Start to discuss project impact

either as producers of for example Elasticsearch as a Service

or as consumers of for example multitenant MySQL/MariaDB/PostregSQL aaS

and for new services like Containerized Hadoop as a Service

Project APIs

  • please add

Collaboration jiras below


LOG-930 - POMBA/LOG Integration with Datalake as a Service platform - TSC 20190117 - via DCAE OPEN

Locale/Internationalization language support

Need to confirm testing resource to Yang Xu and what they will be able to test - to be concluded on 2/4

5minSamsung ONAP penetration test ongoing resultsKrzysztof Opasiak

Requested outcome: Scheduling of a sponsored ONAP code base third party audit

Using non-root user in containersJonathan GathmanBest practice review in prep for M2

Action Items

  • Security M2-M4 to be voted by TSC and integrated into official Checklist templated
  • Dublin Testing Strategy to cover Footprint Optimization, Global Optimize (Shared DB & Component/Memory): Eric/Adolfo/Mike + TSC

    Testing Strategy:

    Project teams to document the change in image size from Casablanca to Dublin as part of the changes they are making

  • Owners to provide feedback on the YELLOW items by 2/18 otherwise their features/non-functional requirements will be descoped from the Dublin Release
  • 15 mins Demo on TSC Call (2/11)

Zoom Chat Log 

06:01:03 From Keong Lim k00759777 : calendar pages are always off due to timezone changes
06:02:51 From Keong Lim k00759777 : is it fixed on Eastern US time?
06:09:50 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : I would like to see all ONAP meetings fixed to UTC since it doesn't change. Right now most other than the TSC meeting are fixed to US time zones.
06:13:38 From Catherine Lefevre : @Jason - i have updated
06:13:48 From Catherine Lefevre : based on your feedback - let me know if youa re nok
06:18:52 From Keong Lim k00759777 : host not root
06:19:15 From Jason Hunt : @Catherine - Thanks, I tweaked it slightly
06:19:55 From Catherine Lefevre : ok jason
06:22:08 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG) : for the C doc index change to pull in the RN - do we put the repo name or the name of the project - I would expect a non-linkable name since the other projects are capitalized different from the repo
06:22:08 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG) :
06:22:49 From Amy Zwarico :
06:24:55 From Catherine Lefevre : @Michael o'brien - i think I can turn to green on
06:25:05 From Catherine Lefevre : based on your today's feedback - are you ok?
06:27:57 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG) : Yes green
06:28:02 From Catherine Lefevre : ok done
06:29:11 From Brian : alpine as the container base is different from the host OS system
06:29:15 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG) : Agree with alpine standard - just need to work out migrations of the non-alpine container - I would like to stop using the tomcat image for example
06:29:55 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG) : each of use will reduce the footprint by a 400mb minimum per images this way
06:30:47 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG) : +1 Eric - the JAX-RS 2.0 to Spring controller migration is container independent - it needs to be done first
06:31:35 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG) : or find a way to swap out spring-rs with the jersey RI
06:32:37 From Catherine Lefevre : be cautious JAX-RS 2.0 not really recommended by Linux IP
06:33:24 From Catherine Lefevre : preference is Sprint Boot
06:33:24 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG) : For the C RN - posted a review to link in the RN - please merge - doc team - thank you
06:33:54 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG) : +1 agree - move to spring boot (1.5 currently - but 2.x preferred)
06:34:08 From Catherine Lefevre : what does it mean all teams will support testing?
06:34:16 From Catherine Lefevre : Integration will support both????
06:35:16 From Pamela Dragosh : Looks like we are going from every single image now having to create 4 images due to Multi-cpu and alpine/ubuntu requirements.
06:35:38 From Catherine Lefevre : well I think we need to select one container type
06:35:48 From Catherine Lefevre : multi-archi not committted for Dublin
06:35:49 From Yang Xu : Integration can not certify both
06:36:09 From Catherine Lefevre : extactly that's my point, that's why we need to have a clear Testing strategy
06:37:09 From Pamela Dragosh : If a company needs a certain cpu and/or base operating system, they should create/build those images internally and test those images themselves.
06:37:10 From Keong Lim k00759777 : this POC is changing all the Dockerfiles, I don't think there is a separate branch
06:39:27 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG) : pomba is on alpine at around 250mb, logging is on tomcat at around 450mb
06:49:05 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG) : until the full CD system is running without false-positives - do the following minimum short/long regression
06:49:13 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG) : kubectl get pods --all-namespaces
06:49:30 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG) : to list all your 1/1 2/2 3/3 pods - no 0/1 1/2 partial pods
06:49:47 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG) : then ./ onap health (make sure the robot container is up)
06:50:07 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG) : post PASS healthcheck as well to oom gerrit review
06:50:40 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG) : ideally bring up the entire 225G system and do above for major changes - or possible conflicts with other pods - like nodeport changes
06:52:42 From Keong Lim k00759777 : is it expired because it's not pulled or because it was not rebuilt recently?
06:55:41 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG) : +1 delivered is fully tested after merged - submitted is for review "in pre-merge review"
06:57:08 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG) : right no dependencies - these are partially defined in the oom yamls - but need to be moved up into the pipeline
06:57:36 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG) : dropping in 120 sec for 10am meet
06:58:38 From Pamela Dragosh :
07:00:48 From Yang Xu : @keong lim, expired after 25 days is LF rule to save disk space
07:00:50 From Pamela Dragosh :
07:05:30 From Catherine Lefevre : Team - I need to drop -I will follow-up with the ONAP TSc about Testing Strategy for to cover Footprint Optimization, Global Optimize (Shared DB & Component/Memory); M2-M4 Security
07:07:33 From Keong Lim k00759777 : is it structured like the documentation sub-repo?
07:12:19 From Keong Lim k00759777 : is the cli part of the integration testing?
07:24:28 From Adolfo : @Pam. There will be only one image, regardless of the base image used to minimize footprint.
07:25:53 From Adolfo : Ubuntu base image has security vulnerabilities and is 900% larger than Alpine.