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  • Ramesh Jeyaraman, Jorge, Ravi, Daniel, Saryu, Charles, Drew, Temoc, Joseph, Ali and Jim Hahn


Discussion items

  • Story 354 : Pam merged and will be closing today.
    Story 355 : Working on this story as Pam requested.
    Working on the CLAMP integration issue.
   DanielYesterday worked on ECOMP issue.
Story 350 : Will be working on this story today.
  Ali Story 331 & 323 : Yesterday not able to figure out the testing issue in Rackspace env, will be focusing today.
  Charles Story 314 : Still looking into the A&AI responses and don't have Null pointer exception, will be focusing today.

Yesterday worked on internal issues.

Story 326 & 330 : Will be continue testing on GUARD today.


Yesterday worked on testing the changes made.

Worked on ECOMP tasks 

  Joseph  Working on code changes for Drools
  Saryu  Story 335 : Will be continue working on the GUI documentation

Action items