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Upload and Share your presentations!

This page is intended for folks who are presenting ONAP to various groups to post who they are, when they have (or will present) and the slides they use to facilitate slide sharing :)

Note: This is not claiming to be complete as its kept up by presenters voluntarily reporting (please try to maintain date order):

Basic Collateral 

ONAP Branded Slide Template

Process Training Presentations

Project Proposal Training - Chris Donley, May 4th, 2017

Project Technical Lead Training  - Chris Donley, June 14, 2017    Recorded session      Slides Only

Release Management Training - Gildas Lanilis, June 15, 2017      Recorded session      Slides Only

Developer Best Practices (pptx, pdf) - Gildas Lanilis, June 23, 2017 

Developer Events / Face-to-Face Meetings

ONAP July 2017 Virtual Event

ONAP June 2017 F2F in Beijing

ONAP May 2017 F2F in New Jersey

Mini Summits and Other Day-Long Events

ONAP Minit Summit at Kubecon Austin (December 2017)

Misc Presentations

Presentation - Presenter Name - Date

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  1. Comments: VF-C integration options:

     Option two provides a clear separation between orchestration and controller and present a integrated architecture.  Whereas option one will result in duplicate development of configuration flow (DGs and TOSCA workflow), adaptors for various VNFs, EMSs, and vendor VNF managers.  This will become burdensome going forward, as every enhancement has to be implemented in App-C as well as VF-C.

  2. Hey Kenny, can you load the Powerpoint Chris used last night in addition to the .mp4 recording? Thanks!