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Agenda and housekeeping

Amsterdam Maintenance Release Sign-Off. Gildas Lanilis Helen Chen

RT-Catalog Proposal for TSC approveRun-Time Catalog Moved to Jan 25th meeting

Beijing M1 Review / Approvals Gildas Lanilis

Request approval for Committer promotion (appc)Committer Promotion Request - Taka Cho [appc] Moved to email vote

Full IRC Log 

13:51:20 <kennypaul> #startmeeting tsc-2018-01-18
13:51:20 <collabot> Meeting started Thu Jan 18 13:51:20 2018 UTC.  The chair is kennypaul. Information about MeetBot at
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13:51:20 <collabot> The meeting name has been set to 'tsc_2018_01_18'
13:51:32 <kennypaul> #chair phrobb
13:51:32 <collabot> Current chairs: kennypaul phrobb
13:53:59 <kennypaul> #topic rollcall
13:59:05 <SteveT> #info Stephen Terrill, Ericsson
13:59:35 <xinhuili> #info Xinhui Li, VMware
13:59:58 <amir_levy> #info Amir Levy, Cloudify
14:00:06 <kennypaul> #Alla Goldner, AMDOCS
14:00:37 <gilbert> #info mazin gilbert (AT&T)
14:00:48 <Xiaojun> #info Xiaojun Xie, China Telecom
14:01:20 <RannyHaiby> #info Ranny Haiby, Nokia
14:01:59 <frankbrockners> #info Frank Brockners, Cisco
14:02:57 <Rajesh> #info Rajesh Gadiyar Intel
14:03:02 <JasonHunt> #info Jason Hunt, IBM
14:03:12 <Zhaoxing> #info Zhaoxing Meng, ZTE
14:03:14 <cdonley> #info Chris Donley Huawei
14:03:49 <EricDebeau> #info proxy Jamil Chawki, Eric Debeau Orange
14:03:53 <frankbrockners> question on the agenda: Should we consider a topic: ONAP representative in LFN TAC?
14:04:31 <davidsauvageau> #info David Sauvageau, Bell
14:08:07 <kennypaul> #info Lingli Deng, CMCC
14:09:19 <kennypaul> #topic Amsterdam Maint release
14:09:41 <Sanchita> #info proxy Sanchita Pathak, TechMahindra
14:10:21 <kennypaul> #info Gildas and Helen reviewed slides
14:11:19 <kennypaul> #info agreed that the maintenance release is approved
14:11:33 <kennypaul> #topic M1 review
14:11:57 <kennypaul> #topic AAF
14:13:40 <kennypaul> #info maturity- Sunil states that resilancy level will be 2 not 1
14:15:46 <kennypaul> #info func req- not provided, may actually make sense
14:16:27 <kennypaul> #info StevetT must agree on expanded scope of CSM
14:16:45 <kennypaul> #info that will be a condition.
14:16:55 <kennypaul> #topic AA1
14:17:31 <kennypaul> #info maturity all 1s,
14:18:12 <Rajesh> #info Rajesh Gadiyar Intel joined again
14:18:31 <kennypaul> #info Jimmy- func req- don't believe that there is much coding needed
14:18:42 <Susana> #info Susana Sabater Vodafone
14:18:56 <kennypaul> #info epic needed for each use case for tracibility
14:19:51 <kennypaul> #topic appc
14:21:55 <kennypaul> #info Randa- maturity - all filled in, func rec, scaling need addl resources and better requirements
14:22:54 <kennypaul> #info appc will support in place sw upgd
14:23:58 <kennypaul> #info change mgmt will be supported
14:24:19 <kennypaul> #info Agreed appc passes
14:24:32 <kennypaul> #topic ccsdk
14:25:55 <kennypaul> #info Dan - s3p - need criteria for perf runtime
14:26:57 <kennypaul> #info questions as to what should be measured
14:28:05 <kennypaul> #info Jason need assistacne to validate what measurements should be
14:29:04 <kennypaul> #info Helen need 2-3 weeks to put in testing
14:30:45 <kennypaul> #info agreed that perf measurements set by M2 Jason & Helen
14:32:08 <kennypaul> #info agreed ccsdk passes m1
14:32:39 <kennypaul> #topic aai
14:33:08 <kennypaul> #info conditional approval also on scope expansion w/ image manager
14:33:22 <kennypaul> #topic clamp
14:34:06 <kennypaul> #info s3p addressed, func req- no resources for autoscaling.
14:35:17 <kennypaul> #info Martial request MVP status
14:35:32 <kennypaul> #info MVP to be set next weel
14:35:57 <kennypaul> #agreed clamp passes M1
14:36:24 <kennypaul> #topic cli
14:37:00 <kennypaul> #info s3p addressed, func req
14:37:12 <kennypaul> #agreed cli passes m1
14:37:49 <kennypaul> #topic dcae
14:38:34 <EricDebeau> #info I see no lot of progress on usability for many projects while it is very important to progress on the ONAP usage.
14:39:11 <kennypaul> #info Lusheng - s3p some components are upstream from dcae prevents commuting to level 2
14:42:02 <kennypaul> #info resiliency issue components are cdap and cloudify mgr
14:43:25 <kennypaul> #info level 2 ok with exception granted for cloudify
14:43:49 <kennypaul> #info condition w/ addl stateful component into
14:44:50 <kennypaul> #agreed dcae passes M1 w/ conditions
14:45:05 <kennypaul> #topic dmaap
14:45:21 <kennypaul> #info Ram- no issues
14:45:36 <kennypaul> #info agreed dmaap passes m1
14:45:52 <kennypaul> #topic aaf
14:47:20 <kennypaul> #info Ram- func req- no external components dependent on aaf
14:48:04 <kennypaul> #info no epics support func req - correct
14:48:46 <kennypaul> #info scope of csm - project definition change needed
14:50:22 <kennypaul> #info scope expansion vote to email
14:51:00 <kennypaul> #info condition still applies
14:51:15 <kennypaul> #topic dic
14:51:22 <kennypaul> #undo
14:51:22 <collabot> Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.ircmeeting.items.Topic object at 0x2fce910>
14:51:26 <kennypaul> topic doc
14:51:37 <kennypaul> #info agreed doc passes m1
14:52:20 <kennypaul> #topic extapi
14:53:55 <kennypaul> #info Andy - need discussions w/ doc on use swagger
14:54:11 <kennypaul> #agreed extapi passes m1
14:54:27 <kennypaul> #topic holmes
14:55:28 <kennypaul> #info Guangrong- s3p scaling may included need to check with CMCC
14:55:39 <kennypaul> #agreed holmes passes m1
14:55:50 <kennypaul> #topic integration
14:56:35 <kennypaul> #info daily deployment and healtcheck
14:57:44 <kennypaul> #info Helen- maintenance releases too resource intensive
14:58:00 <kennypaul> #agreed integration passes m1
14:58:15 <kennypaul> #topic logging
14:59:55 <kennypaul> #info Michael - s3p resilience depends on oom
15:01:46 <kennypaul> #info cii badging - nothing scoped
15:04:45 <kennypaul> #info ticket for getting code in sonar
15:06:05 <kennypaul> #info condition on reviewing security recommendations
15:06:36 <kennypaul> #agreed logging passes m1 w./ condition
15:06:55 <kennypaul> #topic modeling
15:07:57 <kennypaul> #link CII badgeing guide
15:09:12 <kennypaul> #info Deng - parser & hpa no requirements from hpa
15:09:24 <kennypaul> #agreed modeling passes m1
15:09:40 <kennypaul> #topic msb
15:10:55 <kennypaul> #info Huabing - no func req alignment
15:11:13 <kennypaul> #agreed msb passes m1
15:11:24 <kennypaul> #topic music
15:12:50 <kennypaul> #info s3p SteveT as a new project should all be 0
15:13:51 <kennypaul> #info Bharath - code already running within AT&T confirmed that already meet reqs
15:14:13 <kennypaul> #info badging reg to be done
15:14:29 <kennypaul> #agreed music passes m1
15:14:41 <kennypaul> #topic multicloud
15:16:09 <kennypaul> #info Xinhui - azure support - no response from MS yet.
15:16:39 <kennypaul> #info Michael will work with Xinhui to assist
15:17:07 <kennypaul> #info azure is a stretch goal for this release
15:17:44 <kennypaul> #agreed multicloud passes m1
15:18:01 <kennypaul> #topic oof
15:18:43 <kennypaul> #info Shankar- no concerns
15:19:31 <kennypaul> #info for s3p need help from OOM for resiliency
15:19:50 <kennypaul> #info just need to create a jira
15:20:10 <kennypaul> #agreed oof passes m1
15:20:18 <kennypaul> #topic oom
15:22:52 <kennypaul> #info Michael - s3p provides a std kubernetes framework
15:24:16 <kennypaul> #info need to to update s3p form carrier grade doc.
15:25:39 <kennypaul> #info func req oom does not do network functions
15:26:47 <kennypaul> #agreed oom passes m1 with condition of s3p update
15:26:54 <kennypaul> #info topic
15:28:31 <kennypaul> #info Pam- func req scaling no resources from policy and appc teams
15:29:05 <kennypaul> #agreed policy passes m1
15:29:20 <kennypaul> #topic portaa
15:29:26 <kennypaul> #undo
15:29:26 <collabot> Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.ircmeeting.items.Topic object at 0x2fc7590>
15:29:34 <kennypaul> #topic portal
15:31:08 <kennypaul> #info Leiming cicd will be assisted w/ respoources from Tech Mahindra
15:31:20 <kennypaul> #agreed portal passes m1
15:31:37 <kennypaul> #topic sdc
15:32:31 <kennypaul> #info Michael L - s3p manageability
15:32:58 <kennypaul> #info also covering vid in this context
15:34:15 <kennypaul> #info supporting manual scaling - Nokia and Intel resources assisting.
15:35:08 <kennypaul> #agreed sdc passes m1
15:35:18 <kennypaul> #topic vid
15:35:44 <kennypaul> #info Michael L - s3p performance
15:36:06 <kennypaul> #info should be 1 not 0
15:36:49 <kennypaul> #info same sdc manageability note applies
15:36:58 <kennypaul> #agreed vid passes m1
15:37:19 <kennypaul> #topic sdnc
15:38:17 <kennypaul> #info Dan- benchmark to measurement
15:38:24 <kennypaul> #info by m2
15:38:47 <kennypaul> #info agreed sdnc passes m1 with conditon
15:39:07 <kennypaul> #topic so
15:40:15 <kennypaul> #info Seshu - s3p resilience is 1 component but should be 2 at platform level
15:41:44 <kennypaul> #info risks updated - resources promised, needed by M2
15:44:00 <kennypaul> #info also code migration upstream possible risk
15:44:49 <kennypaul> #agreed so passes m1 with condition of resources
15:45:04 <kennypaul> #topic usecaseui
15:46:18 <kennypaul> #info Shentao - epics were inconsistent - has now been corrected.
15:46:38 <kennypaul> #agreed usecaseui passes m1
15:46:48 <kennypaul> #topic vfc
15:48:45 <kennypaul> #info Yan - s3p lack of resources is a risk for component level scalability
15:50:53 <kennypaul> #info func req somewhat unclear for autoscaling
15:52:00 <kennypaul> #info Peng will provide the info needed.
15:54:16 <kennypaul> #info vfc can commit if other projects can commit
15:55:47 <kennypaul> #info polic dependancy
15:56:35 <kennypaul> #agreed vfc passes m1 - will need resources for m2
15:58:00 <kennypaul> #topic vnfrqts
15:58:16 <kennypaul> #agreed vnfrqts passes m1
15:58:49 <kennypaul> #info vnfsdk
15:58:53 <kennypaul> #undo
15:58:53 <collabot> Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.ircmeeting.items.Info object at 0x2ab5450>
15:59:01 <kennypaul> #topic vnfsdk
15:59:17 <kennypaul> #agreed vnfsdk passes m1
15:59:23 <kennypaul> #topic vvp
15:59:41 <kennypaul> #info scope change proposed
16:00:10 <kennypaul> #info to be discussed before m2
16:00:28 <kennypaul> #info not reviewed.
16:00:40 <kennypaul> #topic functional requirements
16:00:52 <kennypaul> #info Alla can we approve?
16:01:37 <kennypaul> #info Lingli resources for manual and auto scaling for vfs
16:03:20 <kennypaul> #topic vfc
16:04:02 <kennypaul> #info removing autoscaling conditons from vfc
16:04:39 <kennypaul> #info to condition to be moved to func req approval.
16:04:49 <kennypaul> #topic func reqs
16:06:00 <kennypaul> #info vdns and volte autoscaling impacted by resources
16:07:32 <kennypaul> #info functional requirements that have e-2-e commitment from projects HPA
16:08:00 <kennypaul> #info change management also fully supported and PNF
16:10:07 <kennypaul> #info also manual scaling
16:12:02 <kennypaul> #info Alla to send email summarizing.
16:12:06 <kennypaul> endmeeting
16:12:13 <kennypaul> #endmeeting

Zoom Chat Log 

06:50:44 From Susana (VF) : Could everybody mute?
06:56:46 From Michael O'Brien (LOG) : OOM daily deploy for OOM as well - including healthcheck, rest calls and partial automated vFW - getting links
06:56:52 From Michael O'Brien (LOG) :
06:56:58 From Michael O'Brien (LOG) :
06:57:23 From Michael O'Brien (LOG) :  

(url had to be truncated as the page would not save with it as put in the zoom log) 

06:57:54 From Michael O'Brien (LOG) : live onap deployment
06:57:54 From Michael O'Brien (LOG) :
07:00:15 From Helen Chen : We need to put/link those results into LF Jenkins infra.
07:05:39 From Eric Debeau : +1 with Helen proposal
07:06:22 From stephen terrill :
07:06:42 From stephen terrill : That is a guide to help the projects on the CII badging program from an ONAP perspective.
07:07:18 From stephen terrill : I am also planning a meeting to invite project representtives to in a "hackathon" style, with the idea that it can help you get registered and started.
07:07:58 From Seshu : looking forward for the invite
07:08:13 From Seshu : +1 for the thought
07:08:18 From xinhui li : +1
07:08:46 From stephen terrill : As soon as I secure the support I need, the invite will go out :-)
07:10:06 From Shankar Narayanan (OOF) : +1 for the guide on CII badging. Will be very handy to get started on the security requirementss.
07:10:28 From Guangrong Fu (HOLMES) : +1 for the guide on CII badging
07:11:04 From Dan Timoney : +1 for the invite - that will be extremely helpful!
07:11:48 From Michael O'Brien (LOG) : Thanks Stephen, I will review and join the meet
07:12:43 From Michael O'Brien (LOG) : for CD - there are several tasks and mails for LF to integrate this - planning a meet
07:12:44 From Michael O'Brien (LOG) :
07:32:50 From Rajesh Gadiyar @ Intel Corp : I have to drop. Alex Vul has the Intel baton.
07:35:10 From Yan : ??