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Release Status: M2 Functionality Freeze status
Architecture VoteChris Donley

Orang Open Lab
handling of liaison statementsTSC discussion

Full IRC Log 

13:44:18 <kennypaul> #startmeeting tsc-2018-02-15
13:44:18 <collabot`> Meeting started Thu Feb 15 13:44:18 2018 UTC.  The chair is kennypaul. Information about MeetBot at
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13:44:18 <collabot`> The meeting name has been set to 'tsc_2018_02_15'
13:44:47 <kennypaul> #chair phrobb, SteveT, gildaslanilis
13:44:47 <collabot`> Warning: Nick not in channel: gildaslanilis
13:44:47 <collabot`> Current chairs: SteveT gildaslanilis kennypaul phrobb
13:56:46 <kennypaul> #topic rollcall
13:58:50 <kennypaul> #info Alla Goldner, AMDOCS
14:00:08 <cdonley> #info Chris Donley Huawei
14:00:21 <frankbrockners> #info Frank Brockners, Cisco
14:00:45 <DhananjayPavgi> #info Dhananjay Pavgi, Tech Mahindra Ltd
14:01:07 <RannyHaiby> #info Ranny Haiby, Nokia
14:01:27 <JasonHunt> #info Jason Hunt, IBM
14:03:09 <SteveT> #info Stephen Terrill, Ericsson
14:04:33 <gilbert> #info mazin gilbert
14:04:53 <jamil_> #info jamil for Orange
14:07:28 <kennypaul> #info not at quorom but will provide recommendation and then send email to all TSC for comments on M2
14:12:07 <kennypaul> #topic M2 review
14:13:38 <kennypaul> #info @gildaslanilis reviewed his slides
14:14:24 <kennypaul> #info 50% code coverage goal is an M4 requirement
14:15:08 <kennypaul> #info sonar now provides python coverage - recommendations provided this week.
14:16:32 <kennypaul> #info code coverage changes occurred following the sonar upgrade. investigating
14:17:01 <kennypaul> #info please clean-up old sonar reports
14:17:52 <kennypaul> #info pypi repo now in place
14:18:23 <kennypaul> #info daily builds not required until M4
14:19:35 <kennypaul> #info no blockers identified for M2
14:20:35 <kennypaul> #info need some work on stories - Scrum board is helpiing
14:20:55 <kennypaul> #info ~30 commits older than 2 weeks
14:21:28 <kennypaul> #topic aaf
14:22:12 <kennypaul> #info no issues
14:22:18 <kennypaul> #topic aai
14:22:41 <kennypaul> #info image manager will be set for casablanca
14:22:49 <kennypaul> #topic appc
14:22:55 <kennypaul> #info no isses
14:23:39 <kennypaul> #info no issues for ccsdk, dcaegen2, dmaap, doc
14:23:48 <kennypaul> #topic esternalapi
14:24:22 <kennypaul> #info plans for nbi in beiging
14:24:49 <kennypaul> #info no iussues for holmes, integration,
14:25:01 <kennypaul> #info msb ok
14:25:31 <kennypaul> #info logging libraries only for beiging
14:26:02 <kennypaul> ##undo
14:26:27 <kennypaul> #info no logging library dependencies for beijing
14:26:47 <kennypaul> #info music ok
14:27:02 <kennypaul> #topic oof
14:27:13 <kennypaul> #iunfo now in beijing release
14:27:21 <kennypaul> #topic oom
14:28:23 <kennypaul> #info oom and msb code is on "go" - not covered by sonar
14:29:34 <kennypaul> #info stretch goal to have publishing to nexus
14:29:53 <kennypaul> #topic policy
14:30:01 <kennypaul> #info no api change
14:30:08 <kennypaul> #topic portal
14:30:17 <kennypaul> #info license issues
14:30:25 <kennypaul> #topic sdnc
14:30:33 <kennypaul> #info
14:30:48 <kennypaul> new fielsd
14:30:55 <kennypaul> #topic so
14:34:08 <kennypaul> #info external api changes needed - to be discussed off line Seshu, Eric
14:34:29 <kennypaul> #topic vfc
14:34:34 <kennypaul> #info ok
14:34:44 <kennypaul> #topic vid
14:34:50 <kennypaul> #info ok
14:35:02 <kennypaul> #vnfrqts
14:35:10 <kennypaul> #undo
14:35:10 <collabot`> Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.ircmeeting.items.Info object at 0x2308c10>
14:35:23 <kennypaul> #topic vnfrqts
14:35:46 <kennypaul> #info no new apis for beijing
14:36:08 <kennypaul> #info ok
14:36:14 <kennypaul> #topic modeling
14:37:24 <kennypaul> #info javatosachecker is wip
14:37:37 <kennypaul> #info ok
14:37:46 <kennypaul> #topic sdc
14:39:20 <kennypaul> #info checklist empty for sdc, usecaseui, multicloud, vvp
14:39:46 <kennypaul> #info empty or incomplet
14:40:26 <kennypaul> #topic vvp
14:40:49 <kennypaul> #info discussion of validation subcommittee
14:43:49 <kennypaul> #info usecase-ui and multicloud ptsl on holiday
14:44:57 <kennypaul> #topic s3p measurement presented @vf2f
14:46:33 <kennypaul> #info comment from chat on multicloud - From mehmet to Everyone: (06:45 AM)
14:46:33 <kennypaul> A Cloud Services Architecture Project has been started in MEF covering multi-operator supported Cloud Services. It would be useful to collaborate.  Mehmet Toy-Verizon
14:46:57 <kennypaul> #info discussion of autoscaling
14:48:22 <kennypaul> #info need clarification from vfc
14:48:40 <kennypaul> #topic schedule
14:50:16 <kennypaul> #info M3 March 3rd, M4 March 29
14:52:10 <kennypaul> #topic architecture vote
14:55:32 <kennypaul> #info need feedback/comments from all TSC - not everyone has voted
14:56:11 <kennypaul> #info 2nd part of the deck is related to the data submitted by the ptls
14:56:48 <kennypaul> #info discussion
15:00:29 <Ericdebeau> #info we need feedback from end to end vision to vote for the architecture
15:01:06 <kennypaul> #info comments need from TSC no later than Friday COB
15:02:04 <kennypaul> #info current vote to be closed
15:02:42 <kennypaul> #info new vote will be sent using updated info with a close dayte
15:04:22 <kennypaul> #topic Orange lab
15:06:22 <kennypaul> #info lab now open
15:06:52 <kennypaul> #info integration, test, vnf onboarding - no development
15:08:08 <Ericdebeau> #info
15:09:23 <kennypaul> #info no sla
15:10:58 <kennypaul> ##info would like to share the lab access code for others - need repo
15:12:24 <kennypaul> #info lab in lyon, france
15:13:48 <kennypaul> #info openstack only at this time.
15:15:13 <kennypaul> info correction location Lannion, Fracne
15:15:39 <kennypaul> #info correction location Lannion, France
15:17:03 <kennypaul> #topic handling of liaison statements
15:17:24 <kennypaul> #info what is the process?
15:19:22 <kennypaul> #info concerns over legal obligations
15:24:30 <kennypaul> #info discussion over what to do
15:36:41 <kennypaul> #info Steve to draft a process proposal
15:37:07 <kennypaul> #info Alla to send an ack to 3gpp
15:41:43 <kennypaul> #info need to formalize with the lfn board
15:41:49 <kennypaul> #endmeeting

Zoom Chat Log 

06:22:42 From Catherine Lefevre (AT&T) : We would like to get further info about License to address
06:22:58 From Eric Debeau : For Image Manager ?
06:23:20 From Catherine Lefevre (AT&T) : is it based on all the tabs? if yes then I believe it should be reviewed because some items are not necessary a license issue
06:23:24 From Alex Vul (Intel) : i thought image manager was part of SDC?
06:23:47 From Chris Donley : PTLs all received an email from Steve Winslow with an excel spreadsheet. He added specific comments.
06:23:55 From Catherine Lefevre (AT&T) : This is correct
06:24:21 From Dhananjay Pavgi : Yes @Alex Vul image manager is supposed to be part of SDC
06:24:33 From Catherine Lefevre (AT&T) : But we need to understand because some items should not be considered as a license issue
06:25:06 From Dhananjay Pavgi : agreed
06:25:23 From Catherine Lefevre (AT&T) : As an example, an item raised in the attribution tab should not be considered as a license issue
06:25:48 From Catherine Lefevre (AT&T) : MIT license is authorised
06:27:06 From Chris Donley : That's my understanding, too. Only the "Use restrictions", "Copyleft", "Wrong license statement", "Advertising Clause" and the highlighted files in "Other" tabs.
06:28:26 From Catherine Lefevre (AT&T) : Well in Other - Public Domain is not a license problem
06:28:29 From Alex Vul (Intel) : time to step into the 21st century and support go
06:28:29 From Michael O'Brien (Logging) :
06:29:11 From Michael O'Brien (Logging) : health
06:29:13 From Michael O'Brien (Logging) : (Link link converted to codeblock due to wiki incompatibility -kenny)


06:29:58 From Chris Donley : @Catherine - correct - only the ones that say OASIS IPR in the "other" tab
06:30:10 From Catherine Lefevre (AT&T) : @Chris - aligned
06:30:28 From Michael O'Brien (Logging) : thanks for the project reviews and summaries for all of us - Gildas
06:32:58 From Catherine Lefevre (AT&T) : So I think we need to give an opportunity to each @Chris, PTL to review the spreadsheet sent last night and to update Gildas accordingly. It should not be a showstopper at M2
06:38:36 From Honor : call me anytime +91 9845355488
06:38:43 From Honor : will be at your service :)
06:45:35 From mehmet : A Cloud Services Architecture Project has been started in MEF covering multi-operator supported Cloud Services. It would be useful to collaborate. Mehmet Toy-Verizon
06:47:53 From Chris Donley : @Mehmet, I'd recommend speaking with the MultiCloud project. Xinhui is PTL - I'd recommend contacting her late next week when she's back from Spring Festival.
06:51:09 From mehmet : Will do. Thanks.
06:57:20 From Michael O'Brien (Logging) : Mehmet I could be available for the CSA - currently working with cloud native deployment for Azure and AWS
06:57:32 From Michael O'Brien (Logging) : Is there a page - found the pdf from Aug
06:57:33 From Michael O'Brien (Logging) :
07:02:04 From mehmet : MIchael-That is great. Let's connect. Please send me an email Thanks
07:05:19 From Anh Le (Netcracker) : Sorry to jump in. MEF47 is related to Multi-VIM, or to MUSIC?
07:08:28 From Kenny Paul : orange lab wiki link
07:08:28 From Frank Brockners :
07:08:46 From Kenny Paul : orange lab wiki link 7:08 AM <Ericdebeau> #info
07:15:42 From Kanag : it’s having only 64 Vcpu. ??
07:15:58 From Eric Debeau : No, we have much more
07:16:08 From Kanag : any plan for expanding more cpu??
07:16:30 From Kanag : ok. nice.
07:25:11 From PARVIZ Yegani : We need to have a formal liaison relationship with 3GPP.
07:25:56 From PARVIZ Yegani : This is the proper way of doing that.