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Approval of the Casablanca timelineGildas LanilisRelease Planning#CasablancaReleasePlanning
License Status Review

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June F2FCasablanca Release Developer Forum
End-user advisory group
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ONAP University 

Will be scheduled every Wednesday.

Full IRC Log 

13:42:41 <kennypaul> #startmeeting tsc-2018-04-12
13:42:41 <collabot`> Meeting started Thu Apr 12 13:42:41 2018 UTC.  The chair is kennypaul. Information about MeetBot at
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13:42:41 <collabot`> The meeting name has been set to 'tsc_2018_04_12'
13:43:08 <kennypaul> #chair phrobb, SteveT
13:43:08 <collabot`> Current chairs: SteveT kennypaul phrobb
13:43:26 <kennypaul> #topic rollcall and agenda
13:58:27 <kennypaul> #info Murat Turpcu, Turk Telekom
13:59:58 <cdonley> #info Chris Donley Huawei
14:00:17 <SteveT> #info Stephen Terrill, Ericsson
14:00:23 <RannyHaiby> #info Ranny Haiby, Nokia
14:00:29 <Srini> #info proxy Srini Addepalli, Intel
14:00:58 <ningso> #info Ning So, Reliance Jio
14:01:06 <JasonHunt> #info Jason Hunt, IBM
14:01:30 <frankbrockners> #info Frank Brockners, Cisco
14:01:54 <kennypaul> 3info Alla Goldner, AMDOCS
14:02:14 <kennypaul> #info Alla Goldner, AMDOCS
14:02:51 <Sanchita> #info proxy Sanchita Pathak, TechMahindra
14:03:03 <xinhuili> #info Xinhui Li, VMware
14:03:04 <gilbert> #info mazin gilbert (AT&T)
14:03:15 <Zhaoxing> #info Zhaoxing Meng, ZTE
14:03:18 <EricDebeau> #info Eric Debeau, Orange
14:05:09 <Susana> #info Susana Sabater Vodafone
14:05:19 <SteveT> #topic House Keeping
14:05:44 <SteveT> #info meeting request via tool/link only
14:06:02 <SteveT> #info TSC memebers fill out the instant messaging page by Monday
14:07:20 <SteveT> #info Request by OPNFV TSC to see if we would like to colocate the events
14:08:15 <Zhaoxing_Meng> #info Zhaoxing Meng, ZTE
14:08:17 <SteveT> #info this is the December Developer event
14:09:18 <Xiaojun> #info Xiaojun Xie, China Telecom
14:11:07 <kennypaul> #topic end user advisory committee
14:11:53 <SteveT> #info Mazin has been reaching out to equivilent of product managers for the End-User advisory committee
14:13:31 <kennypaul> #info introductions of participants
14:16:26 <kennypaul> #info participants that mazin reached out to please send contact info to kenny
14:18:54 <SteveT> #info Starting discussion to be held in the Use Case sub-committee
14:19:13 <SteveT> #info Survey sent to them
14:19:48 <ma_c> #info proxy Marc-Alexandre Choquette, Bell Canada
14:19:50 <kennypaul> #info looking for participants to attend the Usecase subcommittee meeting on April 23rd.
14:21:46 <SteveT> #topic Casablanca timeline
14:21:54 <kennypaul> #topic Casablanca Release Schedule
14:22:12 <kennypaul> #link
14:25:35 <SteveT> #info request to align the use case approval to M0, however it was stated that is too late as the projects have to break down requirements for theplanning
14:27:53 <SteveT> #info Clarification: Model frozen is that by M2 the is the basic model specification. Model final is the hard closed model at M3
14:28:06 <kennypaul> #info recommend May 10 for E2E use case approval of May 10, May 3 stretch goal.
14:30:25 <SteveT> #info requset to move pairwise testing to close to M3.
14:32:34 <SteveT> #info Changed to start pairwise testing the week before code freeze
14:37:00 <kennypaul> #info discussion of OOM and CI/CD needs
14:39:04 <SteveT> #info MS 3 moved 1 week earlier
14:40:56 <SteveT> #info There is a request to include CI/CD
14:43:36 <kennypaul> #info follow up meeting to discuss a myriad of proposed changes
14:44:32 <kennypaul> #action gildaslanilis to schedule the follow up meeting for the casablanca schedule
14:45:19 <EricDebeau> #info A true CI/CD chain is key for Casablanca. Need to setup as early as possible
14:45:26 <SteveT> #info Topics to discuss in timeplan folow-up CD/CD, pairwise testing, different project offset (e.g. OOM, ).
14:48:37 <kennypaul> #info to be finalized at Monday PTL meeting followed by an email vote by TSC
14:49:30 <kennypaul> #topic License Status Review
14:50:14 <kennypaul> #info Steve Winslow shared his slides
14:55:00 <kennypaul> #info slides posted to the meeting agenda page now.
14:56:56 <kennypaul> #info concerns flagged for tpm2-tool in the aaf/sshsm repo
14:59:46 <kennypaul> #info Srinivasa Addepali states that there is no other linking to other ONAP components.
15:01:21 <kennypaul> #info ongoing discussions w/ Intel on relicensing tpm2-tool under Apache
15:01:38 <kennypaul> #topic Release Status Review
15:02:14 <kennypaul> #info message router, sdnc, vfc done
15:02:26 <kennypaul> #info dcae work in progress
15:02:54 <kennypaul> #info dmaap satisfies M4 requirements now
15:04:21 <kennypaul> #info PTLs ensure RC0 templates are completed
15:04:57 <kennypaul> #info passing jenkins healtchech, daily job and csit required
15:05:33 <kennypaul> #info daily bug reports to be distributed beginning at REC0
15:06:28 <kennypaul> #info ptls provide helpdesk with link to daily jave version and update manifest
15:07:17 <kennypaul> #info discussion of tagging - needs to be 2.0.0-ONAP
15:08:14 <kennypaul> #info need docker tagging consistency
15:08:29 <kennypaul> #undo
15:08:29 <collabot`> Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.ircmeeting.items.Info object at 0x2793bd0>
15:09:53 <kennypaul> #info usecaseuo, estapi, aaf, vvp still pending.
15:10:14 <kennypaul> #topic Integration status
15:11:04 <kennypaul> #info helenychen reviewed her slides
15:11:41 <kennypaul> #info heat 27/33 and oom 18/33 healthcheck passed
15:12:27 <kennypaul> #info no healthcheck from aaf, ccsdk, cli, externalapi, holmes, logging, music, oof, vnfsdk, vvp
15:16:06 <kennypaul> #info discussion of oof staffing challenges.
15:16:47 <SteveT> #info OOM requested 1 week delay exemption
15:17:24 <kennypaul> #info holmes healthcheck is embedded in dcae.
15:19:08 <kennypaul> #info oom now passes 22/33
15:22:05 <gildaslanilis> Outcome of OOM and Heat HealthCheck are available in Jenkins at
15:22:13 <kennypaul> #topic vulnerability Template review
15:22:46 <kennypaul> #infoptls taking this seriously - thank you
15:23:00 <gildaslanilis> #info Outcome of OOM and Heat HealthCheck are available in Jenkins at
15:24:40 <kennypaul> #info SteveT reviewed his slides posted to the meeting page
15:25:03 <kennypaul> #info wip for aaf, aai, appc, dcae, ploicy, portal, portal, sdc, usecaseui
15:25:41 <kennypaul> #info portal requires significant work - will requore tsc approval.
15:27:24 <kennypaul> #action manoop update the template to reflect risks
15:28:07 <kennypaul> #info manoop reports template recently updated.
15:29:03 <kennypaul> #info externalapi no info
15:29:38 <kennypaul> #info include vulnerability update weekly at tsc
15:35:12 <kennypaul> #topic university
15:38:38 <kennypaul> #info meetings starting, discussion about dates
15:41:46 <kennypaul> #info university project was deprecated - needs to be re-submitted as previous data is not valid
15:41:54 <kennypaul> #endmeeting

Zoom Chat Log 

07:12:05 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : Kenny, for the links in the PDF agenda - could we past the full URL - going back to the PDF some of the wiki links are not navigable - and we want to make sure we are on the right page - thanks 
07:12:41 From Kenny Paul (Linux Foundation) : @michael ok
07:13:22 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : One-click ONAP deployment templates, boostrap, helm scripts off of will be in oom/install
07:14:00 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) :
07:22:16 From Kenny Paul (Linux Foundation) : #link
07:26:25 From Brian : can we add to M3 milestone that we start parwise testing that week ?
07:31:18 From Pamela Dragosh (AT&T, Policy, Control Loop) : I have high doubts that the projects are ready to do pairwise testing at M3.
07:31:32 From Randa Maher : For Beijing, we didn't add a week, we took a week away from M4
07:32:21 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : We need more time for integration (Testing and also devops refactors (OOM/Kubernetes work)) - based on experience in Amsterdam/Beijing - way before code freeze
07:33:00 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : Or we do CI/CD every day - not at the end
07:33:11 From Tina Tsou @Arm : yes
07:33:25 From Tina Tsou @Arm : Jenkins
07:33:28 From Eric Debeau : We also need to impove our CI/CD chain
07:33:52 From Randa Maher : why can we have a new milestone between M4 and RC0 for OOM ?
07:34:15 From Brian : that looks good gildas
07:34:40 From Eric Debeau : We need a project to manage a powerful CI/CD chain
07:35:25 From Brian : agree but the timeline in front of us needs to be approved - M3 - Catherine asked to move it to the left a week
07:35:43 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : Yes go-cd/gitlab (used by CNCF) - or some more jenkins jobs - what we have in and is a good start
07:36:05 From Srinivasa Addepalli (Intel) : Is expectation of Casablanca to move to TOSCA for all use cases and deprecate HOT? If so, Isn't 08/30 deadline for model too late? 
07:36:42 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : batched likely every commit or 5-30 min - depending on resources - better if I get a "helm upgrade" CD server going on top of the timed hourly CD deploy
07:37:11 From Pamela Dragosh (AT&T, Policy, Control Loop) : Portal, aaf, dmaap, msg should have earlier milestones.
07:37:20 From Pamela Dragosh (AT&T, Policy, Control Loop) : msb (not msg)
07:37:36 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : Yes MSB is critical - as 10+ healthchecks depend on it like AAF
07:37:36 From Brian : I'm not aware of any decision to Deprecate HOT for VNF instantiation - ONAP needs to support both styles of VNF install
07:38:01 From Randa Maher : do we need two release trains? core foundational project on one train with offset timeline to the other projects?
07:38:23 From Brian : API freeze needs to move earlier
07:38:33 From Pamela Dragosh (AT&T, Policy, Control Loop) : Yes Randa - I was thinking the same thing. Maybe some projects should be on a different cycle.
07:39:44 From Srinivasa Addepalli (Intel) : I agree. Having foundational projects releasing earlier is good.
07:40:18 From Randa Maher : did we have a proposal earlier to move M3 out to address pairwise testing prior to M4?
07:40:28 From Brian : Eric - I agree we need that CI process implented
07:40:31 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : OPNFV's CI/CD is the best one - but we need to finish tagging (which looks 80% done) and then daily docker builds - need to be on demand - then we can key into OPNFV's infrastructure
07:43:17 From Eric Debeau : there is a meeting during Vancouver DevEvent about XCI
07:44:39 From Stephen Terrill : So, Follow-up meeting
07:44:43 From Stephen Terrill : check with PTL meeting?
07:45:02 From xinhui li : That would be better
07:46:59 From Kenny Paul (Linux Foundation) : time check 20 mins over
07:47:23 From Brian : PTL meeting is the right forum
07:47:39 From Brian : they are the ones on the hook
07:47:48 From Gildas Lanilis - Huawei :
07:47:54 From Seshu : Yes +1
07:48:11 From Gildas Lanilis - Huawei : Link to provide feedback.
07:48:18 From Ramki Krishnan : Need a concrete definition for upgrade for Casablanca release
07:48:56 From Mazin : Thank you Gildas
07:49:12 From Eric Debeau : We must pragmatic for upgrade and get feedbacks from Telcos who deployed live ONAP
07:51:54 From Brian : Most of it is obvious stuff - no loss of data , old features work after upgrade , new features work on new software
07:52:15 From Roger Maitland : OOM/Helm provides powerful upgrade capabilities but we still need to provide data migration for each project. There is work to do but it should be manageable.
07:52:38 From Brian : usually we freeze external requests during the upgrade window and dry out any in flight transactions before the upgrade
07:53:17 From Brian : pre and post upgrade test scripts and generally a rollback strategy for a failed upgrade
07:54:01 From Roger Maitland : Rollback is a core capability of Helm.
07:54:31 From Roger Maitland : Likewise with pre/post upgrade scripts (like data migration scripts)
07:57:46 From Roger Maitland : Here is a link to the OOM Upgrade documentation:
08:02:12 From Eric Debeau : There is still extapi missing
08:02:45 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : healthcheck for Kubernetes peaks at 20 of 33 passing as of the last 2 days
08:03:05 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : dashboard
08:03:07 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : 

Link from Michael O'Brien'',filters:!(),options:(darkTheme:!f),panels:!((col:1,id:AWAts77k3NTXK5mX2kuM,panelIndex:1,row:1,size_x:8,size_y:3,type:visualization),(col:9,id:AWAtuTVI3NTXK5mX2kuP,panelIndex:2,row:1,size_x:4,size_y:3,type:visualization),(col:1,id:AWAtuBTY3NTXK5mX2kuO,panelIndex:3,row:7,size_x:6,size_y:3,type:visualization),(col:1,id:AWAttmqB3NTXK5mX2kuN,panelIndex:4,row:4,size_x:6,size_y:3,type:visualization),(col:7,id:AWAtvHtY3NTXK5mX2kuR,panelIndex:6,row:4,size_x:6,size_y:6,type:visualization)),query:(match_all:()),timeRestore:!f,title:'CD%20Health%20Check',uiState:(),viewMode:view)

08:03:11 From Huabing Zhao : Are there any OOM deployment in the open lab I can look into?
08:03:26 From Pamela Dragosh (AT&T, Policy, Control Loop) : Verify jobs should not be counted
08:03:33 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : last run - every 2 hours
08:03:35 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) :
08:03:54 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : Yes, there is 3 (openlab, tlab, aws)
08:04:24 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : tlab, openlab official LF
08:04:26 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) :
08:04:43 From Brian : Michael - ete-k8sh cant find kubectl in SB06 - is therr an environment file I need to . in
08:04:48 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : aws
08:04:48 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) :
08:05:07 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : sould be in ./kube/config
08:05:16 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : for the user (root or ubuntu)
08:05:37 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : sorry ~/.kube/conjfig
08:05:55 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : generated on the server in the UI in rancher - or via the install script
08:05:56 From Roger Maitland : Huabing - the SB6 system in the integration lab is available. Contact Mike Elliott for details.
08:06:10 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : script
08:06:11 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) :
08:06:26 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) :
08:07:21 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : yes, mike E. for SB06 - I can also add another server in the Log tenant later if we need more
08:07:30 From Huabing Zhao : @Michale I mean can I login the portal and play with 
08:07:53 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : port 30311 on the host
08:07:58 From Huabing Zhao : @Roger Thanks for the information
08:08:00 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : sorry 30211
08:08:28 From Huabing Zhao : @Michale Thanks
08:08:35 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : very nice - thank you LF
08:08:37 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) :
08:12:11 From Eric Debeau : We have currently working on integrating the HealthCheck API for External API in Robot.
08:12:36 From Brian : CCSDK doesnt get instantiated so it doesnt need a healthcheck - healthcheck is in SDNC / APPC
08:12:50 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : Working LOG robot HC (consul HC already in) -
08:12:52 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) :
08:12:52 From Helen Chen : ok
08:14:09 From Bharath Balasubramanian : Helen, music health check should be done by today…the URL etc has been provided ..just waiting for the merge to happen by Daniel rose
08:14:20 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : CCSDK shoiuld be OK - a HC will be against running containers only - this would be the differentiator
08:14:50 From Bharath Balasubramanian : (We just gave it to Dan yesterday)
08:15:16 From Gary Wu : On Music: Daniel is waiting for some username/password info before the change can be merged. Please follow up with him.
08:15:31 From Bharath Balasubramanian : Gary, just replied to him on that..
08:15:37 From Bharath Balasubramanian : So we shud be fine
08:15:40 From Gary Wu : ok, thanks
08:15:44 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : be on the onap-release distribution list to get these
08:15:44 From Bharath Balasubramanian : thanks!
08:16:12 From Lusheng Ji : Helen and Gildas, Holmes health check is embedded in DCAE.
08:16:30 From Gildas Lanilis - Huawei : Thanks Lusheng
08:16:32 From Guangrong Fu : That’s what I want to say. Thanks Lusheng.
08:17:04 From Guangrong Fu : So Gildas, do we have to it separately?
08:17:21 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : docker manifest - correct location right?
08:17:21 From Roger Maitland : Michael’s CD system is reporting 22/33 health checks passing this morning (on OOM)
08:17:22 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) :;a=blob;f=version-manifest/src/main/resources/docker-manifest.csv;h=42bb6bb612d34dcd3aab82e4565d85cb7046a970;hb=refs/heads/master
08:17:39 From Gildas Lanilis - Huawei : if Homes is embedded witin DCAE, we are fine
08:17:56 From Lusheng Ji : Thanks!
08:18:32 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) :
08:18:39 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : 22 of 33 passing
08:20:45 From Gildas Lanilis - Huawei : Outcome of Heat and OOM healthcheck are available here
08:20:53 From Eric Debeau : @Helen, how can you pass the use-case tests if all healthchecks are not ok
08:20:59 From Brian : Need hotel info and visa infor for Beijing
08:21:01 From Brian : F2F
08:21:27 From Helen Chen : @Eric, we have not passed them all
08:21:33 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : yes depending on the test - for vFW you need only the amsterdam level components - and less if you don't need closed-loop (around 12)
08:22:43 From Helen Chen : We are doing our test to test as much as we can
08:23:37 From Helen Chen : for heat deployment, DCAE does not pass health, but onboarding and distribution does not use that component.
08:23:55 From Eric Debeau : OK. Thanks for the clarification
08:24:34 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : appc, sdnc, policy, portal, so, aai, robot, dmaap(message-router), sdc, vid (dcaegen2 for closed-loop) - are critical, vfc and others for the more complicated use cases
08:24:36 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) :
08:25:26 From Lusheng Ji : Thanks Helen. DCAE health check is available on consul but there is some differences from R1. We are working with Marco and Dan on updating the robot reporting.
08:25:33 From Taka Cho : Stephen, sorry I did not send email to you for APPC security vulnerability. Here is APPC updates:
08:27:10 From Randa Maher : Stephen, we made updates to APPC security vulnerability wiki around jackson items and more will follow
08:28:25 From Manoop Talasila : Portal security template.
08:30:01 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : dropping off to log spec call