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Zoom Chat Log  

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Release Status

ONAP Beijing Release V1.xlsx(Excel format of the above PDF)

Docker Optimization proposal

Integration Status

Known Vulnerability Analysis update 

TSC Composition VotePhil Robb-Carried to Next Week
Documentation: Beijing Status & API RecommendationGregory Glover
 modeling subcommittee Hui Deng-To be emailed
Control Loop Sub Committee Update-To be emailed
ONAP U committee and webinars update

-To be emailed

[univ] SubC ONAP8, Tue UTC 14:30 / China 22:30 / Eastern 10:30 / Pacific 07:30 

Full IRC Log 

13:41:58 <kennypaul> #startmeeting tsc-2018-04-26
13:41:58 <collabot`> Meeting started Thu Apr 26 13:41:58 2018 UTC.  The chair is kennypaul. Information about MeetBot at
13:41:58 <collabot`> Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic.
13:41:58 <collabot`> The meeting name has been set to 'tsc_2018_04_26'
13:42:19 <kennypaul> #chair phrobb, SteveT, gildaslanilis
13:42:19 <collabot`> Current chairs: SteveT gildaslanilis kennypaul phrobb
13:42:29 <kennypaul> #topic rollcall
13:56:30 <cdonley> #info Chris Donley Huawei
13:56:33 <kennypaul> #info Alla Goldner, AMDOCS
13:57:21 <kennypaul> #info Lingli Deng, China Mobile
13:58:16 <SteveT> #info Stephen Terrill, Ericsson
13:58:17 <Susana> #info Susana Sabater Vodafone
13:58:30 <RajeshGadiyar> #info Rajesh Gadiyar Intel
14:01:21 <xinhuili> #info Xinhui Li, VMware
14:01:30 <RannyHaiby> #info Ranny Haiby, Nokia
14:01:49 <jamil_> #info jamil for Orange
14:01:52 <frankbrockners> #info Frank Brockners, Cisco
14:02:09 <Xiaojun> #info Xiaojun Xie, China Telecom
14:04:36 <JasonHunt> #info Jason Hunt, IB
14:04:42 <JasonHunt> #info Jason Hunt, IBM
14:05:04 <SteveT> #topic House Keeping
14:05:59 <davidsauvageau> #info David Sauvageau, Bell
14:06:28 <SteveT> #info Private Chats. Turn it off for everyone or have chats to Kenny be published.
14:06:49 <kennypaul> #info Murat Turpcu, Turk Telekom
14:07:00 <SteveT> #info Phil suggested to foster a culture of redirecting towards public chats.
14:09:49 <DhananjayPavgi> +1
14:09:49 <RajeshGadiyar> #vote -1
14:09:54 <RajeshGadiyar> -1
14:10:01 <RajeshGadiyar> +1
14:10:06 <DhananjayPavgi> #vote +1
14:10:13 <RajeshGadiyar> #vote +1
14:10:59 <SteveT> #info PTL meeting timeslote. 6-7 PST had 10 votes (only 14 of 47 replied). there was a "show of hands" informal vote for 6am or 6:30 am (PST) start. The conclusion was 6am PST start time.
14:11:09 <Brianfreeman> #info brian freeman, att
14:11:43 <Brianfreeman> #info proxy brian freeman, att
14:11:56 <SteveT> #info - Request to register for the ONAP casapblance release event in China
14:14:35 <SteveT> #info OPNFV TSC - ONAP colocation, no feedback. If there is someone that can host a large crowd that would be fine. Suggestion was raised to also consider hotels.
14:14:51 <SteveT> #topic Release Status (Gildas)
14:15:15 <SteveT> #info Gildas presented the status of the RCO status summary.
14:17:07 <SteveT> #info - RC0 criteria -> must pass OOM and Heat deployment. Conditional AAF, DCAE, External API, logging, portal, OOF, SDC, UseCase UI
14:18:54 <SteveT> #info DCAE: heat ok, OOM close. (1 more submission to be expected to be merged, then testing). Expected this week.
14:19:04 <kennypaul> #info Michael O'buien reports logging now passing healthcheck on zoom chzt wwindow
14:22:41 <SteveT> #info Portal: Still some issues on OOM. expect this week.
14:23:31 <kennypaul> #info dcae- Lushing says eta is tomorrow for oom deploy
14:24:54 <SteveT> #info ExternalApi - still working on OOM. Expect a result this week.
14:26:44 <SteveT> #info SDC OOM and Heat working. Code coverage is the main issue.
14:27:09 <kennypaul> #info sdc working on 2 patches due today that will unblock for pairwise testing
14:29:29 <SteveT> #info AAF: Heat is OK. OOM -work in progress. No ETA for OOM yet. Update requested.
14:31:34 <SteveT> #info OOF: Heat. issues are expected to be resolved this week. OOM. expected this week.
14:32:53 <SteveT> #info Logging. OOM working. Code coveraging is ongoing. CSIT work ongoing.
14:34:04 <kennypaul> #info Logging- CIST wip, pairwise will be done with AAI. that & code coverage wip.
14:34:31 <kennypaul> #undo
14:34:31 <collabot`> Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.ircmeeting.items.Info object at 0x290eed0>
14:35:00 <SteveT> #info Usecase UI: work in progres to remove dependancy on mysql.
14:39:29 <kennypaul> #info HelenChen suggests of giving "conditionals" a pass if they pass heat and oom
14:41:04 <SteveT> #info recomended approve SDC for RC0, keep the code coverage for RC1 as its planned.
14:42:24 <kennypaul> #agreed that all projects in the "Pass" column and SDC passes RC0
14:42:39 <DhananjayPavgi> #Info Dhananjay Pavgi, Tech Mahindra Ltd
14:44:34 <kennypaul> #info Recommended criteria for RC1 pass oom, pass pairwise, and vFW, vLB , vCPE, VoLTE regression tests
14:47:45 <kennypaul> #info recommended testing priority (in order) stability , resiliency, security, scalability, performance, manageability, usability. then func,. requirements- manual scaling , HPA, CM, PNF
14:50:11 <kennypaul> #info discussion of RC1 definition.
14:51:50 <SteveT> #info: Update on Use Case UI. there is no mysql dependancy in UUI now.
14:54:50 <SteveT> #info: For OOM based deployments, the question was raised whether there are documentation updates required. It was clarified that this is identified and ongoing.ç
14:55:22 <kennypaul> #info content related to onap deployment via oom is being migrated to readthedocs
14:55:34 <kennypaul> #tioic integration
14:56:51 <gildaslanilis> #info Remaining item to fix with UUI is to get a working build (since the removal of mysql dependency, UUI is not building properly)
14:56:52 <kennypaul> #info helenchen shared her slides
14:57:32 <kennypaul> #info daily working session meetings
14:59:25 <kennypaul> #link
15:00:59 <kennypaul> #link
15:05:25 <kennypaul> #info no target date for starting new functional testing.
15:06:01 <SteveT> #info There was a question about when to start testing the new functional requirements. They haven't started and the leadtime was hinted to push us after the release date.
15:06:23 <kennypaul> #info helenchen says new func test should have started at RC0 to ensure release.
15:08:57 <kennypaul> #info rogerm reports architectural changes still being made vs. bug fixes
15:12:06 <kennypaul> #info PLTs to report on any addl changes that need to be made at PTL meeting on Monday.
15:15:52 <kennypaul> #info for RC1 add any non-bugfix changes needed to checklist.
15:17:19 <kennypaul> #info decision on actual release date next week.
15:17:38 <kennypaul> #topic vulenarability update
15:18:50 <kennypaul> #info aaf need to know about false positives,
15:19:12 <kennypaul> #info SteveT reviewed his slides
15:21:06 <kennypaul> #info reminder this is part of RC2 criteria
15:22:16 <kennypaul> #topic Documentation status
15:23:04 <kennypaul> #info RC1 checklist check Sphinx HTML, spell checks, and link checks
15:24:15 <kennypaul> #info OOM info from wiki content being migrated to Quick-Start, Set-Up, and User Guides.
15:25:27 <kennypaul> #info discussion over how to handle WIP doc sets - will discuss offline.
15:25:55 <kennypaul> #info VNF reference list.
15:27:33 <kennypaul> #info subcommittees please send updates via email
15:27:43 <kennypaul> #topic functional requirements
15:28:42 <kennypaul> #info individual project support for features but not a unified approach - conversation in zoom chat window.
15:30:30 <kennypaul> #info request to integration team to discuss at next meeting
15:30:58 <kennypaul> #action alla goldnet to send email to all Functionality leads
15:31:52 <kennypaul> #action kennypaul to send email to PTLs for same.
15:32:01 <kennypaul> #endmeeting

Zoom Chat Log 

07:09:24 From Michael O'Brien (Log, Amdocs) : I voted by accident
07:09:39 From Dhananjay Pavgi : Can I have irc channel URL here
07:09:52 From Lingli : I am sorry seem not the latest version. vote +1.
07:09:57 From Pamela Dragosh (AT&T, Policy, CL) : Use Case subcomitte is at 7am
07:09:57 From Michael O'Brien (Log, Amdocs) : Q: for votes - do all ptl's vote or just the tsc subset
07:10:15 From Gildas Lanilis (Huawei) : All Brian
07:10:17 From ALLA GOLDNER : please pay attention to pam
07:10:21 From ALLA GOLDNER : 's comment
07:10:24 From Guangrong Fu : I am sorry seem not the latest version. vote +1.
07:10:25 From ALLA GOLDNER : above
07:11:19 From Rich Bennett : @ D Pavgi - IRC Channel
07:15:31 From Kenny Paul (Linux Foundation) : Murat I’ve registered you in IRC
07:16:09 From Michael O'Brien (Log, Amdocs) : Logging is passing deployment + healthcheck
07:17:00 From Michael O'Brien (Log, Amdocs) : 0:55:46 Basic Log Elasticsearch Health Check | PASS |
10:55:46 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
10:55:46 Basic Log Kibana Health Check | PASS |
10:55:46 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
10:55:46 Basic Log Logstash Health Check | PASS |
07:17:08 From Michael O'Brien (Log, Amdocs) :
07:18:06 From Michael O'Brien (Log, Amdocs) : also passed in tlab
07:18:07 From Michael O'Brien (Log, Amdocs) :
07:18:49 From Brian : Kenny - did you see my proxy for Mazin for first part of meeting - he will join as soon as his boss lets him :)
07:19:40 From Kenny Paul (Linux Foundation) : @Brian yes sir.
07:19:53 From Kenny Paul (Linux Foundation) : thanks
07:20:20 From Mike Elliott (Amdocs) : As DCAE is a high priority item, the OOM team is at the ready to test and merge DCAE patches into OOM as soon as they are available
07:24:03 From Michael O'Brien (Log, Amdocs) : btw team - the peak is 34/41 as of today see end of below for reference for yourselves
07:24:05 From Michael O'Brien (Log, Amdocs) :
07:24:16 From Michael O'Brien (Log, Amdocs) : 13:38:48 41 critical tests, 34 passed, 7 failed
07:25:25 From Michael O'Brien (Log, Amdocs) : 13:37:42 Basic SDC Health Check | PASS |
07:35:14 From Michael O'Brien (Log, Amdocs) : CSIT logging plan
07:35:15 From Michael O'Brien (Log, Amdocs) :
07:49:58 From Mike Elliott (Amdocs) : With no S3P or centralized logging?
07:50:15 From Catherine Lefevre : just a note CCSDK is mandatory for APPC and SDNC so it can not really be descoped
07:50:47 From Lingli : UUI be mandatory for VoLTE usecase testing
07:51:09 From Lingli : No MySQL dependency in UUI now.
07:52:40 From Dan Timoney : Why would CCSDK be descoped?
07:53:16 From Dan Timoney : unless comment is just to remove CCSDK from testing plan since it’s a library, not really a separate process/container
07:53:49 From Catherine Lefevre : Dan - to be clarified indeed
07:55:07 From Michael O'Brien (Log, Amdocs) : azure, openstack, windriver, aws wikis moving
07:56:10 From Michael O'Brien (Log, Amdocs) : moving to RTD
07:56:11 From Michael O'Brien (Log, Amdocs) :
07:56:24 From Michael O'Brien (Log, Amdocs) :
07:56:35 From Michael O'Brien (Log, Amdocs) :
07:56:45 From Michael O'Brien (Log, Amdocs) :
07:57:32 From Michael O'Brien (Log, Amdocs) : 2 aws servers + kibana site
07:57:55 From Michael O'Brien (Log, Amdocs) :
07:58:03 From Michael O'Brien (Log, Amdocs) :
07:58:17 From Michael O'Brien (Log, Amdocs) :'5%20seconds',pause:!f,section:1,value:5000),time:(from:now-7d,mode:quick,to:now))

07:58:24 From Greg Glover (AT&T) : RTD Repository for OOM-related content:
07:59:08 From Kenny Paul (Linux Foundation) :
08:00:07 From Michael O'Brien (Log, Amdocs) : BTW note: Healthcheck varies between 34/29 - even on my 2 AWS 122G vms - this one is 34
08:00:08 From Michael O'Brien (Log, Amdocs) :'5%20seconds',pause:!f,section:1,value:5000),time:(from:'2018-04-26T10:48:02.796Z',mode:absolute,to:'2018-04-26T14:09:18.669Z'))&_a=(description:'',filters:!(),options:(darkTheme:!f),panels:!((col:1,id:AWAts77k3NTXK5mX2kuM,panelIndex:1,row:1,size_x:8,size_y:3,type:visualization),(col:9,id:AWAtuTVI3NTXK5mX2kuP,panelIndex:2,row:1,size_x:4,size_y:3,type:visualization),(col:1,id:AWAtuBTY3NTXK5mX2kuO,panelIndex:3,row:7,size_x:6,size_y:3,type:visualization),(col:1,id:AWAttmqB3NTXK5mX2kuN,panelIndex:4,row:4,size_x:6,size_y:3,type:visualization),(col:7,id:AWAtvHtY3NTXK5mX2kuR,panelIndex:6,row:4,size_x:6,size_y:6,type:visualization)),query:(match_all:()),timeRestore:!f,title:'CD%20Health%20Check',uiState:(),viewMode:view)

08:00:52 From Kenny Paul (Linux Foundation) :
08:10:30 From Lingli : HPA has also been included in vCPE usecase with VF-C. Will be part of Beijing CMCC lab testing after VoLTE testing if there is time.
08:15:13 From Lingli : change management has also been supported by several projects, from my understanding. there is only testing plan issue perhaps. need further clarification from the integraiton team.
08:16:00 From ALLA GOLDNER : @what Lingli says - this is also the information which I have
08:16:28 From ALLA GOLDNER : same for scaling out
08:17:16 From Lingli : manual scaling, change management, HPA. We need more coordination between the implemenation team and integration team for a better testing plan.
08:17:41 From Pamela Dragosh (AT&T, Policy, CL) : Policy has removed the known vulnerabilities, we need a round of testing to verify.
08:18:34 From Lingli : UUI has removed the MySQL dependency. The code submitted and merged. Will feedback with an email to clarify by tomorrow.
08:18:37 From ALLA GOLDNER : scaling, change management, HPA, PNF support all have parts impelented in Beijing by a different projects and parts postponed for Casablanca
08:18:53 From Brian Hedstrom : How do we effectively track the status of functional requirements? We tend to provide information around Projects/Components (at that level), and not at the Functional Requirement Level. For example, what’s the blocker for HPA being completed?
08:19:28 From Lingli : The question is whether or not they are part of the integration testing, would be a criteria for us to officially claim they have been part of the release or not.
08:19:48 From Lingli : If the answer is Yes, at least we should have a plan for testing them, IMHO.
08:20:11 From Helen Chen : @alla, PNF support implementation has not done yet. The team is not completely aligned, some of them think it is a stretch goal.
08:20:22 From Roger Maitland : @Lingli - does the removal of MySQL change the UUI Helm charts? I’m guessing yes.
08:20:52 From ALLA GOLDNER : at least last time I checked with Alex he said at least 80% of PNF support reqs are making into the release
08:21:30 From Brian Hedstrom : @Alla, what about HPA?
08:21:32 From Lingli : PNF has been a stretch goal for VoLTE, not sure for vCPE.
08:21:42 From Brian : Seemed like one of the dev teams wasnt planning on finishing their code till RC1
08:21:53 From ALLA GOLDNER : @PNF - right, only for vVoLTE
08:22:11 From ALLA GOLDNER : not testd on vCPE
08:22:56 From ALLA GOLDNER : Alex's report was about HPA, not about PNF
08:24:04 From Brian Hedstrom : @Alla, was Alex’s report a document or verbal? I’d like a copy of it if documented.
08:24:25 From ALLA GOLDNER : verbal
08:25:15 From ALLA GOLDNER : we need to invite functional reqs leads to integration team meeting next week
08:25:18 From ALLA GOLDNER : to see status
08:25:20 From Lingli : We planned with local Intel team in testing VF-C with vCPE (including HPA) after VoLTE testing if there is still time, but it is not part of any official testing plan. Would like to see it as part of official testing plan if other testing lab has the bandwidth and resource.
08:26:29 From Pamela Dragosh (AT&T, Policy, CL) : CL sub committee can defer
08:26:57 From Dhananjay Pavgi : Sure Mazin
08:30:48 From Michael O'Brien : need to drop for logging spec meet

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  1. Kenny Paul - I see there is not enough time for Control Loop Sub Committee. If it does not happen I will present next week.