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Duration 90 minutes

DurationAgenda ItemRequested byNotes / Links
15 mHousekeeping

15 mModeling Subcommittee Data Modeling voteHui Deng

10 mModeling: VNF Descriptor Data Modeling, a Collaborative Proposal for CasablancaAndy Mayer

15 mVote on TSC Meeting ParticipationAlla Goldner

carried forward from July 5 ( Alla out - move to next week)

15 mPTL / Subcommittee Election dedline extensionmazin gilbertbrought forward from June 28, July 5
10 mWiki Clean-up Project Home Template

draft template: Template- <project-name> Project Home Page (DRAFT)

example of completed template: sample-landingpage Project Home Page

Full IRC Log 

13:46:26 <kennypaul> #startmeeting tsc-2018-07-12
13:46:26 <collabot> Meeting started Thu Jul 12 13:46:26 2018 UTC.  The chair is kennypaul. Information about MeetBot at
13:46:26 <collabot> Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic.
13:46:26 <collabot> The meeting name has been set to 'tsc_2018_07_12'
13:46:42 <kennypaul> #chair phrobb
13:46:42 <collabot> Current chairs: kennypaul phrobb
13:46:50 <kennypaul> #topic rollcall
13:58:03 <kennypaul> #info Murat Tupcu, Turk Telekom
13:58:41 <Xiaojun> #info Xiaojun Xie, China Telecom
13:59:10 <Milind> #info proxy Milind, TechMahindra
13:59:13 <cdonley> #info Chris Donley Huawei
13:59:56 <Lingli> #info Lingli, China Mobile
14:00:29 <kennypaul> #info proxy Catherine Lefevre, AT&T
14:01:46 <Susana> #info Susana Sabater, Vodafone
14:02:00 <RannyHaiby> #info Ranny Haiby, Nokia
14:02:05 <Milind> #info proxy Milind Jalwadi, TechMahindra
14:02:08 <EricDebeaau> #info Eric Debeau, Orange
14:03:11 <Zhaoxing> #info Zhaoxing, ZTE
14:04:19 <kennypaul> #info proxy Alex Vul, Intel
14:04:54 <kennypaul> #info proxy Avi Chapnick, AMDOCS
14:05:44 <davidsauvageau_> #info David Sauvageau, Bell Canada
14:05:54 <Jquilty> #info John Quilty, proxy for Stephen Terrill
14:06:18 <ZygmuntL> #info Zygmunt Lozinski IBM proxy for Jason Hu t
14:08:37 <kennypaul> #startvote Does the TSC approve the addition of the new sections to the ONAP Technical Community Document as proposed in the email distributed to the TSC on July 6th? +1, 0, -1
14:08:37 <collabot> Begin voting on: Does the TSC approve the addition of the new sections to the ONAP Technical Community Document as proposed in the email distributed to the TSC on July 6th? Valid vote options are +1, 0, -1.
14:08:37 <collabot> Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
14:08:40 <cdonley> #vote +1
14:08:48 <Jquilty> #vote +1
14:08:56 <kennypaul> vote +1
14:09:05 <ZygmuntL> #vote +1
14:09:10 <davidsauvageau_> #vote +1
14:09:18 <RannyHaiby> #vote +1
14:09:20 <EricDebeaau> #vote +1
14:09:22 <Xiaojun> #vote +1
14:09:24 <Susana> #vote +1
14:09:25 <Pam> #info Pam proxy for Catherine (proxy for Mazin)
14:09:27 <kennypaul> #info my vote on behalf of Murat Turpcu
14:09:30 <Pam> #vote +1
14:09:33 <AlexVul> #vote +1
14:09:48 <Milind> #vote -1
14:10:09 <helenychen> #vote +1
14:10:29 <phrobb> #vote +1
14:10:42 <phrobb> #info phrobb voted for Avi
14:10:44 <helenychen> #info Helen's vote is for Xinhui (Vmware)
14:13:19 <RichB_> #info rich proxy for zhaoxing
14:13:19 <Zhaoxing_Meng> +1
14:14:00 <Zhaoxing_Meng> vote +1
14:14:24 <Zhaoxing_Meng> #vote +1
14:14:31 <kennypaul> #endvote
14:14:31 <collabot> Voted on "Does the TSC approve the addition of the new sections to the ONAP Technical Community Document as proposed in the email distributed to the TSC on July 6th?" Results are
14:14:31 <collabot> +1 (13): Susana, ZygmuntL, Xiaojun, phrobb, Zhaoxing_Meng, helenychen, AlexVul, Pam, cdonley, Jquilty, davidsauvageau_, RannyHaiby, EricDebeaau
14:14:31 <collabot> -1 (1): Milind
14:22:47 <kennypaul> #agreed he TSC approves the addition of the new sections to the ONAP Technical Community Document as proposed in the email distributed to the TSC on July 6th
14:23:19 <kennypaul> #topic Modeling Subcommittee Data Modeling vote
14:23:53 <kennypaul> #info Denghui shared his slides
14:26:42 <kennypaul> #info positive feedback on the collaboration this week
14:26:49 <ningso> #info Ning So, Reliance Jio
14:33:37 <kennypaul> #info final data model discussion next week
14:39:51 <kennypaul> #discussion
14:42:39 <kennypaul> #info discussion of impact on requested schedule changes
14:43:56 <kennypaul> #action Deng hui to provide info to PTLs and a Modeling delegate is to attend the PTL meeting
14:47:40 <kennypaul> question about acceleration not being committed for Casablanca - should be marked experimental
14:47:54 <kennypaul> #info question about acceleration not being committed for Casablanca - should be marked experimental
14:50:25 <kennypaul> #info Containers to be marked as experimental
14:53:28 <kennypaul> #info discussion over how well this has been socialized
15:01:51 <kennypaul> #agreed modeling vote will be done next week after socialization w/ PTLs
15:02:42 <kennypaul> #info use of papyrus is moving forward
15:13:23 <kennypaul> #info
15:13:42 <kennypaul> #topic ptl and subcommittee elections
15:13:49 <kennypaul> #agreed Subcommittee chair election should take place no later than August 30th, 2018
15:14:25 <kennypaul> #agreed PTL elections should follow the Community Document reuirtements
20:13:54 <kennypaul> #topic project page template
20:14:41 <kennypaul> #info /kennypaul shared proposal for new landing page
20:16:16 <kennypaul> #info suggestion add location for minutes to upper section
20:17:42 <kennypaul> #info discussion of release management needs vs. developer needs
20:20:59 <kennypaul> #info suggestion remove the onap logo
20:21:34 <kennypaul> #info reviewed the SDC's developer portal.
20:22:15 <kennypaul> #action kennypaul to update proposal and distribute it.
20:23:22 <kennypaul> #topic TSC election criteria
20:24:16 <kennypaul> #info ramki shared question regarding 1 individual representing multiple companies (parent/subsidiary)
20:27:39 <kennypaul> #info reviewed section of the Community Doc which defines the rules around that.
20:27:45 <kennypaul> #endmeeting

Zoom Chat Log 

06:58:01 From Murat Turpcu ( Turk Telekom) : thanks kenny
07:02:10 From Milind Jalwadi to Kenny Paul (Linux Foundation) (Privately) : Just updated IRC adding my last name
07:08:10 From xinhui li : #info Xinhui Li?Vmware
07:08:23 From xinhui li : I am suffering from problem to login IRC
07:08:23 From Catherine Lefevre : +1 on behalf of Mazin, ATT
07:08:33 From Alex Vul (Intel) : Intel votes +1
07:09:17 From xinhui li : +1
07:09:21 From Murat Turpcu ( Turk Telekom) : +1
07:10:00 From Helen Chen : I will do for Xinhui
07:10:07 From Avi Chapnick : +1 for Amdocs
07:10:41 From Zhaoxing : +1 for ZTE
07:12:48 From xinhui li : Thanks, Helen
07:16:34 From xinhui li : finally I got myself logged in…
07:16:37 From Michael O'Brien : don't see the hands this time
07:16:54 From Michael O'Brien : hit participant - ok
07:17:39 From Brian Hedstrom : Is this poll for TSC members only?
07:17:47 From Avi Chapnick : +1 for comment
07:40:05 From Murat Turpcu ( Turk Telekom) : ptl feedback is critical, if they are going to do extra work we need to know and get their commitment as soon as possible
07:40:29 From Brian : I thought I heard there was no proposed change to vote on this week - it would come next week after talking to PTL's and the modeling committee's review of the new combined proposal
07:48:20 From Eric Debeau : Did you check container impact on all projects ?
07:51:05 From Catherine Lefevre : +1 on behalf of Mazin but we will need to assess with PTLs what can be accomplished in Casablanca based on resources availability
07:53:45 From Alex Vul (Intel) : @eric - container support is likely to be a multi-release project. the functionality planned for R3 has been discussed witha affected projects...
07:53:47 From Catherine Lefevre : do we need to create a wiki page to track implementation opportunity per project? something to follow-up on PTL call
07:55:19 From Pamela Dragosh (AT&T) : I don’t have any resources that I can assign as a “liaison” to modeling committee.
07:55:27 From Michael O'Brien : thanks Michael - I have the same state - I will need to aligne for logging
07:56:30 From Michael O'Brien : resource - will likely mean the PTL themself - I will try to attend
07:57:18 From Alex Vul (Intel) : @chris donley are you on the call?
07:58:44 From Steven Wright [AT&T] : If not all PTLs implement everything in the model, how do we assure coherent end-end functoanlity for ONAP?
07:58:48 From Murat Turpcu ( Turk Telekom) : if.they are just.the topics +1
08:01:14 From Michael O'Brien : sounds good, see you monday Deng Hui
08:04:21 From Alex Vul (Intel) to Kenny Paul (Linux Foundation) (Privately) : when are the subcommittee elections?
08:06:29 From Pamela Dragosh (AT&T) : Most PTL Elections have been going on anywa.
08:08:54 From Jonathan Gathman : Note: AAF elections are in process, and should be complete soon.
08:09:16 From Pamela Dragosh (AT&T) : Every election I have seen so far has had one person running unopposed.
08:18:33 From Brian : work feedback from PTLs offline before a vote
08:20:45 From Brian : sounds like a committe with michael, pam, micheal o'brian, alex should be formed :)
08:21:01 From Steven Wright [AT&T] : There are some requirments for information on teh wiki coming from the CII badging as well
08:24:35 From Brian : a person has to be associated with one primary company
08:24:45 From Brian : we cant have a person with two votes
08:28:08 From Pamela Dragosh (AT&T) : Ramki, are you hired by 2 companies? If you are able to collect two paychecks I wanna know your secret.
08:29:47 From Murat Turpcu ( Turk Telekom) : i think external consultants can manage some how
08:30:52 From Ramki Krishnan : Pam, no magic here -:) I was talking about a group of affiliated companies.
08:31:15 From Pamela Dragosh (AT&T) : :)

Zoom Attendance Log