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Duration 90 minutes

DurationAgenda ItemRequested byNotes / Links
10 mHousekeeping

20 mRelease Status

20 mSubcommittee Membership
15 mOOF Committer Promotion (deprecated)V VarmaSarat PuthenpuraCommitter Promotion Request for OOF - Vikas Varma
5 mONAP Internship ProgramLingli Deng

Request to kick off ONAP related activity as part of LFN Internship Program

Full IRC Log 

13:57:18 <kennypaul> #startmeeting tsc-2018-08-30
13:57:18 <collabot> Meeting started Thu Aug 30 13:57:18 2018 UTC.  The chair is kennypaul. Information about MeetBot at
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13:57:18 <collabot> The meeting name has been set to 'tsc_2018_08_30'
13:57:49 <kennypaul> #topic rollcall
13:58:23 <RannyHaiby> #info Ranny Haiby, Nokia
14:00:48 <SteveT> #info Stephen Terrill, Ericsson
14:01:40 <frankbrockners> #info Frank Brockners, Cisco
14:01:56 <JasonHunt> #info Jason Hunt, IBM
14:09:13 <kennypaul> #topic housekeeping
14:09:35 <kennypaul> #info discussion of nexus iq
14:11:12 <kennypaul> #info mazin notes discussion from LFN-TAC regarding our interest in participating in the search for new tools
14:12:16 <kennypaul> #action gildaslanilis to have a meeting on the topic
14:28:26 <kennypaul> #info discussion of Dublin Dev event.
14:28:55 <kennypaul> #info concerns over the dates.
14:29:38 <kennypaul> #info still no host.
14:30:28 <kennypaul> #action mazin drive conversation with kennypaul & phrobb on hotel hosting.
14:38:11 <kennypaul> #action kennypaul add "how to change lfid to wiki"
14:38:51 <kennypaul> #link
14:39:09 <kennypaul> #topic Release status
14:40:24 <kennypaul> #info aaf, extapi, vvp and vnfsdk passed architecture review.
14:41:36 <kennypaul> #agreed aaf, extapi, vvp and vnfrqts passes M3
14:52:57 <kennypaul> #topic OOF committer promotion
14:54:14 <kennypaul> #info Vikas has been doing the work and someone else has been making the commits
14:56:16 <kennypaul> #info supported by the existing committers
14:59:45 <kennypaul> #agreed the TSC approves the promotion of  Vikas Varma to the OOF project
15:02:51 <kennypaul> #topic internship for ONAP
15:03:21 <kennypaul> #info lingli shared her thoughts internship
15:03:28 <kennypaul> #link
15:04:12 <kennypaul> #info proposal for a workgroup & wiki page
15:10:48 <kennypaul> #info action kennypaul to find out how many intern slots left.
15:19:40 <kennypaul> #agreed that ONAP will pursue the intern program
15:20:10 <kennypaul> #action kennypaul & phrobb start work on mentor education
15:21:20 <kennypaul> #topic academic summit
15:23:22 <kennypaul> #link
15:33:17 <kennypaul> #topic subcommittee memberhship
15:33:27 <kennypaul> #info see two seperate issues
15:34:46 <kennypaul> #info issue 1 - membership in a committee
15:35:11 <kennypaul> #info issue 2 then chair vote
15:42:59 <kennypaul> #info discussion of what clarity is needed
15:43:52 <kennypaul> #info chris donley suggests subcs document their own processes.
15:44:38 <kennypaul> #info SteveT recommends a "newbie" page
15:57:31 <kennypaul> #action kennypaul to send out email of voters to each list.
15:57:40 <kennypaul> #endmeeting

Zoom Chat Log 

06:56:03 From Kenny Paul (Linux Foundation) : stepping away for a moment
06:56:53 From Kenny Paul (Linux Foundation) : back
06:58:08 From Alla Goldner : #info Alla Goldner, Amdocs
06:58:15 From Eric Debeau : #info Eric Debeau, Orange
06:58:26 From Susana (VF) : #info Susana Sabater Vodafone
07:01:13 From xinhui li : #info Xinhui Li, VMware
07:01:13 From Xiaojun Xie : #info Xiaojun Xie, China Telecom
07:01:29 From Lingli : #info Lingli, CMCC
07:01:36 From Dhananjay Pavgi : #info Dhananjay Pavgi, Tech Mahindra Ltd
07:01:49 From Srini Addepalli (Intel) : #info proxy Srini Addepalli, Intel
07:01:52 From Dhananjay Pavgi : Can someone login for me at IRC. Can't login due to firewall restrictions
07:02:23 From Chris Donley : #info Chris Donley Huawei
07:02:34 From mazingilbert : #info mazin gilbert, AT&T
07:02:47 From NingSo : #info Ning So, Reliance Jio
07:02:55 From Zhaoxing : #info Zhaoxing Meng, ZTE
07:04:46 From Michael O'Brien (Amdocs,LOG) : committer promotion can go directly to Gildas outside the TSC to fasttack it - new procedure
07:14:57 From Kenny Paul (Linux Foundation) :
07:15:14 From Taka Cho : Kenny, I am not seeing that space.
07:15:19 From Martial Ngueko(AT&T) : I can't access it while being the PTL of CLAMP
07:16:26 From Martial Ngueko(AT&T) : meaning the new entry in "Spaces" is not there for me
07:21:04 From Kenny Paul (Linux Foundation) :
07:21:54 From Taka Cho : i am able to go direct to the page:
07:23:27 From Michael O'Brien (Amdocs,LOG) : Ottawa office is 90min away - a lot more members will be there - thanks for the move
07:23:55 From Lingli : Thank you.
07:28:31 From Vimal Begwani -- ATT : If Dublin date is May, January is too late for the planning meeting
07:30:14 From Pamela Dragosh : Worst case - do a virtual F2F.
07:30:32 From Alla Goldner : virtual f2f is not really affective
07:30:58 From Alla Goldner : we MUST have f2f in december, that would be 6 months after the last one we had in Beijing...
07:34:22 From Brian : can they change email
07:34:30 From Vimal Begwani -- ATT : @Alla +1
07:36:27 From Michael O'Brien (Amdocs,LOG) : I joined ONAP before I was hired - so have a left over unused address from the 3 weeks before I started
07:37:18 From Kenny Paul (Linux Foundation) :
07:40:39 From Eric Debeau : +1 for M3
07:41:45 From Kenny Paul (Linux Foundation) : #agreed aaf, extapi, vvp and vnfrqts passes M3
07:42:09 From Tony Hansen : if we had an email IDs associated with someone’s LF ID, such as, that forwarded to wherever the current email setting pointed, THAT email could be used for condorcet voting. anyone changing their setting would not affect the email address associated with the condorcet tool.
07:42:37 From Pamela Dragosh : Need LF to merge a fix into ci-management in order to get fixes in for CSIT.
07:43:22 From Kenny Paul (Linux Foundation) : @tony it is a 1:1 address to url. the first person from that list would vote and no one else could.
07:45:00 From Kenny Paul (Linux Foundation) : we pull the lfid addresses by pulling the lfid user name from the tools.
07:45:45 From Kenny Paul (Linux Foundation) : git/gerrit, jira, & confluence.
07:47:32 From Huabing Zhao : We can fix that within a few days.
07:48:00 From Bin Yang (Wind River) : Thanks Huabing, you must have nice workaround in your mind already :)
07:48:50 From Kenny Paul (Linux Foundation) : @michael - yours went to
07:49:32 From Kenny Paul (Linux Foundation) : nothing went to
07:49:50 From Huabing Zhao : Bin, I'll contact you tomorrow to work out the solution.
07:50:21 From Tony Hansen : @Kenny, if we had, wouldn’t get a different voting URL from
07:51:14 From Bin Yang (Wind River) : Sure , thanks @Huabing
07:52:07 From Huabing Zhao : Thanks :-)
07:53:42 From Gildas Lanilis (Huawei) :
07:54:34 From Tony Hansen : (@Kenny, the IETF has an email alias system like that set up, and it works well)
07:55:52 From Michael O'Brien (Amdocs,LOG) : +1 on promoting him out of the proxy committer relationship to a full committer - welcome to ONAP - see you on JIRA, onap-discuss, and the wiki
07:58:50 From Michael O'Brien (Amdocs,LOG) : +1 to alla and Mazin - no proxy in the future
07:59:52 From Kenny Paul (Linux Foundation) : #agreed the TSC approves the promotion of Vikas Varma to the OOF project
08:01:43 From Kenny Paul (Linux Foundation) :
08:06:53 From Michael O'Brien (Amdocs,LOG) : +1 I have mentored interns at Nokia (did hiring) and recently AT&T - I can also help with minimal dev deployments - there have been a couple requests directly to onap lately as well
08:06:55 From Lingli : OPNFV has demonstrated a very good example for us benefiting the community.
08:15:51 From mazingilbert : +1
08:15:53 From Pamela Dragosh to Kenny Paul (Linux Foundation) (Privately) : Could I have a minute to give some insight to the committer promotion request issue?
08:16:12 From NingSo : +1
08:17:08 From Stephen Terrill : +1
08:17:12 From Michael O'Brien (Amdocs,LOG) : example internship jira - this one lasted only 3 days though -
08:17:34 From Alla Goldner : +1
08:18:46 From Eric Debeau : +1
08:18:49 From Dhananjay Pavgi : +1
08:18:51 From xinhui li : +1
08:18:56 From Helen Chen : +1
08:22:42 From Kenny Paul (Linux Foundation) :
08:27:52 From Pamela Dragosh to Kenny Paul (Linux Foundation) (Privately) : Never mind - out of time and not that important.
08:35:26 From Kenny Paul (Linux Foundation) : #info see two seperate issues
8:34 AM #info issue 1 - membership in a committee
8:35 AM #info issue 2 then chair vote
08:41:43 From Michael O'Brien (Amdocs,LOG) : need to drop to acumos meet

Zoom Attendance Log 

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