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Duration 90 minutes

DurationAgenda ItemRequested byNotes / Links
10 mHousekeeping

10 mRelease Status

15 mSubcommittee / Coordinator Update
as per rotation schedule

Zoom Chat Log 

06:56:00 From Chris Donley : #info Chris Donley Huawei
06:56:17 From Susana (VF) : #info Susana Sabater Vodafone
06:56:32 From NingSo : #info Ning So Reliance Jio
06:58:49 From Kenny Paul (Linux Foundation) : #info Alla Goldner, AMDOCS
06:59:59 From Marc Fiedler (DT) : #info Marc Fiedler, Deutsche Telekom
07:00:13 From Eric Debeau : #info Eric Debeau, Orange
07:00:18 From Viswa KSP : #info Viswa, Verizon
07:01:13 From Pamela Dragosh : #info proxy Pam Dragosh, AT&T
07:01:29 From Srini Addepalli (Intel) : #info Srini Addepalli, Intel
07:01:52 From Bin Yang (Wind River) : #info Bin Yang, Wind River
07:03:18 From Lingli : #info Lingli, CMCC
07:03:38 From Murat Turpcu ( Turk Telekom) : #info Murat Turpçu, Türk Telekom
07:06:39 From Stephen Terrill : Hi Kenny
07:06:48 From Stephen Terrill : I am still getting my irc working today
07:10:34 From Eric Debeau : #info I will attend ONS
07:10:43 From Bin Yang (Wind River) : #info I will attend ONS
07:10:57 From Marc Fiedler (DT) : #info I will be there also
07:11:05 From Viswa KSP ( Verizon ) : #info me too
07:11:12 From Lingli : #info I will attend ONS
07:14:05 From Michael Lando (SDC) to Kenny Paul (Linux Foundation) (Privately) : help!!!! i need acses to the the security wiki since you killed my template!!!!
07:14:58 From Michael Lando (SDC) to Kenny Paul (Linux Foundation) (Privately) : no multi threading is avilable on our kboot :)
07:16:18 From Milind Jalwadi to Kenny Paul (Linux Foundation) (Privately) : Hi Kenny, Please register me on IRC - Milind Jalwadi, Tech Mahindra
07:16:32 From Milind Jalwadi to Kenny Paul (Linux Foundation) (Privately) : Sorry facing some issues on IRC channel
07:22:08 From Kenny Paul (Linux Foundation) :
07:26:04 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : pomba - we discussed this in the meet this morning - code in review
07:27:20 From Taka Cho : @Gildas, APPC is still trying the best effort to fix the issue that we had. will inform you once we have good progress.
07:32:35 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : ignore the last line - which was almost all components - onap wide - if you select around the 29th you will get a filter
07:33:08 From Bin Yang (Wind River) : I had fixed the failure for mutlicloud-titanium_cloud API health check. the patch is pending for reviewing and merging:
07:33:23 From Bin Yang (Wind River) : which is a patch for OOM
07:33:48 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) :
07:34:04 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : and verify a full deployment before merge
07:34:20 From Gary Wu : spec.ports[0].nodePort: Invalid value: 30258: provided port is already allocated
07:35:21 From Michael Lando (SDC) to Kenny Paul (Linux Foundation) (Privately) : ???
07:36:45 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : run the following to see running nodeports
07:36:45 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : kubectl get services --all-namespaces -o wide
07:37:05 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : ie 30254 is the nodeport
07:37:06 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : onap log-es NodePort <none> 9200:30254/TCP 23d app=log-elasticsearch,release=onap
07:37:42 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : for spec.ports[0].nodePort: Invalid value: 30258: provided port is already allocated
07:37:59 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : someone took the port reserved previously for logdemo and now used by clamp
07:38:17 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : looks like they did a kubectl but did not check the wiki
07:38:20 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : looking into it
07:40:32 From Kenny Paul (Linux Foundation) :
07:43:06 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) :
07:48:34 From Gildas Lanilis : Casablanca Weather Board at
07:50:27 From Kenny Paul (Linux Foundation) :
07:51:05 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : The so code was tested on sb04 - verify that clamp, logging and pomba are not --set <component>.enabled=false there (as stated on the integration wiki) - if disabled then testing will give a false positive - no port conflict
07:56:54 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : nodeport jira
07:56:54 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) :
08:00:54 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : +1 on zoom window
08:00:57 From Murat Turpcu ( Turk Telekom) : +1 to zoom
08:01:01 From NingSo : +1 to zoom
08:01:33 From Ranny Haiby : +1 for zoom
08:01:49 From Bin Yang (Wind River) : +1 for zoom chat window
08:01:51 From Viswa KSP ( Verizon ) : +1 for zoom
08:02:07 From Marc Fiedler (DT) : +1 for zoom
08:02:39 From Yan Chen : +1 for zoom
08:03:52 From Milind Jalwadi : In case of zoom, how do we have voting done? Guess it would not be automated.
08:05:40 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : be nice to kenny
08:06:18 From Helen Chen : Sure, sir. :-)
08:07:00 From Phil Robb : .. selling my Pepsi stock before the inventory overages become apparent to the rest of the world.
08:08:07 From Kenny Paul (Linux Foundation) : #agreed TSC shall use Zoom chat for minutes going forward
08:08:36 From Kenny Paul (Linux Foundation) : #agreed the TSC shall use Zoom chat for voting
08:14:12 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : I am fixing nodeport 58 (jira assigned), but Mandeep just posted potential problems with 11,12 and 13 - teams check your ports
08:14:39 From Michael O'Brien (LOG, Amdocs) : never mind 11,12,13 are commented - just fixing 58
08:16:12 From Eric Debeau : +1 with Stephen proposal

Zoom Attendance Log 

Action items