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Duration 90 minutes

Agenda ItemsPresented ByTimeNotes/LinksJIRA Tasks
Casablanca Release Status40 mins

Casablanca Release Checkpoint - remaining defects, release note

Integration Status

Security - Any comment regarding SDNC/SDC PTL's feedback + AAI/ESR & Log

Edge Work Conclusion & Next Steps20 min

Would like to conclude on next steps for the ONAP Edge Work which was presented last week –

Carry forward from last several weeks and from 11/27/2018 meeting

TSC-19 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Subcommittee Update

Control Loop

10 mins

Dublin Control Loop Dublin Release Planning Functional Requirements

TSC Activities and Deadlines20 mins

TSC "Must Have" - Dublin Release

ONAP TSC Special Election: Chaker Al-Hakim; Ramki Krishnan

TSC-45 - Dublin Prioritization Criteria Closed

Incoming ONAP Events

ONAP Project Developers Event, Dec 10 - 12, 2018, (Virtual Webinars)

Jan 8-11 - Dublin Release F2F Developer Design Forum (France):   

Feel free to request your VISA:

Submit your proposal:

Casablanca Release sign-off on November 30th, 2018

TSC-7 - Confirm/Setup Dublin Developer Forum before Dublin release In Progress

Zoom Log Chat

05:59:51     From  Bin Yang (Wind River) : #info, Bin Yang, Wind River
05:59:58     From  Margaret Chiosi (Huawei) : #info Margaret Chiosi is proxy for Chaker Huawei
06:00:26     From  Kenny Paul (LFN) :
06:01:07     From  Jason Hunt : #info Jason Hunt, IBM
06:01:10     From  Andreas Geissler (Deutsche Telekom) : #info Andreas Geissler (DT)
06:02:20     From  Margaret Chiosi (Huawei) : But I am proxy for proxy :-) Chaker just happens to be on vacation. If chaker gets voted on as a member, then we can add me as a proxy
06:02:54     From  Viswa KSP : #info Viswa, Verizon
06:03:02     From  Ranny Haiby : #info Ranny Haiby, Nokia
06:03:08     From  Srini Addepalli (Intel) : #info Srinivasa Addepalli, Intel
06:03:19     From  Davide Cherubini (Vodafone) : #info proxy Davide Cherubini, Vodafone
06:03:26     From  David Stilwell (AT&T) : #info Dave Stilwell, AT&T
06:03:53     From  Eric Debeau : #info Eric Debeau, Orange
06:04:41     From  Lingli : #info Lingli, CMCC
06:05:07     From  Stephen Terrill : #info Stephen Terrill, Ericsson.
06:05:39     From  Kenny Paul (LFN) : #topic thanks to all
06:05:53     From  Lingli : +1
06:06:00     From  Kenny Paul (LFN) : #topic Release review
06:07:40     From  Catherine Lefevre : # topic Review of Casablanca exit criteria
06:08:13     From  Catherine Lefevre : discussion about OOM-1532  will be documented and planned for Casablanca Maintenance Release
06:08:13     From  Eric Debeau : #info OOM documentation ti be finalized
06:09:02     From  Michael O'Brien(Amdocs, LOG) : logging will update the release date - on the RL - thanks gildas - right now
06:09:43     From  Catherine Lefevre : #Info Release note to be completed
06:10:26     From  Catherine Lefevre : #Action PTLs to completed as soon as they can; send a note to Gildas when it is done
06:12:36     From  Michael O'Brien(Amdocs, LOG) : I sent a mail about the 6 missing in public, 6 missing in private
06:12:48     From  Catherine Lefevre : #Csablanca Vulnerabilities Review
06:13:15     From  Catherine Lefevre : Log completed
06:13:31     From  NingSo : #info Ning So, Reliance Jio
06:14:44     From  Michael O'Brien(Amdocs, LOG) : Logging SDNC-contextbuilder repo clm reports are on master - the component is not released in casablanca - came in 6 weeks ago - so we are good with deferring these specific reports to dublin
06:14:53     From  Catherine Lefevre : SDC-completed
06:15:02     From  Michael O'Brien(Amdocs, LOG) :
06:15:19     From  Michael O'Brien(Amdocs, LOG) : the above page needs to be scrubbed and moved to public
06:16:50     From  Catherine Lefevre : # action AAI- Amy to move to public
06:17:11     From  Michael O'Brien(Amdocs, LOG) : SDNC-CB is on the lower left
06:17:43     From  Michael O'Brien(Amdocs, LOG) :
06:18:57     From  Catherine Lefevre : # action SDNC- Amy to move to public
06:19:24     From  Victor Gao(Huawei)  to  Gildas Lanilis(Privately) : Gildas, can you change the VNFSDK PTL name to me:)
06:20:06     From  Kenny Paul (LFN) : #action @gildas to publish release note status list to the wiki
06:20:18     From  Brian : Helen is adding Use Case release notes to integration
06:20:39     From  Kenny Paul (LFN) : #topic Integration status
06:20:47     From  Brian : on
06:22:01     From  Gildas Lanilis  to  Victor Gao(Huawei)(Privately) : done. sorry for that.
06:22:19     From  Kenny Paul (LFN) :
06:22:48     From  Catherine Lefevre : Quality of Release container sounds great since it only took 1-2 days max to retest all
06:23:20     From  Christopher McCray (AT&T) : @Gildas - Just received response back from Sarat. Release notes will be completed for OOF today Sarat and team are meeting now to review.
06:27:44     From  Kenny Paul (LFN) : VFW-HPA reviewed
06:28:28     From  Gildas Lanilis : Release Management deck uploaded in wiki at
06:29:51     From  Kenny Paul (LFN) : Release notes for VFW-HPA being updated with known issues
06:32:13     From  Michael O'Brien(Amdocs, LOG) : When Wiki pages are renamed we revert to the DB id - would be nice if we could get a proxy page like we do in JIRA moves - will look into it
06:33:12     From  Kenny Paul (LFN) : #topic Security Review
06:33:31     From  Michael O'Brien(Amdocs, LOG) : bitcoin hackers get in without oauth
06:33:32     From  Michael O'Brien(Amdocs, LOG) :
06:34:20     From  Michael O'Brien(Amdocs, LOG) : within 24 hours - and can deploy rogue pods
06:34:43     From  Kenny Paul (LFN) : both secure communications and vulnerability  good - 2 public vulnerability pages to be migrated.
06:35:48     From  Michael O'Brien(Amdocs, LOG) : RL date, link willdo - logging
06:36:53     From  Kenny Paul (LFN) : #topic recommendation
06:37:32     From  Kenny Paul (LFN) : Release notes to be updated by tomorrow. We will not sign off today.
06:38:29     From  Michael O'Brien(Amdocs, LOG) : azure, aws no issue
06:39:04     From  Michael O'Brien(Amdocs, LOG) : deploy scripts updated with Mike's deploy plugin
06:39:04     From  Michael O'Brien(Amdocs, LOG) :
06:39:10     From  Michael O'Brien(Amdocs, LOG) :
06:39:28     From  Michael O'Brien(Amdocs, LOG) : versions here
06:39:29     From  Michael O'Brien(Amdocs, LOG) :
06:39:30     From  Stephen Terrill : Kenny, just for clarity; the mtg tomorrow starts at the same time as today right :-)
06:39:35     From  Michael O'Brien(Amdocs, LOG) : to match OOM RTD
06:39:57     From  Kenny Paul (LFN) : @Steve T- Yes, same time 6AM pacific
06:40:44     From  Kenny Paul (LFN) :
06:41:47     From  Kenny Paul (LFN) : #topic Edge Coordinator Proposal
06:43:34     From  Kenny Paul (LFN) : Srini reviewed the proposal
06:46:27     From  Stephen Terrill : FYI in case it has flown under the radar.  The current coordinators
06:46:32     From  Stephen Terrill :
06:46:52     From  Murat Turpcu ( Turk Telekom) : #info, Murat Turpcu, Turk Telekom
06:50:12     From  Arash Hekmat (Amdocs) : The question is: What role does ONAP play as related to Edge? Distrubuted single instance ONAP? Multi-Intstance ONAP? Or, ONAP only a Central service manager managing many Edges?
06:50:57     From  Stephen Terrill :
06:54:36     From  Gildas Lanilis  to  Eric Debeau(Privately) : Have u seen my email on the EXTAPI RN?
06:57:23     From  Kenny Paul (LFN) :
06:57:52     From  Michael O'Brien(Amdocs, LOG) : Acumos integration with ONAP
06:57:52     From  Michael O'Brien(Amdocs, LOG) :
06:57:58     From  Eric Debeau  to  Gildas Lanilis(Privately) : no
06:58:09     From  Stephen Terrill :
06:58:17     From  Stephen Terrill : 4.1.4
06:58:29     From  Michael O'Brien(Amdocs, LOG) : TSC jira for Acumos
06:58:30     From  Michael O'Brien(Amdocs, LOG) :
06:59:11     From  Catherine Lefevre : TSC vote - +1 approve Edge Coordinator creation ; 0-neutral; -1 no approval Edge coordinator
07:00:29     From  Eric Debeau : Agree with Stephen. We need a description
07:00:40     From  Catherine Lefevre : vote performed when description will be provided
07:01:07     From  Catherine Lefevre : agree on the direction to move forward
07:02:12     From  Stephen Terrill : A coordination area is created by sending a request to the TSC via the ONAP-TSC email list.  The email shall have:

-        Email Subject: Creation Request for coordination area: <coordination area name>

-        Coordination Area responsibility description: <Description of the coordination area responsibilities>

-        Reporting Cadence: <description of when reporting is expected to be delivered to the TSC>

-        Area Coordinator: <Name of the area coordinator> (Can be blank)

The decision to create the coordination area is created by a TSC decision (per the TSC voting rules).  A decision can be made with modification, with the modifications captured in the TSC minutes.  Once a coordination area is created, it will be documented in the ONAP Wiki.

For the Area coordinator, see section:

07:05:22     From  Kenny Paul (LFN) : #action Ramki to send the formal proposal as per section of the Technical community document
07:06:48     From  Michael O'Brien(Amdocs, LOG) : Would like to definitely go to the CL meet - but OOM is at the same slot 1000EST Wed
07:07:36     From  Kenny Paul (LFN) : #topic Control-Loop Sub update.
07:09:02     From  Kenny Paul (LFN) : @Pam reviewed
07:12:01     From  Kenny Paul (LFN) : #topic Prioritization of Dublin
07:16:43     From  Michael O'Brien(Amdocs, LOG) :
07:16:48     From  Michael O'Brien(Amdocs, LOG) : same as
07:16:59     From  Michael O'Brien(Amdocs, LOG) :
07:17:15     From  Michael O'Brien(Amdocs, LOG) : or complementary CI/CD
07:17:31     From  Gildas Lanilis  to  Steven Wright(Privately) : Steve, I just sent u an invite to finalize the RN.
07:17:46     From  Viswa KSP : Is this document available anywhere in ONAP Wiki / or sent as part of mailing list ?
07:19:44     From  Kenny Paul (LFN) : Concerns raised regarding not harding usecases
07:21:55     From  Alexander Vul : @kenny - the issue raised is that our platform is not generic enough to handle any use case…
07:22:50     From  Alexander Vul : @kenny - this would require more than documentation, it would require to have proper component design and modlarity
07:23:38     From  Michael O'Brien(Amdocs, LOG) : These docs look to be on (checking)
07:24:04     From  Michael O'Brien(Amdocs, LOG) : yes, on attchments to the jira
07:24:49     From  Viswa KSP : Thanks Micheal
07:25:43     From  Michael O'Brien(Amdocs, LOG) : I recommend we put these on the wiki - so we can link and comment and review history - Word is from the 90s
07:26:26     From  Michael O'Brien(Amdocs, LOG) : join our meets - posted on the jira - anytime for CD
07:26:26     From  Michael O'Brien(Amdocs, LOG) :
07:31:00     From  Gildas Lanilis : need to drop

Zoom Attendance Log

TSC Members Attendance based on Zoom Chat Log: 83%

#info, Catherine Lefevre, AT&T
#info, Bin Yang, Wind River
#info Margaret Chiosi is proxy for Chaker Huawei
#info Jason Hunt, IBM
#info Andreas Geissler (DT)
#info Viswa, Verizon
#info Ranny Haiby, Nokia
#info Srinivasa Addepalli, Intel
#info proxy Davide Cherubini, Vodafone
#info Eric Debeau, Orange
#info Lingli, CMCC
#info Stephen Terrill, Ericsson.

#Andrei Kojukhov, Amdocs, proxy Alla

#info Ning So, Reliance Jio

#info, Murat Turpcu, Turk Telekom

TSC Decisions  

2018 TSC Decisions

Action items

  • PTLs to complete the Casablanca release note
  • Amy to move A&AI/SDNC Vulnerability reports to public
  • Gildas to publish release note status on the wiki
  • Ramki to send the formal proposal as per section of the Technical community document

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