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Duration 60 minutes

Agenda ItemsPresented ByTimeNotes/LinksJIRA Tasks

Casablanca Release Status

Dublin Release Roadmap

30 mins
Any Infrastructure/Improvement PlanLinux Foundation10 mins

Any LF showstopper

Rancher/Kubernetes undercloud Governance20 mins

Rancher/Kubernetes upgrade required on 20181029 1.6.18/1.10 to 1.6.22/1.11 - discuss and propagate to teams

and impact on schedule

New version btw runs well - Cloud Native Deployment#Example15node(1master+14nodes)OOMDeployment

Running in both CD systems

(plus) I think we partially discussed this 3 weeks ago in the PTL meet and one of the CD meets for TSC-25

TSC-25 - Getting issue details... STATUS

TSC-58 - Getting issue details... STATUS

OOM-1524 - Getting issue details... STATUS

OOM-1496 - Getting issue details... STATUS

LOG-806 - Getting issue details... STATUS

LOG-325 - Getting issue details... STATUS

INT-586 - Getting issue details... STATUS


OOM-1492 - Getting issue details... STATUS

LOG-799 - Getting issue details... STATUS

TSC Activities and Deadlines20 mins

ONAP TSC Special Election: Chaker Al-Hakim; Ramki Krishnan

Incoming ONAP Events5 mins

TSC-7 - Confirm/Setup Dublin Developer Forum before Dublin release In Progress

Zoom Log Chat

05:59:27     From  Ranny Haiby : #info Ranny Haiby, Nokia
05:59:30     From  Bin Yang (Wind River) : @info Bin Yang, Wind River
05:59:34     From  Andreas Geissler (Deutsche Telekom) : #info Andreas Geissler (DT)
05:59:45     From  Viswa KSP : #info Viswa, Verizon
06:00:29     From  Kenny Paul (LFN) : #info Stephen Terrill, Ericsson
06:00:43     From  Jason Hunt : #info Jason Hunt, IBM
06:00:56     From  Catherine Lefevre : #info, catherine lefevre, at1t
06:03:02     From  Yan Chen : #info Yan Chen?China Telecom
06:03:32     From  Eric Debeau : #info Eric Debeau, Orange
06:04:24     From  Brian : +1 Gildas !
06:04:34     From  Bin Yang (Wind River) : +1 Gildas !
06:04:35     From  Michael O'Brien(Amdocs, LOG,MacBookPro) : Gildas is Excellent - many 20's of calls, zooms 1 on 1, chat, phone - cannot work without him
06:04:37     From  Mike Elliott : +1
06:04:41     From  Kenny Paul (LFN) : +1
06:04:43     From  Eric Debeau : +2
06:04:46     From  Jimmy Forsyth : +1
06:04:57     From  Andreas Geissler (Deutsche Telekom) : +1
06:05:20     From  Kenny Paul (LFN) : HPA now at 100% tested
06:05:33     From  Michael O'Brien(Amdocs, LOG,MacBookPro) : Gildas is very very helpful and is also a committer on multiple projects including my own - he is part of the ecosystem of the project
06:06:24     From  Kenny Paul (LFN) : #topic release notes
06:06:51     From  Kenny Paul (LFN) : AAI- updates needed
06:07:41     From  Kenny Paul (LFN) : CCSDK - not in casablanca branch yet and vulnerability report link
06:07:47     From  Kenny Paul (LFN) : OOF- not in casablanca branch yet and vulnerability report link
06:08:15     From  Kenny Paul (LFN) : SDC- RN needed in master
06:08:39     From  Kenny Paul (LFN) : SDNC- missing both master & casablanca
06:09:16     From  Ning So : #info Ning So, Reliance Jio
06:11:46     From  Jonathan Gathman : @Catherine  - I sent Chris McCray the link, in case he didn’t get it.
06:12:59     From  Michael O'Brien(Amdocs, LOG,MacBookPro) : echo'd,,,20,0,0,0::recentpostdate%2Fsticky,,,20,2,0,28505862 only 27 here
06:13:19     From  Michael O'Brien(Amdocs, LOG,MacBookPro) :,,,20,0,0,0::recentpostdate%2Fsticky,,,20,2,0,28509858
06:14:24     From  Kenny Paul (LFN) : Release Management - OK
06:14:34     From  Kenny Paul (LFN) : Integration - OK
06:14:40     From  Kenny Paul (LFN) : Security - OK
06:15:59     From  Kenny Paul (LFN) : IP/Legal - OK
06:18:06     From  Kenny Paul (LFN) : #startvote Does the TSC approve the technical release of Casablanca on Nov. 30 with the Press Release at 9 AM Pacific,  Dec. 4th, 2018 ? 
Please respond with #vote +1, 0 ,-1
06:18:14     From  Ranny Haiby : #vote +1
06:18:17     From  Jason Hunt : #vote +1
06:18:17     From  Andreas Geissler (Deutsche Telekom) : #vote +1
06:18:21     From  Bin Yang (Wind River) : #vote +1
06:18:28     From  Stephen Terrill : #vote +1
06:18:30     From  Viswa KSP ( Verizon ) : #vote +1
06:18:32     From  Ning So : #vote +1
06:18:34     From  Eric Debeau : #vote +1
06:18:40     From  Catherine Lefevre : #vote +1
06:18:41     From  Yan Chen : #vote +1
06:19:12     From  Kenny Paul (LFN) : #endvote
06:20:11     From  Brian : congrats ONAP !
06:20:17     From  Jason Hunt : :)
06:20:44     From  Kenny Paul (LFN) : #agreed the TSC approves the technical release of Casablanca on Nov. 30 with the Press Release at 9 AM Pacific,  Dec. 4th, 2018
06:22:46     From  Kenny Paul (LFN) : Although the release is approved, Catherine will also follow up with other TSC members to provide their input if desired. It will not change the outcome of the approval.
06:23:25     From  Eric Debeau : Hi Micahel, we are using Weave to show various PODS
06:23:34     From  Eric Debeau : I will send output to the community
06:25:22     From  Eric Debeau : canuou hear me ?
06:25:34     From  Kenny Paul (LFN) : i heard you
06:31:42     From  Catherine Lefevre : #info PTL did election already but plezse review your committers
06:31:54     From  Catherine Lefevre : please ask community if they want to join your projects
06:32:52     From  Catherine Lefevre : PTL election I meant
06:33:49     From  Michael O'Brien : will do procedure for inactive committers - did that for casablanca - the process takes 1-4 weeks - leave time for response from the committers
06:35:08     From  Pamela Dragosh : Who is taking over as Release Manager for Dublin?
06:35:46     From  Kenny Paul (LFN) : CCSDK release notes merged this AM
06:39:51     From  Gildas Lanilis : Link to Dublin Release Calendar proposal for your review and comments
06:41:08     From  Michael O'Brien(Amdocs, LOG,MacBookPro) : Echo kenny - some step back and revisit infrastructure/processes in part - as to the "debt" discussion
06:41:30     From  Michael O'Brien(Amdocs, LOG,MacBookPro) : kenny bot should not run in clustered/cloned mode
06:42:57     From  Michael O'Brien(Amdocs, LOG,MacBookPro) : one example is more corporate devops involvment in ONAP with the LF
06:47:11     From  Michael O'Brien : echo - good release - thanks to Catherine, Gildas, Kenny and team

Zoom Attendance Log

TSC Members Attendance: xx%

#info Ranny Haiby, Nokia
#info Bin Yang, Wind River
#info Andreas Geissler (DT)
 #info Viswa, Verizon
#info Stephen Terrill, Ericsson
 #info Jason Hunt, IBM
 #info, catherine lefevre, at1t
#info Yan Chen?China Telecom
#info Eric Debeau, Orange

#info Ning So, Reliance Jio

TSC Decisions  

2018 TSC Decisions

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