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Duration 90 minutes -

@4pm CET/10am EST/7am PST/10pm China Time/7.30pm India Time

Agenda ItemsPresented ByTimeNotes/LinksJIRA Tasks

Dublin Release -

M4 Follow-up

125 mins

Propose getting all the per project vulnerability analyses closed by April 19th and final review on April 22nd.

M4 has gating exceptions - evaluate on 2019-04-22

Casablanca Maintenance 3.0.25 mins

Remaining Steps

#1 (Yang): Testing Status

  • Validate Policy - [ONAP Helpdesk #71074] AutoReply: please release casablanca policy distribution artifacts

#2 (Yang): Update the Manifest on Readthedoc

#3 (Mike): Tag the release and will add the version in Helm Chart.

Late discovery of Policy certif need. Target close of 3.0.2 by 2019-04-25
Any Infrastructure Improvement/Plan

Linux Foundation

Jessica Wagantall


WhiteSource Overview was held with slides and recording available. Summary:

  • Evaluation will continue
  • Parallel implementation of NexusIQ and WhiteSource for transition
  • TSC approval will be secured BEFORE switch over
  • PTLs file helpdesk tickets for beta testing access

Any LF showstopper

Please request LFN IT help via helpdesk tickets and not informal email/phone/chat requests


  • [ONAP Helpdesk #71074] AutoReply: please release casablanca policy distribution artifacts
  • Bitergia issue raised by Borislav

Help-desk Feedback provided - waiting on submitter

#60449 SuperNode for DCAE team - 12G pushes - <testing underway>

#69498 Addressing OOM code transfer to projects - <migration now preserves history - waiting OOM team for verify process>


Sonar Changes: Coverage and Line Coverage <changed Sonar to default to "line coverage">

PTL Update - Documentation5minsFeedback about our first HackathonGood attendance and a focus on the user guide. Good way to focus on one topic. Need confirmation of date of next Hackathon (current plan 2019-05-08 - subject to change)

Dublin Architecture

(postponed to 4/25)

15 mins TSC approval is required for the Dublin Architecture.  It has been distributed on the TSC email list.

Stephen Terrill Still under review in the #arch subcommittee

Defer topic to 2019-04-25

TCC Update

(postponed to 4/25)

10 mins

TSC to vote on the list of Open Source External Coordinators:


coordinator elections for TSC.pdf

TSC-15 - Getting issue details... STATUS

TSC-19 - Getting issue details... STATUS

TSC-76 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Catherine Lefèvre to create an offline vote on external coordinators

TSC Activities and Deadlines

(postponed to 4/25)

10 mins

Timeline evolution in El Alto & release process

TSC-125 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Catherine Lefèvre to create an offline vote on approval of the El Alto schedule and focus

Incoming ONAP Events5 mins

Hackathon "Documentation" Virtual Days organized by the Documentation project:

  • May 8th, 2019

Zoom Chat Log 

07:50:49 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #topic roll call
07:58:29 From Eric Debeau : #info Eric Debeau, Orange
07:58:58 From Murat Turpcu,Turk Telekom : #info Murat Turpcu, Turk Telekom
07:59:06 From Zygmunt's iPad : #info Zygmunt Lozinski, IBM, proxy for Jason Hunt
07:59:11 From : #info Bin Yang, Wind River
07:59:16 From Yan Chen : #info Yan Chen,China Telecom
07:59:40 From Alexis de Talhouët : #info, Alexis de Talhouët, Bell Canada
08:00:44 From Chaker Al-Hakim : #info Chaker Al-Hakim, Huawei
08:01:31 From Timo Perala (Nokia) : #info Timo Perala, Nokia
08:01:46 From Srini Addepalli (Intel) : #info Srini Addepalli, Intel
08:01:50 From NingSo : #info Ning So, Reliance Jio
08:02:02 From ALLAGO : #info Alla Goldner, Amdocs
08:02:24 From Viswa : #info Viswa, Verizon
08:03:00 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : @Alla @Viswa thanks
08:03:24 From Stephen Terrill : #info, Stephen Terrill, Ericsson
08:03:27 From Milind Jalwadi : #info Milind Jalwadi, TechMahindra
08:03:35 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #topic Dublin M4
08:04:06 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : @Stephen @Milind thanks
08:04:24 From Andreas Geissler (Deutsche Telekom) : #info Andreas Geissler, DT
08:04:39 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : @Andreas thanks
08:09:19 From Brian : IS this table reviewed at PTL calls on Monday ?
08:10:05 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : plartform maturity - not seeing the type of improvements that we would like to see in this area
08:10:46 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : Risks- concerns remain over lab availability/capacity
08:10:54 From Keong Lim : are OOM merges still accepted after M4? are they considered as code changes?
08:12:18 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : No test blockers at this time
08:13:32 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : Defect Status - few > 2 weeks old
08:15:06 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : M4 checklist -
08:15:50 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : holmes moved some stories to future release
08:17:03 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : oom-1608 doc bug - no code changes
08:18:01 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : OOF sonar goal by RC2
08:18:11 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : SDC sonar goal by RC2
08:18:52 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : SO new hig bug < 2 weeks old
08:19:14 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : Security Checklist -
08:19:47 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : https verification will be key focus
08:19:50 From Catherine Lefevre : We need to get the gerrit nbr for OOM
08:20:32 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : recommend one ticket per vulnerability
08:25:38 From Catherine Lefevre : Happy Easter !
08:27:12 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : still need feedback from 5 projects (vulnerability updates)
08:30:54 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : Discussion regarding Monday holiday is some countries
08:33:01 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : ACTION - @Pawel/Amy to provide list of projects to @Jim to contact the projects that stilll have open security issues
08:34:44 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : Usecases -
08:35:46 From Catherine Lefevre : lost audio
08:35:48 From Catherine Lefevre : will reconnect
08:37:00 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : 5G uUsecase - code delivered, so M4 code freeze is green
08:37:12 From Catherine Lefevre : what was the conclusion about modeling work?
08:38:58 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : No impact to testing expected.
08:41:15 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : CCVPN- status not updated - if coce not delivered by Monday Apr. 22 will move to POC
08:41:40 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #ACTION @chaker to follow up with status
08:43:41 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : 5G Usecase - status not updated - if coce not delivered by Monday Apr. 22 will move to POC
08:47:16 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : For clarity - 1st 5G above is slicind, 2nd is OOP PCI
08:47:38 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : Functional Requirements -
08:51:23 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : cloud region OOF - yellow
08:51:42 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #ACTION @Bin to follow up
08:52:41 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #HPA - some testing confusion , but all code completed
08:54:20 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #CM flexibal designer - @Marco learned of the issues a short time ago , no ticket opened yet
08:56:07 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : I need to drop for a board subcommittee - someone please pick up minutes
08:58:53 From Marco Platania (AT&T) : @Jim, I opened a ticket against SDC to keep track of the workflow designer issue:
09:00:12 From Catherine Lefevre : #TSC Agree that any requirement (use case, functional requirement, non-functional requirement), currently marked in yellow/(red), not due to testing blockers/issues will be moved to POC section a.k.a no more be part of the official release, if no feedback provided to Jim by 2/22 EOD
09:00:31 From Catherine Lefevre : sorry 4/22 EOD
09:02:01 From Catherine Lefevre : #Info Global optimization activities to be completed prior RC0
09:04:00 From Catherine Lefevre : RCO date - May 2nd
09:04:14 From Jim Baker (LFN) : #info RC0 date is May 2nd
09:05:29 From Catherine Lefevre : sorry April 25th
09:05:40 From Catherine Lefevre :
09:05:56 From Brian :
09:07:57 From Catherine Lefevre : Pair-wise testing status:
09:14:19 From Catherine Lefevre : TSC agree that RC0 will shift to May 2nd with the condition that a clear plan is built at RC0 to complete the release considering the reduced scope.
09:16:21 From Brian : Integration will target 4/25 for the CSIT job changes to support project target of 5/2 for RC0
09:21:31 From Ben Cheung (Host) :
09:23:15 From Chaker Al Hakim c00403117 :
09:26:04 From Catherine Lefevre : #action tsc vote for timeline evolution
09:26:51 From Catherine Lefevre : #action follow-up TCC is required
09:30:36 From Catherine Lefevre : #info feedback from Documentation Hackathon day
09:30:37 From Jim Baker (LFN) : #topic Hackathon
09:30:55 From Catherine Lefevre : good attendance - focus on user guide
09:31:03 From Catherine Lefevre : trying to automate as much as possible
09:31:16 From Catherine Lefevre : request - validate inputs by project teams
09:31:23 From Jim Baker (LFN) : Offline voting on External Coordinators and El Alto Cadence/Focus
09:32:11 From Catherine Lefevre : work as a team - great experience
09:34:21 From Catherine Lefevre : HAPPY EASTER TEAM --- THANK YOU FOR ALL !!!

Zoom Attendance Log  

TSC Members Attendance based on Zoom Chat Log: 89%

AMDOCS1Alla Goldner
AT&T1Catherine Lefevre
Bell Canada1Alexis de Talhouët
China Mobile
Lingli Deng
China Telecom1Yan Chen
DT1Andreas Geissler
Ericsson1Stephen Terrill
Huawei1Chaker Al-Hakim
Intel1Srini Addepalli 
Nokia1Timo Perala
Orange1Eric Debeau
Reliance Jio1Ning So
Tech Mahindra1Milind Jalwadi 
Turk Telecom1Murat Tupcu
Verizon1Viswa Kumar Skand Priya
Susana Sabater
WindRiver1Bin Yang

TSC Decisions  

2019 TSC Decisions

Action Items:

    • (Jason) Follow-up with Mike E. concerning S3P - Provide Upgrade Capabilities PH1 (non functional reqs)
    • (Brian/Stephen): Work together on Helm Chart procedure for the ONAP Individual projects exceptions
    • (SECCOM): Review Vulnerabilities that require significant rework, architecture change as "TSC MUST Have" candidates for El Alto
    • (PTLs/Owners): If any requirement is descoped from the Dublin Release then please inform asap TSC
    • (Mike E./Manoop): Revalidate the OOM Chain for Portal - Dublin Release
    • (Mike E.): Tag the Casablanca Maintenance Release i.e. 3.0.2
    • (Catherine): Create an offline vote on approval of the El Alto schedule and focus
    • (Catherine): Create an offline vote on external coordinators
    • (Pawel/Amy): Provide list of projects to @Jim to contact the projects that stilll have open security issues
    • (Chaker): Follow-up on CCVPN status
    • (Bin): Follow-up on Cloud Region & OOF descope

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