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These pages provide a user-focused view of the capabilities of the ONAP platform for designers and operators.


ONAP user interfaces are intended for users in variety of roles:

  • System and network administrators who need to instantiate, manage, and monitor Resources, Services, and Products on an existing ONAP system
  • ONAP administrators who create user accounts, assign roles, and install applications within ONAP
  • Providers of the various assets managed by ONAP :
    • Vendors who need to create and integrate ("onboard") low-level Resources, such as VNFs (virtual network functions) or other single-purpose functions
    • Service designers who need to compose complex Services from Resources
    • Testers/Approvers who need to test and certify Resources and Services before they are added to the ONAP catalog
    • Product managers who need to define Products from Services (Products include billing and customer support definitions for external Business Support Systems)


The ONAP end-user documentation describes how to use the application UIs available from the ONAP Portal, as well as the Portal itself. 

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