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Overview of VID

The Virtual Infrastructure Deployment (VID) application enables users to create or delete infrastructure services instances and their associated components, which have been designed in SDC. These include:

  • service models
  • VNFs
  • VF modules
  • Networks
  • volume groups

After an operator inputs the appropriate data, VID trigger  ONAP SO to perform instantiation operations
VID can also be used to:

  • browse the SDC catalog for service models
  • search for and display service instances
  • modify service instances

VID Home

From the VID Home page, click one of the following:

  • Search for Existing Service Instances to display and manage an instantiated service instance
  • Browse SDC Service Models to search for a service model in the SDC Catalog and begin the instantiation process

Search for Existing Service Instances

Use this tab to search for, display, and modify existing service instances.

Use one of the following search criteria:

  • Subscriber Name: select an option from the Subscriber Name dropdown menu to return multiple instances
  • Service Instance Id: enter an ID in the Service Instance Id field to return a single instance

Browse SDC Service Models

Use this tab to select and instantiate a service model and its associated components.

Browse a list of services models in the SDC Catalog that are in the Distributed state.

Click Deploy adjacent to the service model to be instantiated, and provide the data required by VID.

After clicking Deploy in the Browse SDC Service Models screen, the Create Service Instance screen displays. Provide data in the required fields and click Confirm to trigger instantiation of the service model.

After clicking Confirm on the Create Service Instance screen, a progress screen displays.

To add a VNF to the service instance, click Add VNF adjacent to an instantiated service model.

After clicking Add VNF, the Create Virtual Network Function screen displays. Provide data in the required fields and click Confirm to trigger instantiation of the VNF.

Add Volume Groups and VF Modules to the VNF as required.

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  1. How the mandatory field 'subscriber name' is auto-filled on the create service instance form?

  2. subscriber name is a customer name from AAI

  3. Customer Name is captured in EXternal BSS/OSS. Hence when the createserviceinstance will be called it will be called from external application, integrate with SO, which in turin will store the data in AAI.

    FRom VID when createserviceinstance is called, how VID will know the customer for which service instance will be created.