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Practice AreaCheckpointYes/NoEvidencesHow to?
Product ManagementHave all JIRA Stories supporting the release use case been implemented?Yes

jqlQueryproject = APPC AND issuetype in (Story, Task) AND status = Closed AND resolution = Done AND fixVersion = "Amsterdam Release"

List the Stories that will not be implemented in this current Release.

Anything in the backlog on the APPC Board is a future candidate


By using the macro JIRA Issue/Filter, provide a link to JIRA in listing the stories that are NOT implemented in Amsterdam Release. (Example

jqlQueryproject=aai and type=Story and fixversion="Beijing Release"
for AAI project, edit for your project)

jqlQueryproject=appc and type=Story and fixversion="Beijing Release"

For each JIRA story that will not be implemented in Amsterdam Release, you have to setup in JIRA the JIRA fixVersion="Beijing Release"

No, the scope of Beijing release, along with the capacity are yet to be determined, so items are left blank for now with respect to Fix Version.

Are committed Sprint Backlog Stories been coded and marked as "Done" in Jira?YesAPPC Amsterdam Version Report
Are all tasks associated with committed Sprint Backlog Stories been marked as "Done" in Jira?YesAll critical items completed, Sprint 4, which is scheduled to complete 9/28 still has some outstanding items that will either be marked done on 9/28 or be moved out.  Pending item are related to increasing  Sonar coverage and addressing technical debt (Sonar issues)

Release ManagementHave all issues pertaining to FOSS been addressed?Yes


mysql-connector replaced with mariadb jdbc connector
Have all findings from previous milestones been addressed?YesList previous milestone issues that have not been addressed.For M2 and M3 Milestones, ensure all findings have been closed.
DevelopmentAre all Defects of priority Highest and High in status "Done" in Jira?Yes

Provide link to JIRA issue (type bug) of priority Highest and High. 

As of 9/26, Yes is a correct response. Since testing is ongoing, something new could be added as anytime.

APPC Defects Board

Is there any binaries (jar, war, tar, gz, gzip, zip files) in Gerrit project repository?No
Refer to CI Development Best Practices
Is there any pending commit request older than 36 hours in Gerrit?No

Are all the Jenkins jobs successfully passed (verify + merge jobs)?YesProvide link to "Merge job" as evidence in Jenkins project tab
Are all snapshot binaries available in Nexus?YesProvide link to evidence
Do you have a clear plan to implement the Independent Versioning and Release Process by RC0?Yes
Contact the upstream teams to make sure they will release their artifacts (in Nexus Release repo) so you can build by depending on these released artifacts by RC0.
Integration and TestingHave 100% of Continuous System Integration Testing (CSIT) Use Cases been implemented successfully in Jenkins?Yes

All jobs pertaining to your project MUST pass

Is there a Docker images available for your project deliverable?YesProvide link to Nexus repos
Has the project code successfully passed the Daily Build process?Yes
Goal is to ensure the latest project commit has not broken the Integration Daily Build 
DocHas the team created a documentation Template in ReadTheDocs?Yes

Add a link toward the your project documention in ReadTheDocs.

APPC Documentation Repository

Documentation Team is using ReadTheDocs for documenting user facing documentation.

ReadTheDcos shall be considered as a starting pint for someone new withn ONAP.

The ReadTheDcos is the ONAP Documentation facade visible to users.

Link to Template

How to setup the template for my project?

Is the API documentation section poplulated?YesAPPC APIEnsure there is at least a direct link toward the API documentation which may be already existing in the wiki.