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Once the vagrant has completed running it will still take some time for SDNC to come up.   Have patience.  


Connecting to


your deployment

Basic Usage of Vagrant

Vagrant is commags commands are executed on the Base OS.    


From the Base OS use the following command to see the running Guess guest VM '  ID id and name.  

vagrant global-status

Port Forwarding

The Guess guest VM is running in its own private network and is using the NAT to get the the Base OS network.  To see the port forwarding run the following command.  


If you don't see any ports Oops.  Configuring port-forwarding should have been configured earlier when editing the [integration.git] / bootstrap / vagrant-onap / Vagrantfile.  Something must of went wrong.   Here is the example of a snipet snippet that can be added to teh the Vagrant file.  

 Vagrant.configure("2") do |config|

if provider == :virtualbox && "sdnc".eql?(requested_machine) "forwarded_port", guest: 8282, host: 8282, protocol: "tcp", auto_correct: true "forwarded_port", guest: 8281, host: 8202, protocol: "tcp", auto_correct: true


Port forwarding can also be configured in the Virtual Box Gui.    Here Here is an example

ssh to the


Guest OS

The follow command  will open a ssh terminal to the running guess vm.  The guess guest vm name or id can be used.   


Basic Usage of Docker

docker commands are excuted executed on the guess guest OS

Get Detail about the dockerCommands 


List the running docker containers

The follwing following command will list the running docker containers.  The containterscontainer's id, name and whihc which ports are forwarded to the Guess OS can be found in this list.  


Use the docker container id or name use the follwing following command to open a terminal to that container.  


OpenDaylight RestConf API Web GUI

To connect to the runing sdnc Port running sdnc port forwarding must be configured correctly.    The The port forwaded forwarded in the instruction above was 8282.