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Non Functional RequirementsOwnerSub-categoryProject Impacted for CasablancaLink(s) to High Level Design (HLD) /Low Level Design (LLD) (if any)Dependency (from/to) another project(s)T-Shirt Size (XS, S, M, L, XL)*Project's Impact: Test Only (TO), Code (C)Committed (C)/Partially Committed (P) or not (N) per Impacted projectsIf Partially or not Committed, then what are the gaps per impacted project (people/FTEs; HLD/LLD; etc)Company EngagementNotesM4 Status
  • Performance
  • Stability
  • Resiliency
  • Security (see below)
  • Scalability
  • Manageability
  • Usability

Likely ALL depending upon TSC determination of new level requirements per category


Usability:  New API’s adhere to Versioning strategy

Versioning & API Documentation Recommendations

Manageability: Adherence to ONAP Logging Spec v1.2 (implementation of the spec will occur in Dublin - Logging Dublin Scope)

Portal: on AAF, MUSIC, OOM

VID, Policy, SDC, AAI: on Portal

Portal: XLPortal: Code

Portal: Not Committed

APPC: Partial

DCAE: Partial

SDC: committed

VID: Partial (depends on Portal)

AAI: Partial

Portal: See Risk #2

APPC: Please refer to M1 Planning template for details

DCAE: Refer to DCAE R3 M1 Release Planning#PlatformMaturity for details

AAI: Please refer to AAI R3 Platform Maturity

Portal: IBM (only forAngularupgrade - shown interest, but not committed yet)


1) Looking for resources who can help with adhering logging standards, API versioning and kubernetes deployment of Portal dockers.

2) Furthermore, Portal requires a security expert in addressing angular upgrade to address the Nexus-IQ reported vulnerability (the angular upgrade its self is XL t-shirt size task).


Note: This does not cover what is in S3P. However, based on that it is expected to have a certificate or use CADI to get certificates to enable secure communication

Pluggable authentication and Authorization (Use of CADI and ?):

  • JAVA projects to use CADI client and enforcement point
  • Non-JAVA projects:Wait until there is multi-language.
  • All projects either need to have certificates (for secure communication) (based on a common trust store of AAF).  The certificate distribution can be part of deployment mechanism and will be further detailed.

Secure communication toxNFs(Security for 5G Use cases). DCAE, APPC, VFC? VNF requirements. (Secure Communication to Network Functions)
- TLS and/or SSH for netconf (APP-C, SDN-C, CCSDK)
- HTTPS security for VES (DCAE) (with certificates, slowly deprecating username/pasword)

  • Description of how the xNFs will get their certificates (VNFreqs). 

Vnf package security following SOL 004: SDC, VNFreqs, VNF SDC


CADI/AAF Integration:

Portal: on AAF

Test coverage (js):

(1) js Sonar plug-ins activation

(2) min. 3 additional containers per application

=> Jenkins enhancements

(3) Maven build to be updated

Risk #1

DMaaP on AAF



Portal (CADI): M



Test coverage (js):

All: M/L

Portal: Code

SDC: code

VID: Code

Portal: Not Committed

APPC: Partial

OOF: Partial

DCAE: Not Committed

SDC: Partial

VID: Partial (depends on Portal)

AAI: Partial

Portal: See Risk #3

APPC: Please refer to M1 Planning template for details

DCAE: Refer to DCAE R3 M1 Release Planning#PlatformMaturity table for open issues/question with current proposal

OOF: Please see OOF Casablanca M1 Release Planning Template

SDC: because of the size of the sdc source code we will be able to reach only 10% unit test coverage on the Javascript. VNF package security missing information.

AAI: Please refer to AAI R3 Platform Maturity

Portal: Looking for resources who understand the AAF based certificate management to upgrade using CADI client in Portal.

OOF: Need more clarity on AAF support for python projects in Casablanca

Upgrade (from Beijing to Casablanca)

All: XL

APPC: Not Committed

CLAMP: Not Committed

DCAE: Not Committed

SDC: not commited

VID: Not Committed

AAI: Not committed

APPC, CLAMP, Portal, SDC, DCAE, VID, AAI: Lack of resources require additional information (does it include rollback, retrofit, no impact on run-time, etc)?

Architecture Alignment

  • API improvement
  • Realtimestreaming
  • K8S Support (for VNFs)

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nameONAP Casablanca Architecture Readout v2.pptx

DCAE on DMAAP (for DR)


DCAE:Partial Commit (New service committed based on Ericsson/Nokia)

SDC: partial

MultiVIM: Committed

External API: Committed

SO: Partially committed

A&AI: partially committed

CCSDK: committed

DCAE:  DDS-VES and new analytic platform (FLINK) not committed due to resource. xNF-DCAE authentication not committed due to open issue listed under security.

SDC: policy designer not planned for Casablanca, ETSI compliance only sol004 is planed. PNF suport will be done ontop of the existing capabilities. RTC stretch goal. DCAE-DS committed. Flow designer committed.

ExtAPI: Interlude is a stretch goal

SO: "decomposition" committed; "service instantiation" stretch goal

A&AI: abstract topology sync-up committed

Reviewed and accepted at M3 reviews
HEAT support

HEAT-based ONAP deployment support should be dropped once OOM-based ONAP deployment's issues are fully identified and resolved.

Recommendation from TSC: keep supporting HEAT in Casablanca for testing and integration purposes. However, HEAT won't be a gating item at Release Sign-Off.

Portal: on OOM

Portal: S


Portal: Code

SDC: code

Portal: Not Committed

APPC: Will support Heat partially

OOF: Support HEAT for testing


VID: Partially

Portal: See Risk #4
Portal: Switching CSIT jobs from using HEAT based to OOM based requires resources who can understand the current setup.
Internationalization language supportTao Shen
  • User Experience

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namemulti-language proposal.pptx

Design language/internationalization component in Portal and provideserviceapistopartnering apps like Policy, VID, SDC, AAI

Note: This will need to go through the whole process (Architecture review,...) to understand whatthesdk will be providing and dependenciesonother ONAP project (Portal, SDC,...)

As per Lingli and Tao from chinamobile, this is reviewed and approved by Arch Team.

UsecaseUI: on PortalPortal: LPortal: Code

Portal: Partial

APPC: Not Committed

CLAMP: Not Committed

SDC: Not committed

VID: Not committed

Portal: Limited resourcesPortal: AT&T, ChinaMobilePortal: Policy, VID, SDC, AAI can choose to use this Internationalization feature based on their capacity. Only UsecaseUI team is committed to develop and use this feature for now in Casablanca.


Due to lack of resource, this is postpone to Dublin Release

  • Unit tests
  • CSIT tests

Most UI projects with javascript.

Recommendation from TSC: This is related to Code Coverage: recommendation is to keep 50% Code Coverage for Casablanca including JavaScript. (In Beijing Release code coverage was only covering Java and Python code, not javascript)

Linux Foundation Unit test and CSIT coverage framework,

Policy, VID, SDC, AAI: on Portal, DCAE (for JavaScript coverage)

Portal: XL



Code: portal, SDC, VID

Portal: Partial (no Javascript)

APPC: Partial, Java code will maintain 50%, no commitment for Javascript

CLAMP: Partial, Java code will maintain 50%, no commitment for Javascript

DCAE:Partial (except javascript)

SDC: maintain 50% coverage for java and python

add 10% coverage for UI(java script)

VID: maintain 50% coverage for java

add 10% coverage for UI (java script)

AAI: Partial, Java code will maintain 50%, add 10% coverage for sparky (javascript)

Portal, APPC, CLAMP, DCAE: See Risk #1

Portal: AT&T, IBM, TechM

 modeling Hui Deng

 SDC: needs to support composite pattern in R3

SDC/SO/A&AI needs to support Service Order, Service Catalogue, service scaling

Modeling runtime needs to be supported by A&AI in release 3

SDC:not committed


A&AI - changes to the run-time schema require significant refactoring in all of AAI's client applications. That refactoring might be planned and addressed in R4; for R3, perhaps mapping existing runtime schema to new model definitions can suffice?

SDC: late submission to the requirements for Casablanca, not clear on what are the requirements from sdc.