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                                                                                         Agenda for 18th, Apr

13:45-13:55Welcome Keynote
 FENG Junlan , General Manager of the AI and Intelligent Operation R&D Center & Chief Scientist, China Mobile


13:55-14:20Network Intelligence & ONAP

With the rapid development of AI technology, AI gradually and industry application integration for the industry to bring innovative power, how to integrate with the telecommunications industry, to provide users with better digital innovation services, is the focus of the industry.Firstly, this paper introduces the progress of the industry in the related aspects of network AI, shares the achievements and actions of China Mobile in the field of intelligent network operation, and further discusses how to work with the open source community to promote the development of network intelligence industry.


(China Mobile)

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nameNetwork Intelligence & ONAP.pdf

14:20-14:455G cloud network and intelligent operationChina Telecom network reconstruction and three clouds, based on the service architecture of 5G Network Cloud, as well as related deployment scenarios, 4G/5G network convergence, network slicing technology, the network cloud for the next Generation network operation system challenges and thinking.

BIAN Hongliang 

(China Telecom)

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name5G cloud network and intelligent operation.pdf


ONAP Introduction and Practice

ONAP is a relatively complex network automation platform with powerful functions. This topic hopes to introduce the basic functions of ONAP in way that is easy for the average person to understand. Then, combined with the ONAP user case (CCVPN and BBS), explain how to use ONAP to implement multi-layer multi-domain enterprise connection service (CCVPN) and Internet broadband service (BBS).



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nameONAP Introduction and Practice(with video).pptx

Afternoon break

 ONAP based end to end network slicing PoC

This presentation explains the 5G usecase work ongoing in ONAP together with a video of a network slicing demo as one of the 5G use cases that was shown at Open Networking Summit North America.

ZHOU Wendy


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nameONAP 5G use cases and network Slicing demo.pdf


The vision and practice of ONAP MultiCloud

The vision of MultiCloud is to provide normalized interfaces to keep ONAP components be VIM/cloud agnostic. I would like to share some insight of this ongoing effort and the practice on how ONAP could make use of them to orchestrate VNFs to OpenStack, Kubernetes cluster, and a public cloud.



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nameThe vision and practice of ONAP MultiCloud.pdf


Practice and speculation about value of open source in network intelligence

Will introduce our understanding on the target and path of network intelligence as well as our practice of promoting the network intelligence based on open source code. We also found the challenges in future commercial deployment of AI applications for the intelligent network management and will propose a collaboration pattern based on open framework.

HAO Nannan


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namePractice and speculation about value of open source in network intelligence0415.pdf


Thoughts on business and application practice of open source - Panel

  • Minutes:

Part 1. Looking back at the past-discussion on the value of open source :

  1. WANG Ye: Open source lowers the industry threshold, promotes industrial innovation, and brings many opportunities to operators and manufacturers at the same time. 
  2. SUN Qiong: Open source exercises operators ' own team of developers, and open source based products are gradually being applied.
  3. REN Xudong: Open source allows the entire industry to unify the language at the technical and engineering levels, enhancing capacity and awareness, and changing the technology at a more landing level.
  4. HU Jie: The open source community provides a collaborative platform for device providers to deepen their understanding of the general need for operator transformation, while new IT technologies and applications such as virtualization/container/AI to CT, accelerating ICT convergence and allowing everyone to stand on the shoulders of giants and innovate together. 
  5. MU Yubo: Open source is the source of ICT convergence, driving industrial innovation. 
  • Host:
     FENG Junlan , General Manager of the AI and Intelligent Operation R&D Center & Chief Scientist, China Mobile
  • Participants:
    WANG Ye , Network department and management support office Manager,China Mobile
    SUN Qiong, SDN Technology R&D Center Director of China Telecom Beijing Research Institute
    HUO Longshe, China Unicom network technology research institute architect
    REN Xudong, Chief Open Source Liaison Officer, ICT Infrastructure Open Source GM, Huawei
    HU Jie, Director of Open-source strategy of ZTE coporation
    MU Yubo, Engineer from institute of technology and standards ,CAICT