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Virtual Event

Location - Virtual partcitation

This event will be be a virtual hacking session focusing on the Frankfurt Release. The call with be open throughout the day of Wednesday 11th (so far CET).



Default structure for ONAP functional/non-functional modules/projects (to easily build views later on; context here is the discussion with Chaker)

1. develop a RST template for module documentation (maybe a task for technical writers)

 a) proposed structure for Modules:

  • Architecture
  • Offered APIs
  • Consumed APIs
  • User Guides
    • Human Interfaces
  • Administration and Operation Guides
    • Installation
    • Configuration
    • Logging
  • Developer Guides
  • Release Note

b) define a "label template" for each chapter to create cross-reference to.

2. develop "landing pages" (as in Chacker's proposal) with clickable figures to jump to the right content in

  • Architecture
    • Link to E2E Architecture and Module Architecture
  • User Guides
    • Link to E2E Guides and Module guides
  • Administation and Operation
    • Link to E2E Guides and Module guides
  • Developer Guides
  • Security

possible further enhancements:

  • define "Tags" to define filter criteria → needs to be checked

Migration/Deprecation of docs (Wiki/RTD) (plus helper script in doc/tools)
  • Actual status and plans: Migrated or Deprecated Documentation Policy
  • Start with the following Wiki pages:
    • Documenting ONAP
    • Architecture
    • Developing ONAP (partly)
    • Setting up ONAP (partly)
    • Integrating with ONAP
    • Supporting Tools
  • Take support by the community to decide on content and migration
  • tools currently stored in the doc/tools repo will be moved to the doc repo (under doc/tools directory) (see topic below)

Thomas KulikReduction of RST warnings (plus helper script in doc/tools)
  • tools currently stored in the doc/tools repo will be moved to the doc repo (under doc/tools directory)
  • Sofia will check if doc/tools repo is still needed and remove it if possible
  • Repo info in wiki will be updated accordingly
  • reduction of warnings in rst files is ongoing (start: 1650 warnings, currently:750 warnings)

Andreas GeisslerPossible topics for technical writers hired by LFN
  • Should support the whole ONAP community 
  • Can create templates (see topic 1, release notes templates) 

Jira Ticket Review

Walkthrough of all doc tickets in Jira

Date and Time

Time zoneDateTimeParticipants
CETMarch 11th10:00-17:00



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