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What I've Done

What I'm going to work on

Issues need help to resolve
internal work with ONAP

POLICY-2810: xacml github Time Extensions

POLICY-2912: xacml pdp sonar issues

POLICY-2901: port to frankfurt (delay status) 

Continue w release
POLICY-2648: make PAP statelessContinue
POLICY-2900: JPA side of TOSCA entities, control loop, internal workContinue

Worked on sonar issues in policy-pap and policy-common.Internal tasks.

Vacation - Tomorrow and Friday

Kubernetes Training - Next Week

Vacation - from 12/15 to 1/4

POLICY-2847 - GPL-3.0 package removal bash→ash submitted shell scripts - Dockerfiles

internal work


internal work

POLICY-2885 - Apex-pdp generating too many logs for a single event processingContinue