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ONAP (Open Network Automation Platform) is an open source software platform that delivers capabilities for the design, creation, orchestration, monitoring, and life cycle management of
  • Virtual Network Functions (VNFs)
  • The carrier-scale Software Defined Networks (SDNs) that contain them
  • Higher-level services that combine the above

ONAP (a project combining ECOMP and Open-O) provides for automatic, policy-driven interaction of these functions and services in a dynamic, real-time cloud environment. ONAP is not just a run-time platform; it includes graphical design tools for function/service creation.

ONAP uses cloud technologies and network virtualization to offer services, achieving both faster development and greater operational automation. It lets service providers quickly add features and reduces operations costs. It gives service providers and businesses with their own network clouds more control of their network services, and enables developers to create new services. Ultimately, consumers benefit because the network better adapts, scales and predicts how to make their connected experiences seamless.
ONAP is mature, feature-complete, secure, and tested in real-world deployments. Releasing this software as open source, under the auspices of the Linux Foundation, creates a level playing field for carriers and equipment providers. By providing a common platform, ONAP has the potential to rapidly accelerate standardization and innovation across the cloud and networking ecosystems.
Find more introductory information at these links:

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  1. Hi There, Can't open these hyperlinks. Get following error. I have read ECOMP White Paper earlier. However, keen to go through content of other two hyperlinks. 

    This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.


    1. I have not encountered this error. Both non-white-paper links work fine as of right now, from California...

  2. Hi, the links work for me from Dublin

  3. Isn't the project being renamed to ONAP?  If so, shouldn't that be mentioned here?

    1. I wonder whether OpenECOMP should continue being differentiated from ONAP. However, as I understand it - OpenECOMP is not the same as ONAP.

      ONAP is (or will be) a fusion between Open-O and OpenECOMP. The precise measurements of each ingridient are - as yet - not fully clear to me...


      1. This is exactly what I'd like to see clarified on this page (smile) 

    2. OpenECOMP was the name used for the ECOMP code AT&T put into the open source community.  OpenECOMP was renamed to Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) when it was decided that the OpenECOMP effort and the Open-O efforts were to merge. We are in the process of updating all documentation  to replace the term OpenECOMP with ONAP.

      1. That's really helpful, thanks!

  4. The description talks about ONAP creating, orchestrating, etc. "Low-level Virtual Network Functions (VNFs)". What is the distinction between a vNF for which ONAP is targeted v. a vNF for which you wouldn't expect ONAP to be used?

  5. David Bainbridge : Question is not quite clear. 

    1. I am attempting to understand what is meant by a "Low-level vNF" and why ONAP is targeted at only a low leve vNF and not why any vNF. 

  6. Yes, ONAP is targeted for any VNF that forms an integral part of a virtual service to be realized. So Low-Level vNF is a misnomer that way. 

  7. Is there a plan to support ONAP for Physical Network Devices/Function? I assume it is more focussed on VNF from a lifecycle management perspective. 

  8. Hi Team,

    Can we use this ONAP as a plain TOSCA topology template yml designer tool?

    Note: We have a separate plain TOSCA topology template yml orchestrator and looking for a designer tool alone.

  9. Hi All, 

    Could you please share the link for the old videos, where for every component say AAI, MSO, the videos were detailed?

    The length of old videos were 20 mins to 24 mins. 

    Kindly share the link for the same.


  10. Hi Shubra,

    Please refer the link attached here

    Running the ONAP Demos


    1. @pranjal :


      I am talking about ONAP component videos like details architecture video for AAI, MSO etc, sometime around May, those videos were present, which were of 20 mins. Right now, videos are of 2-3 mins.

      Link :
      Those detailed videos were present here.

      The link which you have shared is of Demo of vfw ( this is not what I am looking for )


        1. Thanks Shubra (smile).

          Are you deploying ONAP ? Well I am deploying ONAP right now.

          Any help from your side will be great.