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Recorded Session 2018-01-19



  • Get status on AAI lab resources
  • Status on Cassandra clustering
  • AAI Administrivia

Discussion items


AAI-494 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Does the generated RST meet the requirements? Can we close the task?

Cassandra Clustering in OOM

OOM-591 - Getting issue details... STATUS opened to request help from the OOM team in getting a persistent volume configured on the nodes.  Other teams pointed to kubernetes documentation.  Pavel has a user id in the windriver lab which will allow us to configure the storage.  Alexis gave us some hints on how to configure the properties.  Local storage as fallback position to test POC.

MSB Configuration

AAI-671 - Getting issue details... STATUS Adrian Slavkovsky will look at this locally and in his lab

AAFJames Forsyth

Do we use AAF in Beijing?

Will MSB broker authentication and authorization requests to AAF on behalf of AAI?  According to Huabing, there is a plugin to do the authorization before the request is passed to AAI.  Huabing will talk to AAF to see if this approach is reasonable for Beijing.  If MSB does it, AAI's role would be to define the user set and roles in the AAF interface, and the MSB will send URI + HTTP method at runtime to do the AA functions.

If MSB does not do it, then AAI will be responsible for configuring the CADI plugin in Jetty and do the authorization for ourselves.

If we don't use AAF then we'll need to implement something similar to the ECOMP policy subsystem.

Huabing Zhao: After looking into the AAF documentation, it seems that AAF has its own permission model(triple of type, instance, and action) which can not be directly mapped to http method and resource. So I don't see how MSB could do the authorization on behalf of service requester.

Backlog groomingJira Backlog

Action items

  • James Forsyth will put Arul Nambi in touch with somebody who is having issues with Sparky-fe "no data" issue
  • James Forsyth will find the slides about s3p levels for Beijing and forward to the team - page is here: Platform Maturity Requirements (aka Carrier Grade)
  • Venkata Harish Kajur will follow up with LF helpdesk about SONAR versioning (currently it's a race between Amsterdam and Beijing)
  • James Forsyth will merge the SONAR versionning fixes
  • Pavel Paroulek will send email to onap-discuss to ask about getting access to the windriver openstack to configure the remote storage
  • Venkata Harish Kajur will fix the babel sonar-maven-version issue to unblock the babel jobs
  • James Forsyth will ask other projects how they are using OOM to create/attach to dynamic persistent storage
  • James Forsyth add an Epic in JIRA about image manager
  • James Forsyth will start the discussion about IM for Beijing to close on the TSC conditional approval of AAI's M1
  • James Forsyth and Pavel Paroulek will work on getting the RST file produced by Pavel's script into the readthedocs for Beijing - then add stories for next steps as appropriate