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  • Beijing charts summary
    • all but DCAE, OOF, VNFSDK complete (retest), VVP not MVP - leaving, 
    • DCAE collaboration for cloudify manager container links directly to k8s - need base charts
    • OOF good effort - MUSIC related work left
  • integration activities
  • OOM team can work directly with component teams
    • Reach out to Roger for any private session for onap components in OOM
  • Mike O to talk to Brian F. about the robot tests - are we missing more than the 33 - 
    • Q: is AAI HC granular and checking sparky, gizmo for example
  • JIRA board -
    • Borislav - Cloudify mapping to config - TODO: meeting with DCAE PTL and Roger
    • get 852 merged
    • Mike O address config sep - logging and security, 837 - see  LOG-229 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Borislav update  OOM-779 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Meeting on  OOM-752 - Getting issue details... STATUS  was good for tgz repo - 2nd meeting will be setup by LF
    • Aaron appc db issues on  - Dan T. looking at shared base between sdnc/appc - update config if any changes - raise review for Borislav,...
    • link defedt to closed  OOM-744 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • retest after last merge for portal  OOM-814 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Heads up: Issues with size of config map - Mandeep details - helm chart has 1MB limit on compressed size (wont deploy past this) - check sql file sizes
      • Init container will git clone and inject as a workaround - will apply procedure to code reviews 
      • Best Practice: Any app teams that have large config that needs parameterization - reduce by ENV vars, prop file for just essential config is packaged -
        • push a reduced config that is stored in helm charts
    • review  OOM-681 - Getting issue details... STATUS  via manifest yaml work  - verify correct docker images - for Beijing - TODO: bring up in Mon PTL meet - no wrong version of onap components
    • TODO post git location of manifest -;a=blob;f=version-manifest/src/main/resources/docker-manifest.csv;h=42bb6bb612d34dcd3aab82e4565d85cb7046a970;hb=refs/heads/master
  • LAB ENV: Mike E. SB06 tenant in openlab (intel lab) - available for VM reservation -
    • Helm releases  + Namespaces = differentiators
    • note: temp just for now - use "onap" namespace in "sudo helm install local/onap -n dev --namespace onap"
  • Helm installation notes
  • Healthcheck status
  • CD robot healthcheck 2h on
  • Pramod Kumar Sharma consul heathcheck is failing - need chart change - need JIRA - Mike to raise - agent does not come up (consul cluste
  • Q: Parvez: Casablanca Q: service mesh arch - plans - TBD - todo post JIRA/wiki - current LB services allow service linking, there is some overlap between MSB and K8S services
    • Call between Roger and Parvez
  • Frank Red Hat - how to check openshift issues - how to compare up component list 0/1 , 0/2, 1/2 (even 1/1 and 2/2 may have health issues)
    • onap-discuss is good place to work together

Last Meeting

  • OOM Status update - Roger
  • Reference to documentation - Roger
  • JIRA update - start new integration sprint David Sauvageau 
  • followup with integration status - David Sauvageau and Roger Maitland
  • Add stories for integration sprint - robot, health check, vFW use case. Need to work with the Integration team to identifiy R&R between the 2 teams.

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  1. closed OOM-747 - Getting issue details... STATUS