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Meeting notes:

  • presentation From Amdocs about workflow enhancements for Casablanca and the move to BPMN.IO.
  • presentation from Nokia about PNF support and the package structure.

Action items:

  1. Benjamin Cheung provide examples for the artifact that should be in the package.
  2. Michael Lando invite dcae-ds representative for the discussion about monitoring artifacts


16:13:05     From  Michela Bevilacqua (Ericsson) : @Benjamin: in this page there is a very old set of slide you proposed:

16:13:27     From  Michela Bevilacqua (Ericsson) : can we discuss even offline about PNF deployment by wiki
16:13:30     From  Michela Bevilacqua (Ericsson) : in this page ?
16:23:04     From  Zu Qiang (Ericsson) : Are all the work flow slides uploaded in the wiki page?
16:23:49     From  Benjamin Cheung : yes I will upload my slides to :
16:24:26     From  Michela Bevilacqua (Ericsson) : can we take as wow the possibility to discuss offline in a SDC wiki page ?
16:55:48     From  Rebecca Lantz (Ericsson) : does each vendor need to provide a microservice that uses the dictionary?



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