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Duration 60 minutes

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Release Management Status


  1. ONAP deployment: While doing the deployment of your Docker image, do you have to run  a “git clone” cmd or in other word is there “git clone” call in the Dockerfile?
  2. Sync up from Helm chart to Docker Manifest files
Gildas LanilisONAP Casablanca PTL Nov19Version1.pdf

Heat Installation removal in ReadTheDocs for Casablanca releaseGildas LanilisReadTheDocs

Integration Testing StatusHelen Chen

DocumentationSofia Wallin

Questions on CLM jobs going forward, PTL responsibilities.

(20181111 add oparent clm daily build - not weekly to keep CLM count at 0,0 for the root oparent pom) -,,,20,0,0,0::recentpostdate%2Fsticky,,,20,2,0,28087317

TSC-50 - Getting issue details... STATUS

INT-716 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Postponed to next week

Grant nexus-iq access to non-committer contributors seeking to fix CLM issues

While I understand the dual reasons why we protect clm content from non-committers - we are loosing the active contributors that fall out of the access scope.

The access is currently binary - because anyone can get a non-vetted LF account - it needs to be 3 part - in order to work and accelerate clm work

Committers, contributors, the rest of LF users.

1) to abide our license agreement
2) to not disclose out vulnerabilities beyond vetted committers

Proposal: allow for vetted contributors that can access nexus-iq and the security space. This could be done by providing a way for all contributors to be a committer on at least one project - or create a sandbox project we can vet committers to.

Gildas raised a good point - verify we are not overriding any oparent versions that already fix the dependencies

TSC-49 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Vulnerability SMEs

Postponed to next week

Status on nexus-iq replacement - github now has a fully functional microsoft contributed vulnerability scan - the owner of should see them

TSC-32 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Postponed to next week


Action items

  • @LFHelpdesk: Ticket#63980. to address Jenkins, JIRA and Gerrit slowness. Over the week-end all systems were very slow.
  • Dan Timoney close all SDNC and CCSDK Jira tickets and release Docker Image by COB Nov 19.
  • Seshu Kumar M to close SO-1214 - Getting issue details... STATUS  and  SO-1235 - Getting issue details... STATUS  and release Docker Image by COB Nov 19.
  • Michael Lando to provide logs for  DMAAP-885 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Mike Elliott to discuss further with Integration for closure of  OOM-1516 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Takamune Cho Release APPC docker image by COB Nov 19. 
  • Michael O'Brien (Amdocs 1705-1905) CLM license schema not friendly to open source community. Michael to summarize issue and bring it to TSC.
    • will fill out more  TSC-32 - Getting issue details... STATUS  and post to onap-discuss
  • @All . Perform sanity check on Documentation and remove statement such as "In this first ONAP Release" or "In the Amsterdam Release".

Other Discussion

  • "Git clone" on other repo than ONAP is OK. apt-get installs (and the likes) are ok 

Zoom Chat Log 

06:09:39 From Lior Nachmias AT&T to Gildas Lanilis(Privately) : Hi Gildas, I'm here to represent both VID and SDC PTLs. Thanks, Lior
06:26:02 From Manoop Talasila - AT&T to Gildas Lanilis(Privately) : Hi Gildas, Farhan covering me for Portal, I need to drop off due to another conflict. thanks
06:29:20 From Dan Timoney : Here’s a link to how to test readthedocs locally :
06:30:41 From Jimmy Forsyth : @Seshu, another option is docutils to preview the documentation locally, example $ offeredapis.rst > offerapis.html
06:46:45 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs, LOG) :
06:46:53 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs, LOG) : nexus-iq alternatives jiara
06:49:18 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs, LOG) : topic: dockerfile git pulls not ok - but can we get an OK on dockerfile apt-get install - to address the diff between pre/post install docker changes - after discussion with James Macnider
06:50:48 From Keong Lim k00759777 : is it to be offline or is it to be reprooducible build?
06:55:11 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs, LOG) : apt-get installs are ok - as all providers will have a local nexus proxy (for things like installing curl to the images for example)