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Duration 60 minutes

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Release Management Status: Review of remaining open defect

Integration Status

Java Code Style has been decided, but what about other languages (Javascript). In addition, there are other non-code files: (XML, JSON, YAML) that could also use a style editor.

Also, the oparent checkstyle is broken in 3 ways:

1) Doesn't work in Eclipse

2) src/main/java does not point to the right place:

${}/src/main/java? appends an extra src/main/java to the end.

3) Parsing error in the oparent checkstyle.xml

</module>?         <module name="NeedBraces"/>?         <module name="LeftCurly">?-            <property name="maxLineLength" value="120"/>?+            <!--property name="maxLineLength" value="120"/-->?         </module>


Action items

The following tickets were discussed during PTLs call on Monday, Nov 26, 2018. Main goal was to review remaining defects. Lessons Learned are certainly important but not the right venue.

SO-1251 - Getting issue details... STATUS  No description of the issue. Propose to close this issue.

SO-1164 - Getting issue details... STATUS  To be closed by Seshu Kumar M

SO-1235 - Getting issue details... STATUS Testing by Yan Yang in WIP.

SO-1249 - Getting issue details... STATUS  Code Merged. New SO Docker Release expected Today.

CCSDK-740 - Getting issue details... STATUS  Impact VCPE use case . Workaround possible (inject new DG in APPC) after installation of current Docker image to be documented in RN. related to APPC-1247.

CCSDK-727 - Getting issue details... STATUS  To work with Yang and get them tested today

CCSDK-728 - Getting issue details... STATUS To get tested by Yang Today.

SDNC-518 - Getting issue details... STATUS  Brian to test today.

SDC-1955 - Getting issue details... STATUS Impacting CCVPN Use Case. Still under investigation. To be part of Casablanca Maintenance Release.

SDC-1958 - Getting issue details... STATUS  No description to understand the issue. Propose to close. This Issue is re-scheduled for "Casablanca Maintenance Release". 

SDC-1918 - Getting issue details... STATUS  Impacting VCPE TOSCA Use case. Commit pending. Waiting for a new SDC Docker image. Be careful to include ONLY this patch in the new Docker Image.

SDC-1957 - Getting issue details... STATUS  Defect not linked to any Release. Assign to Dublin Release.

APPC-1247 - Getting issue details... STATUS Impacting VCPE Use case. Can wait for a patch until Casablanca Maintenance Release. To document this as known limitation in Release Notes.

OOM-1516 - Getting issue details... STATUS  Document the workaround in OOM Doc (document how to preserve data). Fix it in Casablanca Maintenance Release.

AAI-1925 - Getting issue details... STATUS Impacting CCVPN. Can be closed.

Zoom Chat Log 

06:03:24 From Brian : @yang - i want to do a test of the new vcperescust robot script - do you have a suggestion ?
06:03:43 From Brian : oom-staging daily was recovered to free up resources
06:04:04 From Brian : i do not want to use sb05 :)
06:13:15 From Yang Xu : @brian, I installed released version ONAP on SB03, let’s try that on it after this call?
06:17:52 From Catherine Lefevre : @Patrick, APPC-1249 created to ingest CCSDK as discussed
06:21:28 From Catherine Lefevre : team - i have closed CCSDK-741 and we will track CCSDK-740 only
06:22:06 From Michael O'Brien(LOG,Amdocs) : last alignment that bumped kubernetes from 1.10 to 1.11
06:22:07 From Michael O'Brien(LOG,Amdocs) :
06:22:36 From Michael O'Brien(LOG,Amdocs) : Mike's larger governance of the versions
06:22:36 From Michael O'Brien(LOG,Amdocs) :
06:23:10 From Michael O'Brien(LOG,Amdocs) : Some limits are low
06:23:25 From Michael O'Brien(LOG,Amdocs) : FS for example is 80% where eviction starts
06:26:17 From Michael O'Brien(LOG,Amdocs) : overspecification/overallocation would be an issue - in cloud native this is not used hence more stability
06:29:42 From Brian : this is design time - I think its fine to not re-do stability on this patch
06:31:37 From Catherine Lefevre :
06:31:45 From Catherine Lefevre : SDC did not commit to CCVPN use case
06:33:13 From Lingli : So SDC should not be part of CCVPN integration testing?
06:36:58 From Michael O'Brien(LOG,Amdocs) : agree with michael on defect process for SDC-1958
06:38:12 From Catherine Lefevre : I agree with Lingli and then we need to assess what it is requested for CCVPN Phase 2 (Dublin)
06:38:47 From Lingli : I disagree
06:39:19 From Lingli : I am not suggesting that because I agree
06:39:44 From Michael O'Brien(LOG,Amdocs) : yes, it is empty
06:39:45 From Michael O'Brien(LOG,Amdocs) :
06:40:20 From Catherine Lefevre : status != Closed AND status != Done AND project != "Sandbox Project" AND project != "ONAP TSC" AND project != CI-Management AND issuetype = Bug AND Priority != Medium AND PRIOrity != Low AND Priority != Lowest AND fixVersion != "Dublin Release" AND status = Delivered ORDER BY status DESC, priority DESC, updated DESC
06:42:43 From Catherine Lefevre : SDC-1955 is not closed
06:43:25 From Helen Chen : @Yan, you could re-open it once you identified the issue.
06:43:52 From Catherine Lefevre : @Yan, SDC-1955 is not closed
06:44:21 From Lingli : Yan is trying to speak but could not
06:44:28 From Lingli : please unmute her
06:44:33 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : I had to mute her
06:44:47 From Lingli : I don’t see why
06:45:37 From Lingli : it is a quick
06:45:43 From Lingli : one
06:46:00 From Lingli : Please respect people who are doing the hard work
06:46:48 From Lingli : I could not speak with my microphone
06:48:16 From Catherine Lefevre : Lingli, Yan - we will give you the opportunity to talk after reviewing Delivered defects. It should not be that long
06:49:19 From Michael O'Brien(LOG,Amdocs) :
06:51:35 From Lingli : We don’t think we need to close unsolved issues.
06:52:02 From Lingli : While we could still work together to solve them.
07:01:03 From Lingli : she is not finished
07:01:23 From Lingli : Could you let her go on?
07:02:11 From Lingli : Please go ahead with the next slide
07:02:58 From Lingli : Is this the last slide?
07:03:10 From Lingli : Let me type here instead
07:03:36 From Lingli : we are asking a few days for continuing CcVPn integration testing
07:04:16 From Lingli : which would enable us a more thorough verification for SO
07:04:21 From Michael O'Brien(LOG,Amdocs) : I think Yan is mentioning that we used to test with 2 containers and now 10 - a good microservice refactor - to be very sure - but a major change in casablanca
07:04:23 From Gildas Lanilis : I think you can continue CCVPN Testing, but we won't make any code change in Casabalnca Release.
07:05:39 From Lingli : But the SO as it is now is not verified or tested
07:06:18 From Michael O'Brien(LOG,Amdocs) : yes, lessons learned we discussed this on the list and as a team on Aug 1st
07:07:39 From Lingli : We are not the only one to be surprised that a key module be so frustrating until integration testing
07:08:49 From Lingli : I am sorry I could not speak out today
07:11:55 From Michael O'Brien(LOG,Amdocs) : lessons learned - bring in major refactors in pieces so we can review deployment/architecture changes as it comes in - working more in public (it is ok to do partial development in dublin - the feature does not need to be fully completed and then uploaded) - just minor observation
07:22:19 From Brian : that refactoring was first shown in March - CCVPN should have started testing earlier
07:23:08 From Michael O'Brien(LOG,Amdocs) : good point - I also missed the march review - will try to keep in the loop more
07:23:16 From Michael Lando : Brian is correct the testing started very late
07:25:15 From Michael O'Brien(LOG,Amdocs) : Wait I remember a zoom call much earlier than July where the 10 containers were reviewed - so 4-6 month heads up
07:28:56 From Brian : It was presented at ONS then reviewed with a test branch with the SO developers over a few weeks then the final merge occurred after that set of reviews in July
07:29:10 From Brian : we had discussions on it remember during multiple TSC meetings back in July
07:30:03 From Lingli : The timing of the commit is not a problem
07:30:38 From Lingli : we are not against it or have an opprotunity to find any issues untile testing
07:30:54 From Lingli : we are following the schedule of release