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Duration 90 minutes

Agenda ItemsPresented ByTimeNotes/LinksJIRA Tasks

Casablanca Maintenance Release Sign-Off


15 mins

Casablanca Maintenance Release Dashboard:

Integration Blocker(s): Casablanca Maintenance Release Integration Test Blocking Issues

Integration Status: Casablanca Maintenance Release Integration Testing Status

Security - No blockers known.

Agreed: The TSC approves the release of the Casablanca 3.0.1

Next steps:  Finalize the Release Note & Communicate the Release Readiness.

M1 Dublin Release Review30 mins
  • Project M1 Review. TSC Recommendations: Approved except Doc/Integration (additional information to be provided) - Project Status in Dublin Release
  • M1 Scorecard Review: Dublin Release Requirements
    • Missing insights from integration, docs
    • Recommendation: TSC Approve M1 for Dublin
      • Use cases
        • voLTE NOT committed part of the use case testing
        • vCPE NOT with Tosca - vCPE with Heat
        • CCVPN - sub-uses cases not supported - may not meet needs
        • 5G - Not a full commitment by all the PTLs - many use cases
      • Functional Requirements
        • Consistent ID in cloud region
        • Distributed Analytics - need to move from func requirements to use case (deliver as POC)
          • srinivas tadepalli Marco Platania Yang Xu work together to identify another repository than demo - to be followed on 2/4 on PTL call
          • Jim Baker create another category on Dublin Release Requirements to capture POC - dark code; no release documentation; cannot hold up release; need to make sure documentation expectations are clear; section in release notes on experimental nature of feature; no commitment on POC continuation in next ONAP release; propose POC concept to TSC approval
        • Change management Dublin extensions
          • Flexible designer - not fully committed, stretch goal (VID still hase concerns)
        • Self serve control loop - want to keep it in Dublin albeit without sufficient resources (move to POC)
        • Fine-grained placement service - E2E use case integration at risk (move to POC)
        • Modularity - will implement modularity in phases (P1 - SO only)
        • ETSI Alignment - SO only - (split into 2) move to POC
          • SOL0003 committed

          • SOL0005 POC

          • Stephen Terrill split sol0003 and sol0005 to two lines and move sol0005 to POC

        • OSAM/PNF/Alloted Network Function/TOSCA task force - OUTPLAN

    • Non-functional requirements

      • Container Footprint Environment - some discussion about the shared database
        • S3P Manageability Level 2 Requirement. However, no projects are listing that they will meet Level 2

        • Adolfo Perez-Duran will present at PTL meeting - decompose on requirements page too
        • Mike Elliott Highlight the commitments for all team and all components

        • Improve E2E process automation

          • VID cannot activate the service w single API

        • CI/CD

          • phase 1 manual magic word "run-helm-deploy" in queue at LF, Orange and Log team

        • OSAM - not revirwd by Arc sub and not part of the release
        • Security by design - missing some Jira tickets
        • Modeling M3 Checklist
          • TSC still need to approve the checklist
        • S3P upgrade
          • upgrade path not committed
        • Geo-redundacy - need to review at PTL
        • SOL004 - need to confirm testing - no owner present
        • xNF communications security enhancements - need a CA for testing - move to POC
        • Locale/I18N testing
  • TSC Vote for commitment of scope version 207 of the Dublin Release Requirements (green = committed; yellow = aspirational; red = outplan)
    • #agreed The TSC approves v207 of the Dublin Release Requirements GREEN M1 scorecard items and conditional passed on YELLOW items; RED items will be descoped or move to POC depending on feedback collected today

      M1 Security Checkpoint
  • M1 SP3 Checkpoint:
    • Performance: Several projects involved in closed-loop activities are not proposing to meet level 2.  What is the challenge?
    • Stability:  most all projects are at least level 1… if Integration team does the platform level stability test (as done in past), we should be good
    • Resiliency: good
    • Security: defer to security subcommittee, but there are not enough projects committing to silver level to meet the overall goal of 70% of projects at silver
    • Scalability: good
    • Manageability: very few projects at level 2.  Would like to understand the reasons for not being able to meet level 2.
    • Usability: also very few projects at level 2.  What are the reasons for not being able to meet level 2?
  • TSC M1 Approval?
  • Next Milestone: M2 Functionality Freeze (2/22) - Release Planning

Any Infrastructure Improvement/PlanLinux Foundation5 mins

Any LF showstopper

  • #60449 - Waiting feedback from from Vexx on the plugin that the teams can use to manage the volumes; Waiting on DCAE Feedback to validate
  • ONAP Helpdesk #66623 - RTD Project onap ... Webhook API Deprecated
  • ONAP Helpdesk#67224: ONAP Docker registry doesn't support manifest lists (Image Manifest V2) - related to work already planned as part of the CIA Dublin Release Planning

  • ONAP Helpdesk #67450: Jira board for Vulnerability Management
  • [ONAP Helpdesk #67660] REQUEST: ONAP Access to NexusIQ scans and the Security Vulnerabilities wiki space
  •  SDC Commiter's Promotion (Priyanshu Agarwal)


  • [ONAP Helpdesk #67801] please release artifacts and docker images 1.2.4 for multicloud openstack plugins, target to Casablanca Maintenance Release
  • [ONAP Helpdesk #67307] Please make changes to AAF Committer List
  • [ONAP Helpdesk #67695] PLease release SO artifacts 1.3.7


  • [onap-discuss] [ONAP Helpdesk #61551] RE: Competing priorities in onap - CLM vs Code
  • [ONAP Helpdesk #67185] TSC-25 ONAP CD task force meeting minutes - moving time to adjust for West coast and France

TSC-78 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Subcommittee Update - Security10 mins

M2-M4 Additional Checklist

#action: offline vote with TSC to review/approve checklist proposal

Update on improving E2E AutomationMilind Jalwadi
Update on improving the E2E automation during the Dublin release - based on discussions with various stakeholders

TSC-98 - Getting issue details... STATUS

TSC Activities and Deadlines
  • Feedback about nomination process:
    • Security Chair (Nomination until Feb 1st, 2019): Pawel Pawlak-Orange
    • TSC vacant Seat (Nomination until Feb 7th, 2019): Ramki-VMWare
  • Infrastructure Role?

Incoming ONAP Events5 mins

San Jose - April 1st & 2nd 2019 ONAP Joint Subcommittees Silicon Valley

San Jose - April 3rd to 5th -

CD pipeline status

TSC-25 - Getting issue details... STATUS

By request of Dublin Scorecard -,,,20,0,0,0::recentpostdate%2Fsticky,,,20,2,0,29536574

Alexis de Talhouët is welcome as TSC management - his deep technical "hands-on" approach will be appreciated

Meeting Minutes: 20190124

Video on CD - Continuous Deployment

  • recording - except during sensitive pw screens -
  • Bengt Thuree needs another slot - moved to Thu 2030
  • 1830 in france not good - 2030 is good - will move meet to 1430EDT
  • LF is the level of testing their own deployment
  • Orange/OOM discussion in the past - working on pulling the release tag for a gerrit review poc -


sudo helm deploy local/onap --namespace onap -f onap/resources/environments/disable-allcharts.yaml --set so.enabled=true


Zoom Chat 

05:56:23 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #topic rollcall
05:58:40 From ALLAGO : #info Alla Goldner, Amdocs
05:59:20 From Milind Jalwadi : #info Milind Jalwadi, Tech Mahindra
05:59:22 From Andreas Geissler : #info Andreas Geissler (DT)
06:00:19 From Stephen Terrill : #info Stephen Terrill, Ericsson
06:01:04 From Bin Yang (Wind River) : #info Bin Yang, Wind River
06:01:17 From Chaker Al-Hakim : #info Chaker Al-Hakim, Huawei
06:01:26 From Lingli : #info Lingli, CMCC
06:01:42 From NingSo : #info Ning So, Reliance Jio
06:01:57 From Catherine Lefevre : #info; Catherine Lefevre AT&T
06:02:06 From Catherine Lefevre : Gooooooood Morning !
06:03:38 From Jonathan Gathman : Booooonjour!
06:04:23 From Timo Perala (SFS-FI) : #info proxy Timo Perala, Nokia
06:04:30 From Murat Turpcu,Turk Telekom : #info, murat, turk telekom
06:05:20 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #topic Casablanca Maint.
06:05:22 From Lingli : grays
06:05:58 From Davide Cherubini : #info proxy Davide Cherubini, Vodafone
06:06:03 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : TAC meeting min edit :
06:06:20 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : @davide thanks
06:06:23 From Mike Elliott : OOM-1525 will be moved to Dublin
06:07:29 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : recommendation by Catherine to approve the release
06:07:47 From Srinivasa Addepalli (Intel) : #info Srinivasa Addepalli, Intel
06:08:27 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : @srini thanks
06:11:02 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #vote Does the TSC approve the release of the Casablanca 3.0.1? +1, 0, -1
06:11:20 From Catherine Lefevre : #info +1 - KUDOS
06:11:21 From Chaker Al-Hakim : #vote +1
06:11:22 From Stephen Terrill : #vote +1
06:11:23 From Bin Yang (Wind River) : #vote +1
06:11:29 From Davide Cherubini : #vote +1
06:11:32 From Milind Jalwadi : #vote +1
06:11:32 From Andreas Geissler : #vote +1
06:11:33 From NingSo : #vote +1
06:11:36 From ALLAGO : #vote +1
06:11:39 From Timo Perala (SFS-FI) : #vote +1
06:11:40 From Mike Elliott to Kenny Paul (LFN)(Privately) : Alexis has just asked me to be proxy for him
06:11:41 From Catherine Lefevre : very proud of our ONAP TEAM !!
06:11:49 From Mike Elliott to Kenny Paul (LFN)(Privately) : How do I go about doing that?
06:11:55 From Srinivasa Addepalli (Intel) : #vote +1
06:12:03 From Murat Turpcu,Turk Telekom to Kenny Paul (LFN)(Privately) : #vote +1
06:12:10 From Kenny Paul (LFN) to Mike Elliott(Privately) : just #info as proxy
06:12:13 From Murat Turpcu,Turk Telekom : #vote +1
06:12:29 From Mike Elliott : #info as proxy
06:12:45 From Lingli : #vote +1
06:12:54 From Mike Elliott : #vote +1
06:12:56 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #endvote
06:13:17 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #agreed the TSC approves the release of the Casablanca 3.0.1
06:13:23 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : Congrats allT
06:14:07 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #topic Dublin M1
06:15:12 From Lingli : confirmed
06:15:34 From Lingli : not
06:15:41 From Lingli : committed
06:16:36 From Lingli : right
06:17:47 From Lingli : we need to come back with vCPE in CMCC lab
06:18:31 From Lingli : not committed either
06:18:35 From Eric Debeau : #info Eric Debeau, Orange
06:19:15 From Eric Debeau : #vote +1
06:21:10 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #action Jim/Catherine split TOSCA into 2 items one green one not.
06:21:37 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #topic dublin 5g
06:22:13 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #topic dublin ccvpn
06:23:16 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #actition @davide to meet with @lingli on review and final feedback
06:23:28 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #topic dublin 5g
06:23:57 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #topic BBS
06:24:11 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #topic BBS
06:24:32 From Lingli : @kenny to clarify, Davide was intended to meet with Lin for CCVPN.
06:24:51 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : AH!
06:25:03 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : thanks
06:26:14 From Kenny Paul (LFN) to Lingli(Privately) : Lin Meng?
06:26:34 From Lingli to Kenny Paul (LFN)(Privately) : Yes
06:26:57 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #dublin consistent id by region
06:28:58 From zygmunt : #info Zygmunt Lozinski proxy for Jason Hunt
06:30:04 From Davide Cherubini : @kenny. Yes, I meant Lin, not Lingli :-)
06:31:03 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #action @bin yang to meet with @yang xu on what will be tested
06:34:20 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #distributed analytics
06:35:03 From Catherine Lefevre : #action Srini/Yang/Marco to work together to identify another repositiory than demo - to be followed on 2/4 on PTL call- thank you
06:36:31 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #action @srini @marco @yang move this from func. req to a use case. treated as a vnf for testing
06:37:04 From Catherine Lefevre : @Marco - is it for DaaS only or is it a general statement for all the use cases?
06:37:30 From Catherine Lefevre : i want to be sure if it is only related to the use case we are discussing or if there is a bigger request
06:37:35 From Catherine Lefevre : biggest
06:37:43 From Lingli : +1 to Alla
06:39:34 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : Alla expresses concern over having this listed as a usecase
06:40:06 From Catherine Lefevre : #action - create another category to capture POC (move DaaS under POC)
06:40:26 From Marco Platania (AT&T) : @Catherine, it applies to all the use cases, but for the moment it only affects DaaS. We (integration team) don’t mind to host that code for the moment, we just wanted to understand if that was the right place, according to ONAP repository structure
06:42:37 From Ajay Mahimkar : i m here - was muted by app
06:42:38 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #change management
06:45:34 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : SO scope not completely clear
06:46:14 From Stephen Terrill : Sharing stopped?
06:46:54 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #action @ryan & @ajay to have a call w @seshu to discuss
06:50:25 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #self-serve control loop resopurces not identified. will be moved to POC status
06:51:05 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #finegrained placement service
06:51:17 From Steven Wright [AT&T] : Does each PoC status project imply a different build option for the ONAP Dublin distribution?
06:51:37 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : moved to poc
06:53:55 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : regarding POC - the code is there, but not integration or cross functional dependencies that jeopardise the release.
06:55:07 From Brian Hedstrom : @all, I need to drop in 5 minutes at the top of the hour, but I wanted to highlight an issue with the Container Optimization Non-Functional Requirement. This is categorized as a Must Have. This is an S3P Manageability Level 2 Requirement. However, no projects are listing that they will meet Level 2 for Manageability for Dublin. We need to ensure that the CIA identified Minimal Environment projects can meet Level 2 Manageability for this Must Have requirement
06:55:08 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #action @TSC need to discuss how POC items will be identified documented when we release
06:56:06 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #modularity
06:56:09 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : SO only
07:01:20 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #container optimization
07:01:40 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG,OSX) : this one
07:01:40 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG,OSX) :
07:01:43 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG,OSX) : was at the meeting
07:01:47 From Pamela Dragosh : Policy committed to the Component/memory optimization and shared Db.
07:02:35 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #action @adolfo will present @ ptl meeting on monday
07:03:15 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #5g
07:05:26 From Lingli : @Catherine Tao fixed ticket UsecaseUI-210 and updated the jira just now.
07:08:56 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG,pc) : I attended the call above - but it was in parallel with the oom meet - better to be in the ptl meet where we all can discuss together - any affecting change for PTLs "must be in the PTL meet"
07:09:01 From Catherine Lefevre : thanks Lingli
07:09:14 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #action @ben cheung present at ptl meeting on monday to review any "?" still on the list
07:10:00 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG,pc) : I only saw the matrix for the first time yesterday
07:12:08 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG,pc) : I would like to see more grouping by design-time, deployment, runtime, scaling - as some projects were added to the right yesterday after a discussion on these
07:12:58 From Yang Xu : Or group by functional an non-functional requirements
07:13:10 From Keong Lim k00759777 : catherine's 5G item should be split by the teams working on each usecase
07:16:21 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #action @ben split the 5g item on the page to sub usecases
07:17:24 From Steven Wright [AT&T] : does teh PoC imply a separate branch in teh repo?
07:19:39 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #etsi alignment
07:20:25 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : sol003 going into SO
07:21:03 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : sol005 needs vcpe tosca
07:23:18 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #action @steveT/fred split sol003/soloo5 on requirements list and move sol000 to poc
07:24:08 From Fernando (Fred) Oliveira : Apologies, I was on another call. I agree with Seshu and Stephan.
07:25:51 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #vsp compliance
07:26:10 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #topic non functional
07:26:26 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #E2E automation
07:26:37 From Murat Turpcu,Turk Telekom : Sumtihra and Bora said they expect no impact on other modules but I don't now the current situation about osam
07:26:55 From Murat Turpcu,Turk Telekom : we need clarification from the team
07:27:36 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : moving this to yellow
07:28:47 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : ability of VID to intantiate via single api not committed
07:29:13 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #action @milind to update the requirements page
07:29:39 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #osam
07:30:08 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : no architecture review completed.
07:30:27 From Vijay Venkatesh Kumar : Need to drop to host DCAE weekly call; will followup via email on Datalake planned scope for Dublin.
07:31:47 From Murat Turpcu,Turk Telekom : thank you
07:39:04 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #action @catherine, @jason @mike E discuss @ ptl call
07:39:28 From Mike Elliott : Sorry have to drop
07:40:40 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #sol0004 -= no one to comment
07:41:00 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #xNF communication security
07:43:13 From Catherine Lefevre : Dear TSC - offline vote will be performed to approve the GREEN M1 scorecard items and conditianal passed on YELLOW items; RED items will be descoped or move to POC depending on feedback collected today - stay tuned
07:44:24 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #action steveT to follow-up with @linda horn
07:48:03 From Catherine Lefevre : #vote - as per v2027 - Dear TSC - can we vote +1 of we approve the GREEN M1 scorecard items and conditianal passed on YELLOW items; RED items will be descoped or move to POC depending on feedback collected today - stay tuned
07:48:07 From Catherine Lefevre : -1 we do not approve
07:48:15 From Catherine Lefevre : 0 no opinion
07:48:44 From Catherine Lefevre : v207
07:48:48 From Andreas Geissler (Deutsche Telekom) : #vote +1
07:48:52 From Stephen Terrill : #vote +1
07:48:52 From Chaker Al-Hakim : #vote +1
07:48:58 From Milind Jalwadi : #vote +1
07:48:58 From ALLAGO : #vote +1
07:49:00 From NingSo : #vote +1
07:49:01 From Eric Debeau : #vote +1
07:49:08 From Timo Perala (Nokia) : #vote +1
07:49:24 From Murat Turpcu,Turk Telekom : #vote +1
07:49:41 From Davide Cherubini : #vote +1
07:49:44 From zygmunt : #vote +1
07:49:47 From Davide Cherubini : +1 :P
07:49:58 From Davide Cherubini : disregard last message
07:50:42 From Bin Yang (Wind River) : #vote +1
07:50:51 From Catherine Lefevre : #vote +1
07:50:59 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #endvote
07:52:16 From Catherine Lefevre : Datalake was approved to be part of DCAE umbrella for this release on 1/17 TSC call
07:52:43 From Kenny Paul (LFN) : #agreed The TSC approves v207 of the Dublin Release Requirements GREEN M1 scorecard items and conditianal passed on YELLOW items; RED items will be descoped or move to POC depending on feedback collected today
07:52:56 From Catherine Lefevre : #action Kate/jim to follow-up with Vijat about Datalake
07:53:50 From Catherine Lefevre : Datalake approved as a POC under the umbrella of DCAE
07:53:54 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG,pc) : michael to do datalake scope and its impact on the teams - provider or consumer of db as a service in the future
07:54:04 From Michael O'Brien(Amdocs,LOG,pc) : for ptl meet
07:54:35 From Catherine Lefevre : thanks Michael - let's see how we can do POC wihtout impacting everybody

Zoom Attendance Log  

TSC Members Attendance based on Zoom Chat Log: 94%

AMDOCS1Alla Goldner
AT&T1Catherine Lefevre
Bell Canada1Michael O'Brien, proxy for Alexis de Talhouët
China Mobile1Lingli Deng
China Telecom1Yan Chen
DT1Andreas Geissler
Ericsson1Stephen Terrill
Huawei1Chaker Al-Hakim

Zygmunt Lozinski, proxy for Jason Hunt

Intel1Srini Addepalli 
Nokia1Timo Perala
Orange1Eric Debeau
Reliance Jio1Ning So
Tech Mahindra1Milind Jalwadi 
Turk Telecom1Murat Tupcu
Viswa Kumar Skand Priya
Vodafone1Davide Cherubi, proxy for Susana Sabater
WindRiver1Bin Yang


TSC Decisions  

2019 TSC Decisions

Action Items:

  • (TSC) Finalize discussions about the Infrastructure Role
  • (Owners/PTLs) Close the actions captured on the Dublin Requirements wiki
  • (Jim): Provide POC Definition to be reviewed by TSC
  • (Amy Zwarico): Security by design - work with the PTLs on missing JIRA vulnerability issues
  • (TSC): Create a Task force to work on the ONAP component dependency
  • (TSC): To review project maturity (incubation, etc.)
  • (TSC ): To send Integration/Pair-wise testing proposal again
  • (TSC & Modeling Chairs): Finalize Dublin M2-M4 Modeling Checklist
  • (TSC & Security Subcommittee): Finalize Dublin M2-M4 Security Checklist
  • (Jason): Upgrade path not committed; work with PTLs to define the strict minimum?

  • No labels