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Subscribing to the ONAP Calendar

You can directly subscribe to the ONAP Calendar to stay in sync with meetings and events.

Method A) From

Method B) From The Wiki  

Log-in First

You need to be logged in to do this. If you see "Log-In" in the upper right hand corner of the wiki window, click it and use your LFID to sign in. 

  • Go to the Community Meetings & Calendar page
  • Scroll down below the calendar itself
  • click on the ". . ." next to ONAP Community Meetings and select "Subscribe" from the dropdown.

  • Follow the instructions provided

Zoom Bridge Overview: 

The LF provides 10 general use Zoom meeting accounts for the ONAP community.  

These shared accounts are administered by the LF team, but usage is ultimately managed by the community.  Here are some important things you need to know:

  • Wherever and whenever possible Zoom meeting bridges have been distributed across the different ONAP accounts with buffers on either side of the scheduled meeting to avoid conflicts.  
  • Meeting IDs are good for a specific day and time-slot only
  • DO NOT use an assigned meeting bridge to start a meeting at a different date or time
  • DO NOT log into a different meeting using the same Host account  

Bridge Errors 

  • If you receive the error, "The meeting host is attending another meeting" or similar message: 

    • a previous meeting using that Host account is still in progress and did not end as scheduled 

    • the Host forgot to end the Zoom session and someone is still connected to the bridge

    • someone has used that Host account to start a meeting outside of the assigned time-slot

    • someone is using that Host account to attend another Host's meeting in progress

SEND EMAIL TO indicating that you are having an issue with a specific meeting host. The email will be distributed to the complete list of alternate users that have host privileges for any of the ONAP Zoom bridges.  

Effective Jan. 31, 2018 The LF will no longer take action, intervene or set up an emergency bridge in the event of an ONAP bridge conflict. 


NOTE: A minimum of 2 business days lead time is needed to ensure your meeting gets scheduled

Click on the appropriate selection on the right and please include the following Information:

Meeting Name
Time & Timezone
Recurring or One-Off
Bridge Required
Recording Privileges Required - READ BELOW -
Any other comments you feel are relevant

Recording Privileges:

Recordings cannot occur unless someone registered as a the Zoom Host account is physically connected to the meeting using that account.  We can set up individuals from the community with alternate-host credentials provide the following criteria is met:

Recording Requirements

  • Recording privileges are only granted to TSC Members, Sub-Committee Chairs PTLs, or Community Coordinators
  • You must have a Lastpass account to be granted recording privileges 
  • You must provide the email address associated with your Lastpass account to the Linux Foundation
  • Recordings should be saved to the alternate-host's computer rather than to the cloud
  • The alternate-host has the responsibility for uploading the recording file to the wiki

Step-by-Step guide for Recording 

first time only:

  1. open your LastPass account in the browser, and choose open my vault.
  2. on the left lower part press the icon with two people.
  3. choose Manage Shared Folders and approve the one from ONAp
  4. The account's login will be add to your LastPass and you will be able to choose from them when login in into zoom.

login in

  1. Go to and sign in using the LastPass information associated with your ONAP meeting account
    press the marked part to choose from available passwords
  2. select the account corresponding to the meeting you want to record and log in using it:

  3. Choose "Meetings" from the menu on the left
  4. Find your meeting on the list (usually the top one) and click the start button to launch your meeting
  5. After the meeting has started click the "Record" button located at the bottom of the Zoom window OR if someone is screen sharing the recording option will be found under the "More" section of the Zoom menu bar 
  6. Select "Record to this Computer" 
  7. You can pause and resume if necessary and the recording will be saved as a contiguous stream.
  8. Stop the recording when you are finished.  It will be saved when the meeting is officially ended.
  9. Upload the zoom_#.mp4 to the wiki and link it as appropriate. 

  10. After you have verified the upload was successful and you can watch the recording from the wiki you can remove the files from you computer.

    Chat File Content

    If it exists uploading the chat.txt file is often beneficial to the team. BE ADVISED the chat file may contain private chats sent from/to the person recording the meeting.

    DO NOT upload any "audio_only" or "playback" files.

Alternate Meeting Hosts 


  1. Above I see:

    • Recording privileges are only granted to TSC Members, Sub-Committee Chairs PTLs, or Community Coordinators

    What does the LF recommend for weekly sessions that are normally recorded when the PTL for a project is on vacation or otherwise unable to host the weekly session?

    1. Hi Jimmy, that is the rule of thumb.  Due to the lack of automation on all of this meeting account management would become my full time job. (wink)
      Exceptions are absolutely granted at the request of the PTL. Just follow the  Recording Privileges info and cc your proxy.