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Update on M4

Update on testing/integration

Update on other Paris action items

Kenny Paul to be summarized in email

Request for CLI to be on the MVP List

carried over from 10/5
Request for Swagger? (revisited)carried over from 10/5

Update on Dec event and scope

Inputs on rewards

carried over from 9/27 - moved to next week
Update on IRCCloud and JIRA Contribution Mandate

Action items

#onap-meeting: TSC Oct 12, 2017

Meeting started by kennypaul at 13:47:53 UTC (full logs). 

Meeting summary

  1. rollcall (kennypaul, 13:48:28)
    1. jamil for Orange (jamil, 14:00:51)
    2. proxy Srinivasa Addepalli, Intel for Rajesh Gadiyar (Srini, 14:00:55)
    3. Susana Sabater, Vodafone (Susana, 14:00:59)
    4. Zhaoxing Meng, ZTE (Zhaoxing, 14:01:11)
    5. Stephen Terrill, Ericsson (SteveT, 14:01:30)
    6. Frank Brockners, Cisco (frankbrockners, 14:02:06)
    7. mazin gilbert (AT&T) (gilbert, 14:02:09)
    8. Ranny Haiby, Nokia (RannyHaiby, 14:02:47)
    9. proxy Chris Donley, Huawei, (Helen Chen) (helenychen, 14:02:58)
    10. Xinhui Li, VMware (xinhuili, 14:05:07)
    11. no quorum (kennypaul, 14:07:37)
  2. M4 / RC0 (kennypaul, 14:07:54)
    1. David Sauvageau, Bell Canada (kennypaul, 14:12:47)
    2. concern over high priority bugs being opened inappropriately (kennypaul, 14:16:15)
    3. PTLs should classify correctly after jiras come in. (kennypaul, 14:16:56)
    4. discussion of classification (kennypaul, 14:17:39)
    5. license issues? The LF will communicate if a showstopper. (kennypaul, 14:18:30)
    6. definition of high are showstoppers (kennypaul, 14:19:22)
    7. ACTIONgildaslanilis to resend best practices w/ the jira priority definitions. (kennypaul, 14:21:43)
    8. PTLs reconcile priority by next week. (kennypaul, 14:23:01)
    9. approval of the info on gildas' spreadsheet w/ validation next week. (kennypaul, 14:30:45)
  3. integration updates. (kennypaul, 14:31:02)
    1. helen reviewed her slides. (kennypaul, 14:34:39)
    2. need additional experienced developers to assist with issues. (kennypaul, 14:41:55)
    3. ACTIONkennypaul send Paris action items to TSC (kennypaul, 14:43:59)
  4. adding CLI to MVP list (kennypaul, 14:44:28)
    1. TSC sticking to published MVP strategy for Amsterdam. (kennypaul, 14:46:42)
  5. swagger implementation (kennypaul, 14:47:56)
    1. Apache server would need to be stood up but community would be responsible for implementation. (kennypaul, 14:49:09)
    2. external API project has some experience (kennypaul, 14:49:34)
  6. December meeting (kennypaul, 14:52:00)
    1. Phil reviewed the proposed event plan (kennypaul, 14:53:05)
    2. discussion of project management for Beijing milestone review (kennypaul, 14:54:44)
    3. registration site asap (kennypaul, 14:57:51)
    4. irc usage (kennypaul, 14:58:22)
  7. IRC Usage (kennypaul, 14:59:44)
    1. IRCCloud $50 per developer (kennypaul, 15:00:03)
    2. irccloud still blocked by many companies as is slack. (kennypaul, 15:03:49)
    3. issue is still unresolved. (kennypaul, 15:04:32)
  8. rewards - carry to next week. (kennypaul, 15:04:57)

Meeting ended at 15:05:10 UTC (full logs). 

Action items

  1. gildaslanilis to resend best practices w/ the jira priority definitions.
  2. kennypaul send Paris action items to TSC

Action items, by person

  1. kennypaul
    1. kennypaul send Paris action items to TSC

People present (lines said)

  1. kennypaul (36)
  2. collabot` (5)
  3. jamil (2)
  4. Srini (2)
  5. frankbrockners (2)
  6. Susana (1)
  7. RannyHaiby (1)
  8. xinhuili (1)
  9. SteveT (1)
  10. helenychen (1)
  11. gilbert (1)
  12. Xiaojun (1)
  13. Zhaoxing (1)
  14. phrobb (0)

Zoom Chat Log 

07:11:55 From Dan Timoney : Some people are opening High defects inappropriately … I had a developer yesterday that opened a High defect against SDNC because of a code defect in their own local code, that was not loading due to their own error
07:14:52 From Pamela Dragosh : Policy has people opening bugs that are not bugs, but rather addressing technical debt. They are very disruptive to the release process right now.
07:18:17 From Alex Dometrius : I agree that the teams would benefit from standardization of what qualifies as high, medium, low, etc.
07:19:35 From Honor 6X : I see some issues raised as high that is not related to the approved use cases.
07:20:39 From Alex Dometrius : It may be too late to implement this, but JIRA does also have a status of "Blocker" that may be more appropriate than high.
07:22:01 From Brian : Reality check: we havent finished finding all the defects
07:27:28 From Michael O'Brien (Amdocs) - LOG : Defect reopened because integration testing not done by individual teams in some cases - when CI jobs are done this will aide in verifying commits don't break other projects or E2E UC''s
07:29:48 From Alex Dometrius : Hi Gildas, re: DMaaP, The defect that was created on July 3 was actually closed with approval from the initiator. It was then reopened but with no new information. I modified these tickets to be low and medium since no one should be blocked by these issues
07:41:38 From Michael O'Brien (Amdocs) - LOG : thanks for the nexus3 throttling fix - docker image pulls took 48 min instead of the normal 15 min - some deployments went from 30 min to 3 hours
07:42:02 From Brian : external factors: holidays, vacation and lab hardware stability have been a drag on time - we are not where we would like to be in all honesty
07:42:27 From Michael O'Brien (Amdocs) - LOG : The fix is all developers run on public ONAP deployments and use the same CI tests on jira submissions before merging
07:43:19 From Michael O'Brien (Amdocs) - LOG : need to go to another call
07:54:04 From Pamela Dragosh : How do existing projects move from Incubation status to Core project?
07:54:29 From Stephen Terrill : Pam, there is text in the charter on this. there is a request to send to the TSC.
07:54:54 From Brian Hedstrom : If an existing project changes their scope for R2, should there be a vote on that?
07:55:21 From Stephen Terrill : My understanding is that a scope change is a vote, yes.
07:56:09 From Brian Hedstrom : Is there a definition or community understanding of what constitutes a scope change?
07:56:23 From Mazin : We will review this and come back with a proposal to the community
08:00:18 From Brian : our CSO blocks some websites as well like freechat
08:00:31 From Mazin : I am good with your approach.
08:01:02 From ramki krishnan : How about Slack?
08:01:20 From Brian : You have attempted to reach an Internet website identified as non-business related, restricted, or otherwise inappropriate.
08:01:33 From Brian :
08:01:33 From Helen Chen : I like irccloud. How about WeChat?
08:02:08 From Maopeng : I like webchat