The following items are expected to be completed for the project to Pass the Release Candidate Milestone.

This template must be filled out for every Release Candidate Milestone (RC0, 1, 2, x)

RC Release Candidate Milestone overview is available in wiki.

  1. Use the "Copy" and "Move" options (available under the ..., top right of this page) to duplicate this template into your project wiki.
  2. Fill out the Yes/No column
  3. Provide link to evidence (when necessary)
Practice AreaCheckpointYes/NoEvidencesHow to?
Product ManagementAre all tasks associated with the release been marked as "Done" in Jira?No

Have all findings from previous milestones been addressed?Yes

Provide link to JIRA findings


DevelopmentHave all Defects of priority Highest and High been in status "Done" in Jira?Yes, moved to Cassablanca

Provide link to JIRA issue (type bug) of priority Highest and High. 

Are all JIRA issues used as a reference in a commit in status "Done" in Jira?Yes
Very often, some JIRA issue remains in status "Todo" in JIRA while the commit they are referenced to is successful.
Is there any pending commit related to Highest and High priority issues older than 36 hours in Gerrit? In case there are messages going back and forth between authors and reviewers, it is acceptable to be above 36 hours.Nohttps://gerrit.onap.org/r/#/q/status:open+project:+logging-analytics
Are all the Jenkins jobs successfully passed (verify + merge jobs)?Yes

Provide link to "Merge job" as evidence in Jenkins project tab

#6 in


Has the team delivered all their release artifacts in Nexus Release or Nexus Staging repo?

There should be at least ONE version of each artifacts available in Nexus Release or Nexus Staging repo.

N/Ano artifacts beyond the python and java lib jarsRefer to Independent Versioning and Release Process for procedure
Integration and TestingHave all CSIT Use Cases (created by each project team) passed?N/A

Provide link to evidence. As things are moving fast, we want to ensure CSIT are still "green"

CSIT in progress

Is there a Docker images available for each repository?N/A

Provide link to evidence

No docker images for logging required

Has the project code successfully passed the Daily Build process?Yes



not passing because we don't have a test docker yet until casablanca


still doing csit and code coverage – having issues with the combined python and java in the same repo for the sonar job – it is skipping the project containing my junits – would be better if I had separate java/python repo

Working now - 83%


Issues being worked out below


Goal is to ensure the latest project commit has not broken the Integration Daily Build 
Has the OOM deployment passed?No

Ensure in Jenkins External Labs all Health Check pass.


13:30:58 onap          dev-log-elasticsearch-66cdc4f855-qz9bz         1/1       Running             0          1h
13:30:58 onap          dev-log-kibana-567557fb9d-pnfvz                1/1       Running             0          1h
13:30:58 onap          dev-log-logstash-fcc7d68bd-jws5c               1/1       Running             0          1h

deployment running - HC passes

13:40:37 Basic Log Elasticsearch Health Check                                  | PASS |
13:40:37 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
13:40:37 Basic Log Kibana Health Check                                         | PASS |
13:40:37 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
13:40:37 Basic Log Logstash Health Check                                       | PASS |

Has the Heat deployment passed?


(no ELK stack in heat)

Ensure in Jenkins External Labs all Health Check pass.

Logging is not in HEAT - design decision in Amsterdam - would need a filebeat docker in all the VMs


For RC0, for project delivering binaries, has the team populated and validated all the sections of either the Platform Component or SDK template?


Most teams have already created the high level file structures in readthedocs, and populated some actual documentation. However, the remaining sections of the appropriate teamplate must be completed.

Platform: A&AI, APP-C, CLAMP, CLI, DCAE, DMaaP, Holmes, MSB, OOM, Policy, Portal, SDN-C SDC, SO, UseCase UI, VFC, VID

SDKs: AAF, CCSDK, External API Framework, Multi VIM/Cloud, VNFSDK

For RC1, has the team addressed any issue (recorded in JIRA) provided by the Documentation team?


For RC2, for project delivering binaries, has the team populated and validated all the sections of the Release Notes template?


For RC2, has the Documentation Team provided the final approval for your project documentation?N/A