Enable support for deploying Virtualized and Containerized networking workloads in Kubernetes based Cloud regions through MultiCloud/k8s plugin.


  • Enable the support for Helm charts based deployment.
  • Show case using vFirewall use case.
    • Show case Legacy model (where firewall, traffic generator and sink are VMs)
    • Show case Hybrid model (where firewall is a container, traffic generator as a container and sink is VMs)
  • Show case using EdgeXFoundry use case.

Owner: Ritu Sood and Kiran Kamineni

Contributing companies:  Intel, VMWare

Interested Operators : Verizon,  ATT

Use Case Name

Showcase VNFTest EnvironmentIntegration Team Liaison
vFirewallIntel/Windriver lab
EdgeXFoundryIntel/Windriver lab

Development Status

ProjectPTLJIRA Epic / User Story*RequirementsStatus

  1. Add Helm Charts support
  2. Manage and store Cloud artifacts
  3. Enable the K8s plugin in MultiCloud/Framework project
  4. OVN4NFV Integration.
  5. Modify plugin functional tests to support EdgeXFoundry
  6. SDC Client to receive cloud specific artifacts (e.g Helm)


  1. Reach ability information
  2. Plugin consume AAI information


  1. Add non-HEAT files support to SDC
  2. Add K8S plugin artifact support
  3. Add User and Password for multicloud client


  1. Make it more cloud agnostic

IntegrationHelen Chen

  1. Create CSIT


  1. Create Helm chars for deploying the K8s plugin service

*Each Requirement should be tracked by its own User Story in JIRA 


Current Status

  1. Testing Blockers

  2. High visibility bugs
  3. Other issues for testing that should be seen at a summary level
  4. Where possible, always include JIRA links

End to End flow to be Tested

**This should be a summary level Sequence diagram done in Gliffy** 

Test Cases and Status

#Test CaseStatus
1There should be a test case for each item in the sequence diagram

2create additional requirements as needed for each discreet step

3Test cases should cover entire Use Case

 Test Cases should include enough detail for testing team to implement the test