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30 minDiscussion of Pre-Onboarding / OnboardingBenjamin Cheung
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30 minDiscussion of 5G Use Cases for R4 DDR Paris FranceBenjamin Cheung

Preob/ob – when is onboarding “done” – in catalog

   OB/  ready for use > testing of a run-time instance.

PreON/ONB > ONAP: design time > ONAP: runtime > PnP/Discovery

VNF SDK Certification

(Steven W) … general comment:

In the message sequence carts - e.g. for S/W upgrade, do we have documented what the HUMAN interactions with the ONAP platform are ? This would apply for each o fteh use cases

Operators have to do things on Consoles/ Onboarding – info into fields … what’s canonical list of stuff that needs to be entered, and where does this info come from? Operator specifics? Info that is not in the package def.

Informatino elements. … S/W upgrade … e.g. version or package name …

Where captures ?...  Read the Docs/VNF proj … Wiki U/C

PNF S/W Upgrade scope: In place upgrade (existing PNF upgrade)

Action items

5G Use Cases for R4/Dublin (for DDF)

UPDATED (from U/C Meeting) Jan 3, 2019

5G PNF Onboarding R4 DDF Presentation (Nokia & Ericsson)

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