The following items are expected to be completed for the project to Pass the M4 Code Freeze Milestone.

M4 Release Code Freeze Milestone overview is available in wiki.

  1. Use the "Copy" option (available under the ..., top right of this page) to duplicate this template into your project wiki.
  2. Fill out the Yes/No column
  3. Provide link to evidence (when necessary)

Practice AreaCheckpointYes/NoEvidencesHow to?
SecurityHas the Release Security/Vulnerability table been filled out in the   protected Security Vulnerabilities wiki space?N/ANo "code" or code libraries delivered by OOM only Helm Charts. Helm Charts are not scanned by NexusIQ.PTL reviews the NexusIQ scans for their project repos and fills out   the vulnerability review table
Are all Defects of priority Highest and High in status "Closed" in Jira? (this includes the Jira for Critical and Severe NexusIQ findings)No

All Highest and High status Jira tickets are being worked through

Complete Jira tickets
Did the project achieve the enablement of transport level encryption on all interfaces and the option of disabling transport level encryption?N/AOOM does not directly encrypt all interfaces for the ONAP components. That is the responsibility of the project teams to deliver.
Do all containers run as a non-root user and is documentation available for those containers that must run as root in order to enable ONAP features?N/A
  • ONAP project containers do not run as the root ID with the exception of containers supporting ONAP features that require the container to run as the root ID.
  • Project containers that run as the root ID have documented this in the release notes along with the functionality that requires the container to run as the root ID.
Provide the "% Achieved" on the CII Best Practices program.Yes

Provide link to your project CII Best Practices page.


As documented in CII  Badging Program, teams have to fill out CII Best Practices
Product ManagementHave all JIRA Stories supporting the release use case been implemented?No

There were a number of Epics committed to by OOM for the Dublin Release. Some of these Epics were delivered in full. And some epics delivered enhanced functionality on a per project basis. As such, Stories were create to migrate each project team's helm charts towards using the new features (e.g. shared databases, upgrade framework, transfer of helm charts). Many stories () within those epics have been completed. For the remaining per project migration Stories that were not completed in Dublin, those have been moved to El Alto Release. This is not the scope of what we wanted to deliver in Dublin (and the reason for "No" in the Yes/No column). But incremental value has been delivered.

For each JIRA story that are implemented in the current release, you have to setup in JIRA the JIRA fixVersion="Dublin Release"
List the Stories that will not be implemented in this current Release.

See comments above.

For each JIRA story that will not be implemented in the current Release, you have to setup in JIRA the JIRA fixVersion="El Alto Release"

Are committed Sprint Backlog Stories been coded and marked as "Closed" in Jira?No

There are stories waiting for OOM patch verification and merge before being marked as closed.

Helm Chart transfer stories have not been completed (See risk item #28).

Are all tasks associated with committed Sprint Backlog Stories been marked as "Closed" in Jira?NoSee comments above.

Is there any Critical and Severe level security vulnerabilities older than 60 days old in the third party libraries used within your project unaddressed?

Nexus-IQ classifies level as the following:

  • Critical is level 7 to 10
  • Severe is level 4 to 6
  • Moderate is level 1 to 3

which is complaint with CVSS V2.0 rating.

NoIn the case critical known vulnerability are still showing in the report, fill out the Security/Vulnerability Threat Template - Beijing, Casablanca, Dublin in your project.Ensure the Nexus-IQ report from “Jenkins CLM” shows 0 critical security vulnerability. Open the Nexus-IQ report for the details on each repo.
Release ManagementHave all issues pertaining to FOSS been addressed?Yes

Have all findings from previous milestones been addressed?YesList previous milestone issues that have not been addressed.For M2 and M3 Milestones, ensure all findings have been closed.

Has the Project Team reviewed and understood the most recent license scan reports from the LF, for both (a) licenses within the codebase and (b) licenses for third-party build time dependencies?


For both (a) and (b), have all high priority non-Project Licenses been either removed or escalated as likely exception requests?Yes

DevelopmentAre all Defects of priority Highest and High in status "Closed" in Jira?No

New issues coming in during integration testing and more expected.

Has the Platform Maturity Table been updated with implementation Status at M4?Yes
For each Release, there is a Platform Maturity table created for PTLs to record their goals and achievement at M4 (Example: Casablanca Release Platform Maturity)
Has the project team reach the Automated Unit Test Code Coverage expectation? (Refer to artifacts available in Sonar)N/AGoal: 55% for Incubation project in the current release


Guidance on Code Coverage and Static Code Analysis

Tools: Sonar
Is there any binaries (jar, war, tar, gz, gzip, zip files) in Gerrit project repository?No
Refer to CI Development Best Practices
Is there any pending commit request older than 36 hours in Gerrit?No Query: status:open label:verified -is:draft -label:Code-Review=-1 AND -label:Code-Review=-2  AND is:mergeable age:1week
Are all the Jenkins jobs successfully passed (verify + merge jobs)?Yes

Have all OOM Staging Healtcheck related to your project passed?N/A

Are all snapshot binaries available in Nexus-staging?N/AProvide link to evidence
Do you have a clear plan to implement the Independent Versioning and Release Process by RC0?Yes
Contact the upstream teams to make sure they will release their artifacts (in Nexus Release repo) so you can build by depending on these released artifacts by RC0.
Integration and Testing

Have 100% of Continuous System Integration Testing (CSIT) Use Cases been implemented successfully in Jenkins?

It should include at least 1 CSIT that will be run on

Lab-xxx-OOM-Daily Jenkins Job

N/AAll jobs pertaining to your project MUST pass
Is there a Docker images available for your project deliverable?N/AProvide link to Nexus repos

Has the project passed the Integration Sanity Tests?


Integration sanity tests in Dublin Release cover:

  • ONAP deployment
  • All components health check
  • VNF onboarding and service creation for vFW use case
  • Model distribution for vFW
  • vFW instantiation
  • vFW closed loop
  • vFW deletion

No test failure reported on

No Integration Blocking Issue with no workaround: Dublin Release Integration Test Blocking Issues

Has the project code successfully passed the Daily Build process?Yes
Goal is to ensure the latest project commit has not broken the Integration Daily Build


Does the project have a plan to finalise and close all remaining JIRA Documentation tickets?


Jira Query

project != "Sandbox Project" AND project != "ONAP TSC" AND project != CI-Management AND (labels=Documentation OR project=Documentation) AND status != Closed ORDER BY fixVersion ASC, status DESC, priority DESC, updated DESC

Jira Query (Bugs Only)

project != "Sandbox Project" AND project != "ONAP TSC" AND project != CI-Management AND (labels = Documentation OR project = Documentation) AND issuetype= Bug AND  fixversion = "Dublin Release" AND status != Closed ORDER BY issuetype DESC, fixVersion ASC, status DESC, priority DESC, updated DESC

Does the project team have a plan to complete all the Release related documents by RC1?