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  1. Adrian OSullivan,  the service-VfwService2vfBased-template.yml TOSCA YAML file you mentioned on call is not valid with tosca_simple_yaml_1_1.

              "entry_schema": {
                "type": [
                  "Not a valid string."
            "fortigate_image_url": {
              "default": [
                "Field may not be null."
    I validated file with and got back lots more errors.

    For the correct usage of entry-schema constraints see the "Example" section at bottom of page on  that describes how 
    Excerpt below show it also:
            type: string
            type: string
            required: false
            default: This is the default value of the property
            description: this is the second property of the node
              - min_length : 4
              - max_length : 8
            type: integer
            default: 45
            type: list
              type: integer
                - valid_values: [ 2, 4, 5, 8]

    1. Hi Kevin McDonnell , thanks for validation. In my test I have used the CCVPN CSARs with the sdc Tosca parser. I am hoping I can get some more sample csars with additional Input types, perhaps list / map , with/without constraints, and a normal Integer with contstraints also ( i.e. there are 2 different levels of constaints as shown in your example). I'd like to use actual CSARs generated by SDC to keep the tests as real as possible. Hi Michael Lando , would you have additional SDC csars that you could share with a broader range of the current SDC supported Input types. The 2 CSARs I have tested with so far are attached to EXTAPI-171 review from the CCVPN project.

      1. Just adding Ofir Sonsino to the chain in case he can help.

        1. Hi Adrian, you can check the following which we use in sanity tests:

          (of course they must be onboarded first, then create a service that contains them)

          1. Thank Ofir Sonsino , I was really hoping for SDC CSARs generated by SDC and not VNF heat templates etc that need to be onboarded. As External API is only interested currently in Services that have already been distributed from SDC. Currently we use the SDC API "/sdc/v1/catalog/services/{uuid}/toscaModel ", to retrieve the CSARs from SDC. It is these services CSARs I would need to parse. I will see if I can find an ONAP server where i can onboard some of these VNFs. But currently looking at the VNFs listed in git from sdc, there does not seem to be examples of Inputs that are defined that have constraints set?. Most parameters seem to be standard Integer or String Input parameters which I have already covered with the Service CSARs I have from CCVPN. Do you know if there is any ONAP service for any use case that has  Inputs that are of type list or map  or service with where constraints are set on the Inputs?. All help appreciated

  2. Hi Andy Mayer and Adrian OSullivan,

    In the video at about 49 min, there is discussion about AAI and getting parameters from service-instance to allow objects to be recreated. In the CCVPN use case for Casablanca AAI-CCVPN Schema Proposal for Casablanca Release we added the "input-parameters" field of service-instance for precisely this reason (see reference AAI-1353-2 in that page). It was originally proposed as "customer-requests" field and there is an example of the data given in the comments.

    James Forsyth and Christina Monteleone, I wonder if discussions like this should be added to the agenda of "Purpose of fields in AAI" in 2018-11-29 AAI Developers Meeting? Or perhaps it fits under "producer-consumer pairings" as in AAI Schema Service Use Case Proposals?


    1. Thanks Keong Lim, this is really helpful. Do you know if these "input-parameters" are now populated by SO in A&AI for all Service Instances ( both VID and UUI created instances ? ). In the context of Service Change it would be really helpful if SO could take from External API Framework just the Input parameter(s) that have been requested to be changed, and then take the remaining parameters from A&AI in the service recreation process.   We would need support from the SO team to add this ability to mix passed in changed attributes with the remaining attributes coming from the service instance in A&AI  as part of the handling of the SO PUT /onap/so/infra/e2eServiceInstances/{version}/{serviceId}  updateE2EServiceInstance API. We would also require that SO add a similar update API to the serviceInstances APIs used by the VID.  At least this would offer some ability to recreate a serviceInstance with the same serviceId ( making it look like an update ). This is still not ideal long time solution but should fill a gap to allow a service to be recreated ( with new input-parameters/ service characteristics ) until true support of modelling of service update service lifecycle operations is supported by ONAP. 

      1. Hi Adrian OSullivan,

        Probably need to refer your question to Seshu Kumar M about whether SO populates the "input-parameters" for all cases or just the CCVPN use case.