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Incomplete tasks from meetings

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • Create sub-areas in files section for VNF Package and Descriptor, Andy Mayer  
28 Jul 2017Andy MayerAction Item List
01 Sep 2017Alexander VulAction Item List
  • Jimmy Forsyth will create the epic and skeleton stories for this initiative, Due  
02 Apr 2018Jimmy ForsythAAI Historical Tracking 2018-03-29 Meeting Notes
  • Victor Morales needs to document the basic usage of the KRD before  
29 Jun 2018Victor Morales2018-06-26 Meeting notes
  • No Actions
CLAMP 2018-07-18 Meeting notes
  • Thinh Nguyenphu will prepare a presentation for VNF SDK meeting on ETSI NFV package requirements
Thinh NguyenphuVNF SDK 07-13-2018 Meeting
  •  Chris Donley will post slide contributions from today's meeting
Chris DonleyVNF SDK 07-13-2018 Meeting
  • Chris Donley will follow up with SDC on SOL004 support and VNFRQTS
Chris DonleyVNF SDK 07-13-2018 Meeting
  • @everybody Will read and comment on best practices shared over email.
2018-07-11 Meeting notes
  • Tal Liron will prepare a PoC to demo a build workflow
Tal Liron2018-07-11 Meeting notes

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